Giveaway for Father’s Day: Fast Lane Entertainment!

GIVEAWAY NOW CLOSED: We have a winner, mamas! And the lucky guy is the husband of Beda Adams, who threw her name in the hat to win this awesome Father’s Day gift for her hubby. Congrats on winning the $100 gift card at Fast Lane Entertainment. Have a great time!

If June 20th is not on your radar yet, it’s about to be. There are officially 12 days until Father’s Day. Do fastlane.jpgyou have a gift yet? Anything special planned? If you’re still in the “I don’t have a clue yet” category, we’ve got good news. Thanks to some help from one of our newest website sponsors — Fast Lane Entertainment — we’ve got a Father’s Day Giveaway that he would LOVE.

If you’re married to the kind of guy who’s a big kid at heart, this is the perfect gift for him. It’s a ONE HUNDRED DOLLAR GIFT CARD TO USE AT FAST LANE ENTERTAINMENT! That’s a whole lotta video games, bowling, lazer tag, pizza, and go-kart racing.

The best part of this particular giveaway is that it’s totally flexible. You use the card in whatever way you like at your convenience. It could be a day of fun with the whole family, a party package for a guys’ night out, or you could save it for a few special date nights for just you and him. (Did you know that Fast Lane has an area that’s just for adults? It’s got glow-in-the-dark bowling, huge TV screens for music videos and sleek sofas to hang out on with your sweetie while you snack and bowl.)

In our experience, inside every serious father there is a little boy who would really like necktie-bowling.jpgpermission to come out and play. Why not help the guy out? You’ll score some major “cool wife points.” If you win the gift card, you could wrap it up with a bowling necktie like the one we have here, just to fake him out. 🙂

HOW TO ENTER: Click the big orange comment button below and tell us what you love and appreciate about your kids’ dad, step-dad or your own dad. Or you can enter via e-mail by answering this question and sending your response to us at

INCREASE YOUR ODDS: Remember, we always choose a winner using a RANDOM number generator, so don’t feel like you have to write the best answer to win. You don’t. It’s all a numbers game. Speaking of numbers, you can increase your odds of winning by telling your friends and family via e-mail about this giveaway. Send them a note and be sure to put on the CC line of your e-mail so we can give you proper credit. You’ll get an extra chance to win for each person you tell.

We’re looking forward to hearing about the special men in your lives. Our thanks to Fast Lane Entertainment not only for their support of this local moms’ website but also for the very cool giveaway. Good luck in the drawing to all our fellow mamas!



  1. I love everything about my husband! He’s kind, patient, loving, and wonderful!!

  2. Jimmy is a great Dad to our kids, they don’t always see eye to eye but he provides for them and loves them and makes it possible for them to live their dreams!

    Thank you mamas! AND Fast Lane!!

  3. Dads are the best. My own Dad is a source of logic and advice in my life. And my hubby is a loving, patient Dad to our munchkin.

  4. I love that he is such a hard worker and does everything he can to support his family. He is my prince charming and the kids hero! We love him so much!

  5. My husband is such a good father to our children. He teaches them (and me) perspective, patience, empathy, loyalty and honesty by example everyday. We love him!

  6. My husband is a wonderful father. He gets down on the floor and plays with the kids everyday.

  7. I love my husband!! He works so hard so I can be a stay at home mom and still provide a great life for our kids.

  8. I love that my husband / my children’s dad is a great mentor and father to them. He is a fun big kid for them to play with, but also good at setting examples for hard work and a dedication to God. My husband is the best!

  9. My Husband is an incredible Dad because he is patient and knows how to make our Daughter giggle!

  10. Phil is a keeper. He is a fantastic husband and grand dad. He works hard to provide for us. He could use some fun

  11. I love my husband so much because he is a caring, laid back and understanding father. He is a big kid too! He plays with our two boys every day and always makes sure that there needs are met first and foremost! He is the best!!!

