Summertime fun for date night

UPDATE: Congrats to local mom Alizabeth for winning this date night giveaway!

We all know that summer is supposed to be fun for kids, but why should they have all the fun, right? Sometimes mom and dad need a chance to go out and have a little fun on their own, too. So we’re doing an encore performance of one of our popular giveaways — the “Food + Fun Giveaway”, featuring Foster’s Pint & Plate and Fast Lane Entertainment.

One of our readers will receive a $50 gift card to use at Foster’s Pint & Plate as well as a $50 gift card to use for fun and games at Fast Lane Entertainment.

These two businesses are less than 10 minutes away from each other in Rogers, so it’ll be an easy drive to enjoy both of them. And we’re big believers in this simple truth about relationships: A couple who laughs and has fun together stays together.

About the food:

My husband and I have a few favorite restaurants that we save just for date nights. Foster’s Pint & Plate is definitely on that list. We’ve never had a bad or even “average” meal there. You can tell that a true chef designed the menu because it’s surprising and special all at the same time. For example, Foster’s managed to take one of the least-liked vegetables on the planet — Brussels sprouts — and turn it into an appetizer I had dreams about for weeks after date night. It’s that good! I swear! My husband and I fought over who got to eat the last one. (I won.)

The overall vibe at Foster’s is perfect for date night. It’s got an upscale, metropolitan feel to it, but it’s never stuffy or pretentious. The long, sleek bar looks like something you might see in New York City, but the hospitality has a definite Southern flair. We always see plenty of other couples there when we visit, although if the sitter cancels and you need to tote a baby or kid along with you, it’s family-friendly as well. (The kids menu has everything from peanut butter and jelly to fried shrimp!)

You can’t go wrong with anything on the menu, but we especially like the ribeye or the Margherita pizza. When the weather is nice, we recommend sitting out on the patio which has this huge fire pit to enjoy during the evenings.

Last but not least, don’t make the mistake of skipping dessert! We love the Peanut Butter Chocolate Pie and the Warm Brownie dessert. Yummmmmm.

About the fun: 

After you’ve had a great meal, it’s time to play! Who says that kids should have all the fun? Research shows that couples who do new activities together form stronger bonds. So why not skip the movie you usually do and go challenge each other to a virtual reality game at Fast Lane? (We’ve played their new virtual reality experience called Hologate, and it’s SO fun!)

Or if video games are not your thing, you can always do some old-school bowling at Fast Lane. Bowling shoes and gutter balls never fail to make us laugh. And there’s always cause for celebration when one of us makes a miraculous strike.

Fast Lane also has a great bar, so you can enjoy a cocktail or two while you’re kicking your husband’s behind at the video game version of Connect Four. If you need a snack, they’ve got you covered there, too, with a nice variety of appetizers, pizzas, popcorn, etc.

If you win this giveaway, just be sure to hide that Fast Lane gift card in a secure place so your kids won’t try to swipe it for themselves.;-)


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  1. Lately my husband and I have been laughing at our 4 month old jumping around in his jolly jumper! It’s the best entertainment, it cracks us up and it never gets old!

  2. When our 4-year old girl says something so out of nowhere but intelligent we smile and chuckle to ourselves.

  3. We each make each other laugh all the time. Whether it’s funny memes or our sarcastic humor to each other we do whatever we can to make each other smile. Have to keep humor in any relationship.

  4. My husband and I laugh together every day. Usually it’s something silly one of us has done.

  5. We loooove adventure, FOOD ADVENTURES that is! We’ll decide what kind of food we’d like to eat and google “food near me”. We laugh while on these dates even if we don’t enjoy the food because we left it up to chance. It was meant to be good or bad but above all we people watch and love to give reviews. We laugh at how different we are from each other and others. We laugh at ourselves. We laugh at our kids and the things they do and try to pull. We especially laugh when one of us makes a face or says something that pops into our head!

  6. We like to watch cheezy comedies together. And he loves the old dad joke or two. We are always laughing together.

  7. Our toddler is a hoot! He’s such a comedian and will do anything for a laugh from mom and dad. And my husband does great impressions which always get me giggling…He’ll even impersonate me which helps me to relax and not be so serious all the time 🙃

  8. My husband is hilarious and makes me laugh all the time. Our children also defiantly belong to him because our kids say the funniest things and crack us up!

  9. My husband and I laugh a lot at our grandkids!!! Like when our grandson asked “if Papa had a baby in his belly”! Or when our granddaughter asked if we’d like to see her “big poop”!!!!!
    We probably laugh more at them than we did when our kids were little! Grandparenting is sooo fun!

  10. We have COMPLETELY different senses of humor. The things that will always get us both laughing pretty good though are the moments when life reminds you not to take yourself so seriously.

