Giveaway: Win NWA Boutique Show Girls’ Night Out tix + gift cards!

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Ladies, it’s almost time for the NWA Boutique Show! This awesome event is on Nov. 7th and 8th and is a great place to get most — if not all! — of your Christmas shopping done. We love that the items are unique. It’s so much fun to give friends and family one-of-a-kind gifts.

olafAnd you might even find something for yourself 🙂 We always do!

Please stop by and say hello to us at our booth. We’re proud sponsors of the Boutique Show and will be there with an AMAZING giveaway. We’ll also have a “guest” at our booth that your kids will definitely want to visit with — a cardboard cutout of Olaf from the movie Frozen.

So who’s going to the Boutique Show Girls’ Night Out? Who wants to WIN tickets to the Girls’ Night Out? Plus lots of other goodies?

We’re giving away 5 ticket bundles to 5 different moms. Each $70 bundle includes:

4 Girls Night Out passes

5 general admission tickets

1 $15 merchant gift certificate to be used at the show

Each winner will receive a gift card from one of the following NWA Boutique Show merchants:

the floating buffalo.rainboots
The Floating Buffalo
Lee Lynn Crafts
Lee Lynn Crafts
Two Bored Chicks
Two Bored Chicks
Sassy Nanny
Sassy Nanny
The Pink Lilli AR
The Pink Lilli

HOW TO ENTER: If you’d like to win one of 5 ticket bundles just click the words “post a comment” below and tell us who you’d really love to find a gift for at this year’s boutique show. Your hard-to-buy-for mother-in-law? Your Secret Santa friend? A fabulous find for the office party?

INCREASE YOUR ODDS OF WINNING: If you’d like to increase your odds of winning one of the 5 Boutique Show ticket bundles, just email friends and family about the giveaway and CC us so we’ll be sure to give you credit. We’ll give you an extra chance to win for each person you tell. The email is

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BE SOCIAL: You can also earn extra chances to win by commenting on our Facebook page, following us on Twitter or following us on Pinterest. If you do any of those, just mention it in your comment or email so we can give you proper credit.

Good luck! We’ll choose a winner on Friday at 5 p.m., so keep an eye out for an email from the mamas!


  1. I have a friend that is having a baby and would like to see what I could find!

  2. I would like to start my Christmas shopping at the NWA Boutique Show AND finish my Christmas Shopping at the NWA Boutique Show – finding something for everyone on my list!

  3. I would love to find something for my mom and my daughter! I follow you on twitter and pinterest!

  4. I LOVE the NWA Boutique Show!!! Hoping to find a gift for my new sister-in-law 🙂

  5. I always buy my daughter a new Christmas bow at the Boutique Show and I love finding fun, crafty items for gifts. Want to look specifically for my sister in law this year!!

  6. I have never been! I would love to do some Christmas shopping for my mom and 6 kiddos!

  7. My sister and I always buy each other something fun and funky. I would love to find something one-of-a-kind for her.

  8. I’d like to find something nice for my mom–she’s helped me out do much this year. I want to get her something special.

  9. Would love to find something for my mother in law. She’s the hardest to shop for!

  10. I have a challenging list of co-workers, girlfriend group, 4 kids and a mom and mother in law that is so difficult to find thoughtful gifts for….really hoping to check a lot of the list and remember the reason for the season! 🙂

  11. I have never been and would love to fill up my Christmas list there! Looks like some really fun and unique stuff!

  12. I buy really good seasonings at the Boutique show every year. Need to get my holiday cooking spices ready to go. It is always fun to see what is new and different for gifts.

  13. I love finding my last minute gifts at the boutique show…this year in particular I need to find a great gift for my grandmother-in-law as she is one of the hardest people to shop for!

  14. I need to find the perfect gift for my best friends wedding & for my sister in law! They are hard to shop for!

  15. My close friends and co-workers. It’s hard to find unique items for them and I want to locate something that will blow them away.

  16. I’d like to find a gift for my mother-in-law. She never puts anything on her wish list!

  17. I love finding unique gifts at the NWA Boutique Show, and have a brand new niece that I’d love to shop for!!

  18. I am hoping to find a unique gift for my mom this year. She never asks for a thing, yet deserves the BEST!!!

  19. I just bought a new house so I’m going t be looking for home decor for myself and I’m pretty hard to please:) So I know the perfect place to shop wil be at the NEArby Boutique Show!

  20. My mom. She’s so hard to by for. Looking forward to seeing what I can find. 🙂

  21. I’d love to buy a lot of baby gifts! I have my first niece on the way (Due in December) and I want to spoil her rotten. I know I will find so many great things at the show!

  22. I’d like to win so that I can find the perfect gift for my best friend, my sister! She has worked so hard this year and come through so gracefully. She deserves something special.

  23. For my daughter who loves one-of-a kind items and for my MOMS who have everything 🙂

  24. I want to win this year’s bundle because it is my anniversary! I want to get me something very cool!!

  25. I would love to find some things for friends as well as my children’s teachers at school.

  26. Definitely my mom! She’s a bit hard to shop for but deserves something really unique and cute!

  27. I just love unique, one of a kind gifts! It would be great to find a few of those for friends and family!

  28. I would love to find something for each of my three kids. Alway unique finds at the boutique show!

  29. Would love to find something for my MIL. Just moved her to a nursing home and would love to find something to make her room more like home

  30. I would love to find a gift for my wonderful niece inlaw whose name I have drawn in the family gift exchange. She is a beautiful young woman with cute taste so I am sure to find something she likes at the show. I follow nwa motherlode on Pinterest and Twitter. Hope to win tickets to the girls night out event!