  12. My husband does it all. Feeds, bathes, dresses, changes diapers, plays, reads, EVERYTHING. I could not have asked for a better baby-daddy!!! 🙂

  13. My husband has been a natural from day one. He had never even held a baby till we had John Lleyton and has just been a wonderful daddy in every realm of raising a child! I am so lucky to have him!

  14. I love that my sweet husband gets tears in his eyes when one of our four kids gives him a big bear hug!

  15. The mold was broken when my Daddy was created. He is a constant source of encouragement and support for me. And he makes me laugh no matter the circumstaces!!

  16. My husband is truly a kid at heart, and is also a great dad and a wonderful leader for our family.

  17. My husband is a great father. He is a hard worker and a great example to our children. I love that he is concerned about all aspects of their lives.

  18. My husband Steve is a wonderful husband, father, and now a grandfather! He was very influential in raising our son and daughter, and is now a very loving Papa to Alanna Marie! He is always giving and never does much for himself, so winning this would be awesome for him! Thank you for the opportunity!

  19. My husband is amazing! He works a full-time job and also does work on the side just so that I can stay at home full time with our kids. He helps out so much with them, always ready to play with them after working all day! When I was very sick after having my last baby. he didn’t think twice about being the one to get up with her through the night, even with having to go to work the next day! We love him!!

  20. I love him because He loves our family, and shows us everyday not only with his words but through his daily actions.

  21. Every day I thank God for blessing me with my husband. It is so amazing to see the kids trying to be like dad, b/c I know that he is a great example. He plays so much with our kids that other kids in the neighborhood seem to have adopted him as their second dad.

  22. My husband is very involved with our daughters. They adore him. My father didn’t play a huge role in my life, and I am so glad that my daughters have a dad that wouldn’t miss a thing.

  23. My husband, is not only a wonderful Father, but a superb husband. He is always willing to support us in anything we want to accomplish. He loves spending time with his kids, and is so helpful in managing the busy schedule that goes along with kids and work. And not a days goes by that he doesn’t make sure that we all know how much he loves us.

  24. My dad is the best rib cook there is! I drive home 4 hours just to eat his ribs when mamma says he’s fired up the grill! They are that good!

  25. My girls have the greatest dad who plays with them, loves them, disciplines them, makes time for them, and teaches them. I love that he puts his girls before TV or sports or whatever else there may be tugging at your time in life.

  26. My husband is a wonderful dad to our three kids! He’s coached their ball teams, he’s present at every school event (including being the best BINGO caller at field day ever!), and he’s most importantly their spiritual leader.

  27. My husband is such a good daddy. Even after a long day at work, he is always willing to help me out whenever I need it!

  28. It’s fun to watch my husband try to connect with our mostly grown children. He can’t quite give up control, even when our oldest moved out of state. He wanted to organize the move in spite of her career in transportation!

  29. My husband is a great Daddy who plays with the kids, reads to them, bathes, feeds, etc. etc. etc. He’s the best!

  30. My dad is the best in the world and showed me what to look for in a husband. They are both inside/outside Christians whom I can trust absolutely. They are so serious about the important things in life that they are free to be hilarious and fun-loving with me & our 7 kids and 3 grandkids!

  31. our dad is always there for dance recitals, soccer games, school musicals, and all of the fun stuff! sure would be fun to bring him out for a day of fun!!

  32. I love my husband very much! He is the best Dad especially since he grew up most of his life without a Dad. He knows how to play and have fun! He’s an elementary PE teacher!!!

  33. My husband is truly a wonderful man, husband and dad and grandfather. We have raised 4 wonderful children, 2 have followed their dad as police officers. He is known as silly papa to the grandchildren which I think speaks for itself. He is a big kid at heart and would love to win this for the family.

  34. My husband was the level headed one when my son was born. After 13 days in the NICU, I was going crazy. But he kept our family together and got us home in one piece. Plus, he is a HUGE fan of Fast Lanes! 🙂

  35. Although trying at time, I like the fact that my husband can be like my third child. The kids love having daddy playing with them, getting dirty, and being silly like a kid! Sometimes, I think he’s nuts to do the things he does, but once I see their faces light up and hear their laughter, I’m impressed. To go from the strong man he is to the playful dad is what makes him special. We are lucky to have him!