  11. My ex husband and I co-parent our son. He is our pride and joy. We have a great relationship together. We both hang out at each other’s houses all the time and spend family time together and watch our son act a fool!!! Hunter, who is 10, love to so much to do trick shots like Dude Perfect. So my ex-husband, Devin, and I are constantly Throwing bottles in the air for him to throw a basketball at to hit the bottle and then make a basket with or better yet let him take a card and try to hit us with. And typically he gets his father which is quite hilarious because we laugh every time. It’s a never ending battle of who gets hit first me or him. It’s a batt throwing bottles in the air for him to throw a basketball at to hit the bottle and then make a basket with or better yet let him take a card and try to hit us with. And typically he gets his father which is quite hilarious because we laugh every time. It’s a never ending battle of who gets hit first by him. It’s a a laughing battleground of torture from our son. But we enjoy every second of it.

  12. We have 4 kids, but it’s our youngest – the 2 year old – who makes us laugh the most! I follow you all on Twitter and Instagram under @stefjdf.

  13. We still laugh at each other… even after ten years we find the time to giggle with one another. We still have our little inside jokes from when our relationship started.

  14. Our kids always make us laugh, but it’s nice to have a break from them some times!

  15. My husband and I laugh at comedy shows. After 21 years, I still laugh at his corny jokes!

  16. We make each other laugh…it’s a common goal for both of us to make the other laugh whenever possible, I do believe.

  17. Lately, we laugh at each other. We both do silly things and are super dorky together.

  18. After 47 years of marriage we still and always will kiss each other good night and good morning and say I love you. If one of us leave during the day if for a very short time we always kiss and say I love you. You never know when it will be your last one

  19. We love watching shows like The Goldbergs together that make us laugh at our childhoods and the way we parent today!

  20. We crack up when we are silly and goof up our words. We also love a good card game.

  21. Mostly it’s our grandson or our dog that makes us laugh- along with funny animal videos..

  22. I’m a single mama, so I can’t tell you about a significant other. But I can tell you that I would use these as an end-of-the-summer treat for me and my kiddos!

  23. I’m serious one in a relationship so it’s really hard to make me laugh, yet my husband is the only one who can make me laugh with his jokes & nonsense. I’m making love cuz I’m a real smart outlet anything that comes out of my mouth usually is sarcastic and it cracks him up to see how I act. Together we laugh at our sons goofy antics & stunts.

  24. He always makes me laugh if I am having a bad day. We have our inside jokes that make us both laugh 🤭 at anytime! ❤️

  25. We always laugh at the corniest movies. And our youngest kid is such a ham, we can’t help but laugh.

  26. My husband knows how to make me laugh at all the right times, and it’s often at the most mundane things.
    Love him!

  27. As we grow older together, I find that we spend more time laughing at/with each other with no judgement… just big ole belly laughs!

  28. I know this is the cheesy mom comment, but our kids are always cracking us up! Our daughter is just so goofy right now… such a little person, and she always does the most unexpected things.

  29. Probably phrases our 2 year old says that are influenced by his older siblings.

  30. We laugh together at our little ones. We also love teasing one another and giving each other a hard time. That always makes us laugh. ❤️

  31. One of the things we laugh about is our dog, she is spoiled rotten and she makes us laugh!

  32. Mostly we laugh at our baby’s new words that she’s learning. When she gets one down she is so proud and smiles and giggles…we can’t help but laugh.

  33. We mostly laugh at things our 4 year old days and does. He’s such a cute little entertainer.

  34. We laugh at our teenagers and some things they say .. our youngest confuses big words ;).

  35. We laugh all the time! Usually anytime a movie quote can be used or froggy fresh lyric comes up. My hubs is always good at finding the humor in life!

  36. This would be a much needed date night! I haven’t seen him
    In 2 months and he comes Friday!!! We get through parenting by laughing at all the crazy things that go on with 3 kids. He is also super witty and also has the kids and I laughing!
    Ps- I comment on FB and followed on Instagram!

  37. My husband and I have been married 24 years, 2 grown kids, one more in high school, and we laugh at all we’ve been through together, the good and the bad.

  38. I love to laugh! I’m recently divorced – so I can’t comment about that 😂 But I think finding someone who helps keep you both laughing is essential!!

  39. PS I commented on FB and follow on IG and Pinterest and all the other places 😘

  40. Work has been so stressful with all the storms coming through and the mega overtime. I am ready for a fun night out with a special someone. I need to laugh and let my hair down.

  41. Our kids and playing games, whether its outside or just cards, always keeps us and our kids laughing and smiling. Also shared on facebook 😉

  42. Our kids, our family members, comedy movies, silly jokes. We try to laugh often to get us through the hard times!

  43. Our children make us laugh every day with how goofy they are. My husband also likes to make fun of my Type A personality which one might think would upset me but he always knows just when and how to say it that it’s funny.

  44. It may sound strange (at least to admit ), but we like to people watch for laughs, live or on videos, humans are by far the most interesting creatures!

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