Giveaway: Win tickets to the 2019 NWA Boutique Show’s Girls’ Night Out + gift cards!

Just a few weeks to go until the annual awesomeness known as the NWA Boutique Show!

This year the Boutique Show is scheduled for November 22-23 at John Q. Hammons (note the new location!) and there’s so much to choose from among the 150 unique boutiques. Whether you’re looking to snag some Christmas presents, or just look for some treats for you, this is a fabulous shopping event. The atmosphere is so much fun — you’ll step right into the holiday spirit!

In addition to the regular show, there will be a special Girls’ Night Out event from 5 to 9 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 22, and we’re going to choose five mamas to go for FREE plus some other goodies! Each of the five winners will receive:

  • 2 Girls Night Out passes ($30 value)
  • 5 general admission tickets ($25 value)
  • 1 merchant gift certificate to be used at the show ($15 value)

About the Girls’ Night Out Event:

  • Girls Night Out, Friday, November 22
  • 5 — 9 p.m.
  • $15 at the Door/$12 Online

When the lights go down, the fun goes up! Win amazing prizes from merchants, shop to tunes from D.J. Brian, grab a beverage and taste delicious samples from JJ’s Grill, Tacos 4 Life, Nestle Pure Life, Big Orange, Local Lime, Slim Chickens, and Lost Forty Brewing. All GNO guests will receive free return admission Saturday, 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Tickets are just $12 online (through 11/15 at noon) or $15 at the door* with a portion of proceeds benefiting Junior League of NWA! Online ticketing recommended due to limited supply.

Each of the 5 nwaMotherlode winners will receive a $15 gift card to one of the following Boutique Show merchants:

Maven Boutique
Milk and Sugar
Max and Addy
Simply Home Signs
Rock City Outfitters


If you’d love to win Girls’ Night Out event tickets, general admission tickets and a gift card, scroll down to the bottom of the post and past the comments posted by other local moms. Then write a quick comment telling us about the best (tangible) gift you ever gave anyone — or the best gift you ever received. Was it a special necklace that was just right for the occasion? A quirky something that made the receiver laugh out loud just when they needed it? We can’t wait to hear about a gift you really enjoyed giving — or receiving!

You can also email your answer to us at


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We’ll draw the winner at random on Friday! If you want to go ahead and get tickets, CLICK HERE for more information about the NWA Boutique Show.


  1. The best gift I received was a necklace with my kids names on it. Very personalized and special to me!

  2. My favorite and most memorable gift was a ring that my parents gave me for Christmas when I was a freshmen in High School. It was 10K gold and my first “real” piece of Jewelry and had my initial on it. Unfortunately, I lost it about 2 years later but I still remember it 🙂

  3. I gifted my Mom a subscription to a quarterly box subscription and she loves opening when they come in each quarter!!

  4. I took all of my husband’s boxing stuff and had it professionally done in an oversized shadow box – photos from those years, his trunks, stopwatch, etc. All of the things that were special to him. He loved it and was so proud to have all of his stuff together in one spot to display in the house.

  5. The best gift I ever received was a sweet homemade picture from my daughter with the grandkids handprints and what they wanted to tell Nana.

  6. I was given a survivor necklace from friends after my cancer diagnosis. It was such a special gift that I will always treasure.

  7. A necklace with a gold angel wing to always remember and have my angel baby close to me.

  8. The best gift I ever gave someone was a surprise trip to Atlanta to see his favorite team play (the Braves) for his birthday. I was pretty proud of that one.

  9. I gave my mom a necklace with my daughter’s, her granddaughter’s, names and birthstones on it. She loved it!

  10. I received a special necklace from a close friend. My fiancé and I lost our fur baby earlier this year. Something that was very devastating and tragic to us. On our wedding day last month, my friend left us a gift in our room. It was a necklace etched of our baby with a sweet engraving on the back. It made both of us ugly cry. It is now one of my most beloved treasures.

  11. My husband is great at gifts! He usually gets me experiences, not things … we have been on trips, to Razorback games, etc. and I love the memories we make!

  12. Beat gift I ever received was a baby blanket for my daughter made of my late Aunt’s favorite dress she wore at big family events. My daughter is the only child that did not get a blanket made by my aunt so my mom had a blanket made of her favorite dress for my daughter. Best gift I ever gave was an “aunt” bracelet to my late aunt. My aunt was unable to have children so we were just like her kids and she always asked for an aunt bracelet with all our birth stones and when I gave it to her she was so incredibly happy and bawling. She was the BEST!

  13. One of the best things I’ve given was a cutting board laser engraved with one of our grandmothers recipes, in her own writing. It is more meaningful since she has passed away.

  14. When our kids were still quite little and time consuming, my husband gave me a gift of a day and night away. I got a mani/pedi, ate dinner and dessert places I enjoy and slept (in!) at a hotel all alone. It was just what I needed to be the best momma I could be!

  15. Gosh, this is hard! I’ve received soooo many great gifts! My husband listens and sees things I like all year long and somehow remembers them for anniversaries and birthday and Christmas! 😍 I love homemade gifts from my kids. My oldest and I share a love for funny memes. This year for my birthday- she drew (she’s an amazing artist) a couple of funny memes and framed them for me!