  36. I love how my husband is the most hard working dad that I know. My daughter is always his first concern, priority and love. He deserves for every Father’s Day to be extra special for him!

  37. I love that my husband, father to my daughter, comes home from work and gets down in the floor to play with her. He plays dolls and tea party and reads to her. Watching them blesses me so much!

    He’s such a kid at heart and has been dying to take her to Fast Lanes. We’ve yet to go because we’re a one income family and entertainment that isn’t free isn’t in our budget. He would LOVE to win this!

  38. I love that my boy’s daddy works so hard (he works full time and is in the process of getting his PhD) to provide for us. He is a wonderful role model for my sons.

  39. My husband is a great friend and father. I love how he takes the time to teach our daughter about “electronics” and helps her develop goals in school and at home. I am one lucky wife!

  40. My husband has always given our family top priority. If we need him, he’s always there because we come first. He always helps out and plays with the kids and isn’t afraid of a dirty diaper or two! 🙂

  41. My husband helps out in so many ways. He is a GREAT father…never misses anything unless he is out of town. He often comes to a game and returns to work or a meeting just not to miss these special times. He is my rock! I appreciate him so much! My boys adore their dad — so do other kids!

  42. We never say “Daddy’s babysitting” when I’m away because my AWESOME husband is as much a parent and “runner” of the house as I am; he cleans, feeds, clothes and is an AMAZING hands on father of five!!!! I’M SO THANKFUL FOR HIM!

  43. I appreciate that my husband is so interested in my three year old’s EVERYTHING. He asks more questions at her parent/teacher conferences than I do. He truly devotes himself 100% to our family and he is the best dad that my kids (I have a 2 month old too) could ever hope for!

  44. I love the fact that even though my husband works hard every day he always takes time to coach the teams my son is on.

  45. My husband is a wonderful father and friend. I knew he was “the one” when he was contemplating a new car as a bachelor and asked if I thought it would accomodate carseats. 🙂 What continues to amaze me is that although he did not have the ideal father to model after, he has gone above and beyond to make sure he is kind, patient and loving to our two little ones. He not only tells them how much he loves them every day, but shows them by playing blocks with our two year old over and over, and letting our five month old pat his face at 5am. Seeing the father he has become is a dream come true for this mommy.

  46. My daughter has the most amazing Dad. He is the sole financial provider for our family so I can stay home and raise her while getting my graduate degree. He always puts Sidney first. He goes out of his way to spend time with her, playing horsey, and teaching her to play soccer. He’s so proud to be her Daddy and you can tell anytime you see them together. He also taught her how to bowl at Fast Lanes, so this gift would be perfect!

  47. My husband is a great dad to our son. I appreciate everything he does for us! He is working 2 jobs to support his family and make sure I get to stay home with our son.
    Every Sunday he makes sure we have family time. He is the greatest dad ever!

  48. I am so thankful for my husband and daddy of our precious 3-1/2 year old son. Our son adores his daddy and wants to be just like him! My favorite thing is when he puts on my husbands shoes and says, “Look, I’m daddy!!”

  49. My husband is a wonderful father for so many reasons. Most importantly, he is 100% devoted to me and our daughters. No matter how long his work day was or how stressing it was, he forgets it all and focuses on us the second he walks through the door. He truly loves his family!!

  50. I am so blessed to have a wonderful husband and father to my kids. He is the best and we wish him a very Happy Father’s Day.

  51. I had two boys already when I married my husband and then we had a daughter together. He is the best dad to all of them. He has as much fun with the kids as they do with him. Everytime I turn around all 3 of my boys – husband included – are jumping on the trampoline or playing Nerf dart war. I knew when I married him that he was a good man and would be a good father, but I had no idea just how AMAZING he would actually be. We all know everyday how much he loves us, because he shows us in so many little ways.

  52. My husband has had to travel a lot for his job in the last couple of months. It has made me and the kids so aware of how much fun he is and how he makes everything easier and much more fun.

