Great Date Giveaway!

Note from the mamas: We have a winner! Congratulations to Angie Albright, winner of the great date!

We hope you’re having a fantastic New Year so far, mamas! To help make it even better, we thought you’d appreciate a date night giveaway. We sure could use one after the crazy happy holidays!

This giveaway is for a date night to see Randy Newman at Walton Arts Center on Saturday, January 22, 2011, at  8 p.m. and …. dinner at Bordinos!

ABOUT THE SHOW: As mamas, we’re most familiar with Randy Newman — a film composer and musician — for some of his Disney songs like “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” from Toy Story. Most recently, he wrote the songs and score for Disney’s The Princess and the Frog as well as Toy Story 3. He earned two more Academy Award nominations (19 total) in the Best Original Song category for Almost There and Down In New Orleans.

He’s won an Oscar, five Grammys and three Emmys. At the WAC show we know he plans to perform favorites like “Louisiana”, “Leave Your Hat On”, “Feels Like Home”, “I Love to See You Smile” and (yay!) “You’ve Got a Friend in Me”.

Click here to hear some of his songs. Once you play a song or two, you’ll definitely recognize his work!

These show tickets run about $65 a pop, so combined with dinner at Bordinos, this date night would cost you nearly $200 bucks!

ABOUT THE FOOD: We love the chance to send couples to Bordinos Italian Restaurant because, after the date, they always tell us how incredible it was — the food, the atmosphere, the service — everything. bordinos2.jpgWe love hearing that, and we know that busy couples really need and deserve a special night out together to reconnect and renew their energy for another round of parenting!

If you’ve never eaten there before, there’s not a thing on the Bordinos menu that isn’t wonderful. And the desserts are delicious — as well as beautiful to behold.

HOW TO ENTER: It’s easy to throw your name in the hat! Just click on the orange comment button below and ponder the question: “Your kid did WHAT?” Tell us stories about any funny, bizarre, gross, entertaining things your kid(s) or grandkids may have done over the years. It’s always fun to hear from our fellow mamas.

TO INCREASE YOUR ODDS: As always, we reward mamas who help us spread the word! So e-mail your friends or family about this giveaway and we’ll give you an extra chance to win for each person you tell. (Plus, you’ll be giving them a chance to put their name in the hat, too!) Just be sure to put on the CC line of your e-mail so we can give you proper credit.

Call the Walton Arts Center at 479-443-5600 for Randy Newman ticket info. Or click here to order tickets or read more about this American legend!


  1. My son is 25 now but when he was about 3 yrs old, he had done something. I couldn’t believe he had done. I asked him “why did you do that?” “just tell me why”

    He replied in a very pitiful voice, “why”

  2. She was my sweet two year old, my pride and joy, and all dolled out in green velvet to see Santa and have pictures made. But Santa was on break, so we went to a store to look around. Out of the blue my child unfastened her top with one big pull, threw the top off and took off running wildly throught the store, screaming gleefully and half dressed! I’ll never know what was going on in her mind….but after that and a 30 minute wait in line for Santa, she was not seeing Santa. For fear of what she might do next, we quietly left!

  3. My grand daughter at 2 was with us at a nice restraunt and she kept telling the server something. The server didnt understand what she was telling him and he finaly asked me what she was trying to tell him. She was informing him that she farted.

  4. I have the bad habit of popping out of the house to run over to a neighbors without letting anyone know. When my son Sam was four, he and my hubby Kenny were in the backyard when Kenny told Sam to go get me. Sam came in looking for me and couldn’t find me anywhere. He decided to pick up the phone and call 911 to report “my mommy is missing.” He told the 911 operator that he’d looked everywhere and I was gone! At that point, Kenny came inside, wondering why Sam had disappered for so long. Upon discovering that Sam had called 911, Kenny took over. Unfortunately, the 911 operator seemed to suspect foul play and insisted that I be found immediately!