  16. The best gift I ever received was a personalized quilt. When I was pregnant, my best friend gave me a square of fabric and asked me to paint a picture or words for my daughter. She secretly gave the same fabric squares to all of my female friends and family, and when my daughter was a few months old, she presented me with a quilt she’d made of all the squares. My daughter is quite literally wrapped in love.

  17. My friend bought me a baseball t-shirt and it fit perfectly and was just what I needed to wear to my son’s baseball games! So nice and thoughtful!

  18. The best gift I ever received was a beautiful heavyweight silver bracelet my husband got me. He’s not very materialistic or one for picking gifts so this was so special!

  19. My sister graduated from nursing school and got her nursing pin. At graduation, she somehow lost her pin. We went back to the college and looked on the grounds for her lost pin hoping that we would find it but never did. For Christmas that year, I called the college and had them look up her pin order. When she opened the gift Christmas morning, she had tears in her eyes (and she’s not a softie)! It made me feel good.

  20. The best gift that I have ever received was my DSLR camera from husband. Not only is it the fanciest thing I own but it has allowed for me to capture the most exciting memories ever with my sweet girls. I am a Photography lover but far from being professional but it’s just so fun playing with my favorite toy.

  21. Best gift ever received was a silver ring that my daughter gave to me when she was 16. She bought one for herself also. My daughter is now 36 and gave me another great gift this past January, my first grandchild.

  22. The best gift I ever received was some cowboy boots. That’s the last gift I remember my Dad getting me.

  23. The most memorable and heartfelt gift and I ever received was a scrapbook with the word love, laugh, live, how to front from my daughter. She wrote and decorated each page with memories and feelings after my first granddaughter was born. Increase like I learned to love because I was love, your eyes or my eyes, and how she loves me. I cry every time I read it , send it fills my heart with love and emotion

  24. My husband is constantly surprising me with little gifts just to make me smile but my favorite gift is my new wedding ring after 7 years and several ups and downs he replaced my band with the most gorgeous ring

  25. The most meaningful gift I’ve received was a simple gold band that one of my best friends gave me after my daughter was stillborn. She had her name engraved inside the band. It is so simple, sweet and very special to me.

  26. The best gift I ever received was from my mom and step-dad when I was 15. I came home from school, and they had redone my room completely.

  27. The best gift ever is my grandchildren. Love shopping for all 8 of them.

  28. Working for a non-profit makes funding tough at times, especially since there are so many worthy NWA charities. To loosen the mode, we give 100 Grand bars during the holidays–a simple, fun laugh!

  29. I love giving and receiving personal gifts with special significance. My daughter gave me a kitchen towel with one of my mother’s recipes in mother’s handwriting. My mother suffered a severe stroke and can no longer write with her dominant hand and the gift is super special!

  30. The best gift I ever received was during a baby shower for my first son. (He was the first grand baby and great-grand baby on my side of the family.) My grandma had been secretly making a baby blanket when she had an unexpected stroke which left her paralyzed on her right side and unable to speak. Her sister collected the remaining blanket pieces, sewed them together, then gave us the blanket at our family baby shower with a special note telling us about the work my grandma did before her stroke. I cried knowing that the last item she would ever create was for her first great-grand baby. It is such a special item to me.

  31. The best gift I ever gave anyone was a gift to my mom. I painted a canvas and wrote a quote on it to tell her how much she means to me.

  32. The best gift I ever received was a card that I framed 16 years ago from a very dear friend. I still have it on display in my living room!

  33. For my first Mother’s Day, my dad got me a pearl necklace. I wear it every Mothers day!!

  34. The best gift I’ve ever received was a handmade quilt from my mother who took my grandfathers preaching ties and sewed them all together. VERY special!

  35. When my mom finished chemo treatments for Breast Cancer and was declared cancer free, our family bought her a new watch with a scripture verse and the date of her last treatment on it.

  36. Living farther away from my family, my mother made up “miss you gifts”. When my mom comes to visit she leaves these gifts in the closet, never anything big but something to think on my family. When I’ve had a rough day or just really need my mom I have permission to open one. My favorite yet was a “I love my mom” mug that I happened to open the day before I had my own daughter.

  37. The best gifts I’ve given were homeless bags we made for LifeSource last holiday season. Each of our families purchased items to go in 6 mens bags and 6 bags for women.. At Thanksgiving, our daughters and grandchildren decorated the gift bags with stickers and their own individual artwork and they helped me filled the bags with all the items that had been purchased. Their excitement was so fun to watch and participate in. When I took the bags to drop them off, the sweet lady working there was SO EXCITED and surprised. It absolutely made my holiday last year!!! We’re doing it again this year.

  38. I recently had my first child and my dad bought me a necklace with my sons initial on it. It was a very thoughtful gift that meant a lot!

  39. Disney world last year! That was the best gift we have gifted to our daughter/given ( it was a family gift) made some amazing memories we will all never forget!

  40. The best gift I ever received was my kids:) they were both born right before my birthday and they’re awesome!

  41. The best gift I ever received was a bracelet with my son’s initials. It was bought for me by two wonderful friends while my son was in the NICU. Meant a lot in the moment ❤

  42. One of the best gifts I’ve ever received is my Roomba, Rosie! I really dislike vacuuming but she makes it an easier task for sure!!

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