  53. I love that my husband always has a great sense of humor. Our two boys can be a lot to handle sometimes so it is a blessing to be able to laugh off the small stuff. He also works so hard to provide for us so that I am able to stay home with the boys!

  54. I love how patient my husband is with the kids when it comes to projects. He loves to involve them and teach them, and he loves to see their reactions. The kids are loving growing a garden with Dad for the Summer. He’s a great Dad!

  55. My husband is a great dad to our 3 daughters. He enjoys spending time with them and doesn’t consider it beneath him to take care of their needs.

  56. Hmmm, he’s willing to step up again and stay home with our 9 month old little girl because I’m going back to work. He’s done this before with our son who is now 3-1/2. Good thing he can work from home, but I am doubting he’ll get much done while I’m away 🙂

  57. my husband is a stay at home dad…he’s so incredible with our girls! he would love to win this and challenge his own pops at a game of glow in the dark bowling!!

  58. My husband, Lee, is great!! He works so hard but always makes time to play with our 3 1/2 year old, Hunter, before he goes to work, to call to wish him good night, and to make him feel special. Hunter can’t wait to be done with home schooling lessons so he can run in to wake his dad up and give him a big ‘ol Hug. Lee provides everything that we need in life in addition to everything that we want. I TRULY could not ask for a better Husband and I love him so much!

  59. I love my husband for many reasons but number one in my book is how very kind he is. He is so easy to be around, funny and loving, he really is the best.

  60. I love that he spends all weekend with us even though he may rather be fishing! He gives me time off, and lots of love.

  61. My husband is great at teaching our son. From washing his little body to washing the car he gets it done! 🙂

  62. My husband consistently works jobs that stink to provide for our family. He gets treated very badly at work and has to put up with it. That is a huge sacrifice, in my opinion.

  63. My husband is the most amazing dad. Just a small tidbit about him- He has more apps on his i phone for the kids than for himself.

  64. My hubs is fabulous! He works 40-50 hrs a week delivering mail, and right now I’m 11 weeks pregnant and on bedrest. He’s cooking, cleaning, washing- DOING IT ALL! He rocks!! =)

  65. My husband works so hard for our family. It seems he never stops. I would love for him to win this certificate, just to let him have some fun for a change.

  66. I love my husband, he is such a great dad. We have three young children and he is always so good as showing loving discipline to them. He also loves to play and teach them sports…he loves to hang out with them. Anytime he leaves the house he takes the time to hug and kiss us all before he leaves. These are just a few of the reasons he is a great dad.

  67. One of my favorite things I love about my hubby is that when he gives them baths (which is normally everyday-he cleans them then I dress them-ha)he takes FOREVER on the girls hair! He shampoos, conditions and makes sure it is perfect! It is the sweetest 🙂

    What I love about my own dad is that he always worked so hard for us when we were growing up which allowed my mom to stay home with us. And he always had the best advice (driving, softball, basketball, etc..) even though he never thought we paid attention. Now I find myself telling my children the same things that he used to tell us(for ex: don’t walk behind vehicles because your are too short for them to see you)

    I am blessed with such GREAT men in my life!!

  68. My husband is a great father because he spends lots of time playing with our two little boys and giving them guidance and lessons about life.

  69. Love that he’s so involved with the athletic endeavors of our kids! Always willing to coach, play, or carpool!

  70. My husband is so wonderful. He has a super work ethic, and loves his job. When he comes home, he cooks dinner for our family (he likes to cook – I don’t). On the weekends, he gets up with our two little boys and cooks breakfast. He’s eager to learn new things about marriage and parenting, and makes an effort to be at every school event he can. On top of all of that, he strives to put the Lord first and just be the best man he can be. I love him and he is truly a gift!

    *I think maybe I’ll copy and paste this into his Father’s Day card. 😉

  71. I can describe my husband with many adjectives but the best one to sum him up is that he is a blessing. Not just to me but our sweet baby girls and our friends and family. You deserve your dreams Brent!