  5. You know how little toddlers are…picking up anything off the floor to give to you as a gift…with such pride. And you act all excited and they smile. When my son was about two, he came up to me with closed fist and said “here mommy”….I immediately opened my palm wide for his “surprise”. The surprise was a LIVE SPIDER!

  6. When my now teenager was a toddler, he managed to chew through a container of blueberry yogurt in the grocery store cart. Somehow I missed that this was happening until we got to the checkout line where I had to hand over ta big wad of plastic and blueberry yogurt to the cashier to ring up. He had it all over, so I ended up with yogurt all over me as well.

  7. Having an opportunity to be able to get out w/ my husband and it being free would be awesome. With the way things have been going in the year 2010 money has been tight and we have not been able to have “date night”. We are praying that 2011 will be better. It would be awesome and a pick me up for both my husband and I to be able to attend the concert and have a nice meal together.

  8. My 9 month old started playing peek a boo with us about a month ago. She loves to put a blankie over her face and then take it down for us to say “Peek a boo!!!” The smile on her face is priceless!

  9. My husband and I both have birthdays this month. This dinner and concert would be a great date night for us since we will not be able to afford a date night other wise. We have 5 kids so money is tight.

  10. When my son was a toddler we had a dog that would come and visit. One day, it was visiting and was laying so he could have his tummy rubbed. My son wondered why the dog had five legs!!! Lol

  11. One night while going to tuck in my daughter (who had recently lost a tooth and had a visit from the tooth fairy) I found her putting something under her pillow. When asked what it was, she showed me her fingernail clippings under her pillow and said she just wanted to see if there was a fingernail fairy!

  12. My kid is oh-so-polite. One day while his daddy was changing his diaper for the millionth time in the past two years, he exclaimed, “Will you just potty train yourself already?” Justus replied, “No thank you!”

  13. When my now 14-year old was being potty trained, she did her “business” out in the backyard where her dad was gardening. He didn’t notice until she picked it up and started running to the house with it to flush it in the “big girl toilet”!

  14. I enjoy my nephews.I would love to win the tickets to have a fun night with them at the movies an send in there parents my twin sister an brother inlaw to a nice dinner an the show YES THIS WOULD BE A WIN WIN WIN FOR ME!!!

  15. When my son was five, he lost his first tooth – a momentous and much anticipated occasion. Unfortunately, he also swallowed it with the bite of pizza he was eating. My mother sprinted to her ceder chest, retrieved an old tooth saved from her kids, and claimed to have found the tooth in the pizza box. He was thrilled, and didn’t notice that in her haste she had grabbed a molar!

  16. A night on the town is just what the doctor calls for after the hectic pace of the past holiday season. Thanks for the chance.

  17. My kid did this….When he was a very rambunctious 3 year old, he saw a cat through our chain link fence and when I had my back to him, swinging his twin sister, he climbed over the fence to chase the cat. Less than a minute later, when I discovered he had slipped away, I went into a panic, running down the street looking everywhere. Two of my neighbors outside ran in different directions to help me search. We found him just a minute later, but he had run clear around the corner “chasing the kitty to give to Mommy.” It was truly one of the scariest moments of my life and a valuable lesson – don’t ever turn your back, even for seconds!

  18. Emerson 3 is the baby of the family with sisters 24 and 29 who always laugh when he pulls his stunts which just encourages him to do
    something better the next time.

    While during laudry while he was eating dinner at the table I heard him crying and yelling help mommy I ran to the kitchen, slide though mashed potatoes to find him hanging from the chandelier over the dining room table with the chandelier coming out of the ceiling. After his rescue I asked him why was he hanging from the chandelier. With a sweet smile he says “Spiders have eight legs.”

  19. When my son was about 4, we had gotten the “Deer’s Revenge” game for the computer and one of the calls on the game was “Viagra, get your Viagra”. Well, he decided to yell that call while walking down the isle at Walmart. Needless to say, he turned a few heads 🙂

  20. Well I would love a night out on the town!!!
    My daughter is now 18 but when she was four a friend of ours asked her how old she was, and of course she held up four fingers and said “4”, he then asked her when she would be five, her reply as she held up five fingers” when I put my fumb (thumb) up ! !” We laughed so hard.