  72. My dad has always taken time to play with his own children no matter how tired he was after getting off work. He instilled in me and my brother and sister that it isn’t what you give your children but the time you spend with them. Thanks to my daddy who spent hours playing catch and taking us to the creek to swim after working all day. He now enjoys spending time with his grandchildren and in our book .. he is the best father and papa ever !

  73. I appreciate that my husband and father of two precious little ones makes time for his family. I am sure there are times when he would be more entertained by playing golf, going fishing, or watching sports game than to do some of the activities our 3 year old wants to do. Even though I encourage him to get out more (and wish he would sometimes!) he chooses to be with us most of the time instead. That is a great feeling!

  74. i appreciate my husband for working long days yet not letting a moment go by because he’s tired, he still comes home & focus’ on our 3 yr old daughter. He provides so I can stay home with her & we get to do and enjoy so much time together. you can tell that we are very important to him.

  75. I love the fact the my husband is a totally involved Daddy…..he coaches sports, helps with baths and bedtimes, and everything in between. But my favorite is the look on my daughter’s face when they squeal “Daddy” with delight and jump into his arms!!

  76. I love how my husband has the patience for our 3 teen/pre-teen girls and then turns around and plays the binky-game with our 18 month old son! What an amazing man to have in our lives!

  77. My dad is a good man – hard working, honest man. My husband is a good father. I appreciate them.

  78. My husband, Scott, is a SUPER Dad! My kids are so lucky to have a positive, hands-on Dad that loves them so much. He coaches their sports teams, comes to eat lunch with them at school and reads to them alot. Scott and my two kids would love to go to Fastlanes!

  79. I love that my husband helps with every aspect of raising our baby boy. He will change a diaper, give a bath, or get up in the middle of the night.

  80. My husband, Brian, is an amazing dad & husband. He works so hard to provide for us & it doesn’t stop when he gets home. He loves to cook & “spoil” each of us. Our two boys adore him & try to follow in his footsteps. I think the feeling is pretty mutual as he LOVES to play with them and make them laugh. On top of all of it, he loves God & puts Him first.
    It would be such a blessing for our family to win this and be able to spend time together at Fast Lanes!

  81. Even after a long day at work my husband finds time to take the kids to the park and many times other kids will be tagging along.

  82. My husband is the best father I could have asked for, for my boys. He is the most involved dad I know. He coaches all their teams in every sport they play, he has no hobbies b/c he wants to spend all his extra minutes of his day with them. He is a christian man and wants to raise our kids in a loving christian home.

  83. This would be a great Father’s day gift for my husband. He is such a great dad. He has to get up so early in the mornings to go to work, yet he finds the time to help me at night with our newborn and makes sure to spend extra play time with our little girl too!

  84. My husband is a very hardworking man who loves his children and does everything he can to help around the house.

  85. My husband is a great dad! He loves our kids. He would like to spend more time with them. He works nearly 12 hours a day/night.

  86. I love that my husband isn’t afraid to let the kid inside come out and play!

  87. My husband is the best dad. I was working a second shift job and my husband had to play Mr mom for a while. He made my son’s time away from mommy fun and exciting and I am so thankful for all he did. I am back to a normal schedule now and I think Mr. mom deserves a little fun!

  88. He always makes time to play with out son even when he has been at work all day

  89. My husband goes above and beyond everyday for our family. He does his best to make sure we have everything that we need. He is my husband, the father of my child and my best friend. He is the BEST!

  90. It is only after 20 years of marriage (13 years with kids) that I can appreciate what a great father my husband is. There is no guessing that our children are his number one priority.(and should be). Not a day goes by that he doesn’t show how much he loves them by doing the little things that count and he tells them each day that he loves them. Even through the rough times he makes them feel on top. Looking back, I thought I would have to be the lead parent. Now I found myself learning from him. This is a parent partnership and I truly appreciate that!

  91. I have grown to love my step-dad because he grows as a grandfather every time he’s around my kids. Though he’ll never fill the shoes of my biological father (who’s deceased)he has made leaps and bounds as a father, grandfather and person; and that’s huge in my book.

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