  21. Well, the other night my husband said to our dog as he jumped up on him “get off of my balls” and my 3 year old daughter says “Mommy whats balls?”

  22. My three year old son wanted one of the Beta fish that they sell in Walmart in the little plastic cup. He insisted on carrying it through the store which I okayed because it did have a lid on it. We finished our grocery shopping and were in the soda aisle when he dropped the cup which shattered spilling the fish onto the floor. I had to run with the gasping fish in my hands to the other side of the store and quickly put it in the pet department sink. I let him pick another fish but guess who carried it.

  23. One of my grandsons,looking closely at me, asked, “Grannie, what did you look like before you had that OLD face?” Gotta love them!

  24. Got a call from my son’s library teacher that he tried to turn in a book at the end of the year and when she opened it there was a slice of pepperoni pizza in it! The pizza remnants were still in the backpack with a roach!! I can laugh about it now! By the way I am a movie soundtrack junkie and LOVE Randy Newman!! Would LOVE these tickets!!!

  25. My youngest daughter figured out how to make paste out of chewed up Doritos. She stuck a bunch of colored note cards to my windows using her “dorito paste”. Ugh.

  26. Our family loves Toy Story 1,2,and 3. We have been long time fans of the movie and the songs. My youngest daughter was born in August of 1995. One afternoon after she woke up from her nap she was crying in her crib. By the time I got to her my youngest son who was 2 and 1/2 was singing “You got a friend in me” in his own little way and she was all smiles. It was so cute.

  27. I will state some of the things my youngest child has done.

    1. Flooded and I mean flooded our 2nd bathroom by taking the roll of toliet paper and putting half of it in the sink and then the other half in the toliet to clog it and flush repeatedly. (yes, my fault I didn’t move fast enough!)

    2. We are in the middle of potty training, and anything that can hold liquid IS NOT SAFE AROUND HIM…..need I say more?

    I wouldn’t trade these days for NOTHING!! But one night out with hubby would be good!!!

  28. My youngest son Meekal was 3 years old, and my husband parents came for Christmas that year and brought us Toy Story 1 in VHS, This child watch that movie over and over. His favorite phrase from the movie was “Where is the rubber base” in his little boys voice, instead of “Where is the rebels base” until this day once on a while his olders brothers still tease him with “where is the rubber base”.

  29. To break my daughter from drinking from her bottle at 1 years old, I told her to throw her bottle in the trash. She did and never drank out of a bottle again. 🙂

  30. My little boy recently said to me, “Mama, you are a strange woman.” Not sure where he got that. : )

  31. My two year old lays down on his belly for a diaper change and says “this way Mama!” He thinks it is hilarious. Now he faces the wrong way when we tell him to sit down to get his shoes on.

  32. My 4-year-old son coughed really heavy the other day and said, “Goodness Gracious!” It was so funny!

  33. My baby is only 4 months old… but I already have so many stories… just the other day he peed, pooped and spit up on me within 10 minutes. I think that deserves a date night for sure!

  34. The memories are even more wonderful as I listen to and play with 4 yr old grand daughter or play with her 7 month old sister.

  35. I had to go way back to come up with this one. When my oldest was almost 2, she disappeared in our local Walmart one day. I didn’t panic because I knew she had slipped underneath the hanging clothes and was sitting in the center of the round rack of ladies sweat shirts. I tried to talk her out, but the other shoppers couldn’t see her and thought I was losing it. When she finally crawled out, it obvious what she needed the privacy for and we had to abandon the shopping trip to find a clean diaper.

  36. My kids have done so much in the 8 years we have been together. I don’t know where to start. But the memories are so worth every bit of thing they do.

  37. One day my 4 year old nephew came to visit me with his mom, my sister. He was so excited during his visit that he couldn’t sit still. He ran circles around the living room, checked out all the cabinets in the kitchen, played with the dog, and talked non-stop. My sister had had enough. She said, “I have five words for you…Sit Down And Be Quiet”. My nephew replied, “I have two words for you…RE LAX”!

  38. We were at Ozark Natural Foods checking out as my son (2 years old) notices a man with Parkinson’s eating his dinner. I had noticed the man as we pulled into the lane to check out but of course diverted my eyes as I could tell the man was struggling to get his sandwich to his mouth. And….here is how it all goes down
    Son: (at a decibel I wish was lower), “Mommy, look at the man dancing!”
    Me: mmm.hmmmm. want another bite of banana?
    Son: No Mommy, turn your eyes, see what I see? He’s dancing. Fun!
    Me: (in his ear) Honey, let the man eat. You and I can dance later.
    Son: Yay! I love to dance!

  39. We have 3 boys and more stories about them than I can relay here. One of my favorites is when my middle son was about 2 at the dinner table said “dadgum it” then looked at me and grinned and said “mom gum it,” then grinned bigger and said “no, mom candy.”

  40. My oldest son at about 3 years old decided to bobsled down the stairs in a laundry basket. He made it about 3 steps before the head over heels tumble began. Ended with a bloody lip but nothing broken.

  41. My son keeps me on my toes. I know when things are too quiet something is up. One of the most funny things that have occured during one of these times was when he got the entire bowl of cool whip from the refrigerator and it ended up all over him and the room he was in. The sweet little look on his face was all it took to keep me from getting upset.

  42. My 18 month old daughter got Pepto Bismo out of the cabinet, opened it (even though I thought it was childproof) and poured almost the entire bottle on my tan carpet!

  43. I couldn’t find my 2 year old son anywhere… He had unbolted the front door and I found him “driving” the neighbors car that was sitting in their driveway! Yikes!

  44. I was cleaning some mysterious, brownish, crusty substance dotted across the wall beside the top bunk in the kids’ bedroom. I sprayed, wiped and scraped thinking, “What the heck is this stuff?”

    Then it hit me: boogers.

    The things you never thought you’d have to clean as a parent!!!

  45. My son loves his Grandad ( My Dad), because he plays with him non stop. Once they were playing on the couch, and my son accidentally head butted him breaking Dad’s nose! Dad was a good sport about it, and said he was impressed a 2.5 year old could have such a tough, hard head!

  46. At three, my daughter was with my husband in the car and someone pulled out in front of him. He preceded to say What in the x!!@@***####xxx are you doing stupid forgetting about our daughter int he back sit. Immediately our daughter said, “Daddy, we do not use that word.” Right away he apologized saying, “Oh, I am so sorry, honey.” Our daughter cuts him off and says, “Daddy, we do not use the stupid.” Realizing that she did not get the rest of the works he responded with relief, “Yes, sweetie, you are right.”

  47. My daughter and I were headed towards our former veternarian’s office this week and she said “this is the way to heaven and the airport”. At three, she remembers that our two 14 year old golden retrievers went to see our Vet before they went to heaven 9 months ago.

  48. Sounds like a great night out…. date night would be nice since we never do it. Oh how I miss the days when we would go to a show…. pick me, pick me!

  49. Just this morning at the breakfast table, my 3 year old looks at me and says, “Mom, we are lucky because we had two babies.” (we have 6 month old twins). Melted my heart.

  50. My three year old likes to run around naked. This summer there was a knock on the door & when I opened it my neighbor was standing there with my naked daughter!! She was apparently being a nudist in our cul de sac!

  51. When our grandson was just beginning to talk he was used to his mother hearing that he was waking up from his nap through the baby monitor and coming right away to get him out of his crib. One day, his dad was watching him and he didn’t come right away. Soon his dad heard our grandson yelling, “hey, what’s the deal?”

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