  31. I would Love to find that Special something for my best friend that I cant get anywhere else but at the NWA Boutique show…..

  32. I would love to find a gift for my mom! It’s her birthday and Christmas in December!
    I also posted on your Facebook page!

  33. I’d like to find something for everyone on my list. My husband (whose bday is today), my toddler, and all the extensions.

  34. I’d like to find something for everyone on my list. My husband (whose bday is today), my toddler, and all the extensions. I’ve never been, but really excited to see it all.

  35. I would love to find gifts for everyone on my list and wrap up all shopping in one stop!

  36. I will be looking for gifts for a few of my friends who are expecting or who just had a baby. I loved all the baby/kid clothes last year.

  37. Would love get some unique gifts for friends at the office and family for Christmas.

  38. I’d buy for one of my four girls. I love to find them unique gifts. I love the bootie cuties!

  39. I would shop for my 16-year old daughter. Maybe a piece of jewelry that she would love and wear for a long time.

  40. I’d love to find something for my girlfriends for Christmas and my sweet new puppy!

  41. I’d love to find the perfect gift for my best friend. She’s like a sister to me!

  42. Sharing on facebook, twitter, pinterest, and jnstagram! I’ve decided that I am going to shop local and small for Christmas as much as possible. I need to go to this event to get started!

  43. My niece–our family drew names and we have to find something that begins with the letter “W” for each gift, so I’ll be looking for items that start with “W”!

  44. I have never been and I would love to go with my new stepdaughters. It would be a fun opportunity for us to get to go together!! I have three boys so this is a new experience for me. I’m sure they would be able to point out many new things that she would like for Christmas!

  45. My mom has everything and is very hard to buy for. Would like to find something special for her

  46. I recently underwent major surgery . My friend and “office” spouse Liz, was with me during prep , and post surgery. She manned all communications , guests and even my family .
    Ide like to thank her by taking her on a bff shopping spree at the NWA boutique show .
    We have never been .

  47. This is my first NWA Boutique Show with a daughter to shop for (she’s 6 months old) so I’d love to find some goodies for her!

  48. My mother in law! She has everything she wants so its hard to find that perfect gift for her!

  49. I would love to find a gift for my teenage daughter!! Looks like lots of great things to choose from!!

  50. I always buy a gift for my mom at this show, but I also buy 4 or 5 for myself! I’d be lying if I said Santa wasn’t going to have his eyes out for me this year!

  51. I would love to find my incredibly difficult to buy for mother in law the perfect gift this year!!

  52. My kids have two of the greatest teachers and I would love to find something that showed them how much they mean to us.

  53. I’m hoping to find some great things for my sister, my best friends, my mom and my stepmom! Maybe even something unique for my Mammaw too!! 🙂

  54. I would love to find something for my mother in law this year. I am due to have my first baby in Dec.1 and need to finish my shopping early this year!

  55. I would love to find something for my mom, mother-in-law, and sister in law’s! I love the NWA Boutique show and all the vendors…so glad we have one to enjoy!

  56. I would shop for my mother in law. She is impossible to shop for and has everything!!

  57. My mom is who I would love to shop for. She’s extremely hard to buy for.

  58. I would love to find gifts for my mom and most of my friends. I also have a secret Santa at work that I would love to find a cute gift for.

  59. Me! We just bought a new house and I would love to find some fun, new decorations for it.

  60. A friend who has gone above and beyond the call to help me with anything I asked all summer long. When my husband was diagnosed with cancer, and then I had an unexpected surgery myself. I want something extra special! And I know that the Boutique sale is the place to find it! can’t wait.

  61. I would love to take care of all my Christmas shopping at the NWA Boutique Show this year. My daughter is getting married in March of next year and I need something very special for her this year because she will be starting her own tradition as she starts her new life.

  62. I would love to find a special meaningful gift for someone who does SO much for others!

  63. I would buy something for my cousin, Lyndsey. She has two baby girls that she spoils rotten and she could use a little spoiling herself!

  64. this show is my treat to myself during the shopping season. So, whether I buy anything or just soak up the awesomeness that is the NWA Boutique show, it’s one of my few special ‘me time’ .
    PS. I’ve commented on fb posts and am signed up for your newsletter!!

  65. I would love to find something for my baby girl! I follow you on Pinterest and Twitter too!

  66. Would LOVE to fid a perfect gift for my step-dad and a special friend! Maybe teachers and therapists, as well. Can’t wait to check it out 🙂

  67. I would love to find gifts for my two wonderful granddaughters and my five grandsons. They are so special to me.

  68. I’ll be looking for things for my sisters in laws. They both deserve pampering and gifts that inspire good feelings and creativity.

  69. im hoping to find unique gifts for my mother in law and co-workers!! And maybe something for myself 🙂

  70. I’d love to find something special for my mother in law. After 33 years of marriage, her husband left her. We are moving her here from TX to be close to family. I’d love to lift her spirits.

  71. My mom, it has been a rough year and I’d love to find her an extra special gift!

  72. My daughter-in-law and my grandbabies. I can buy for the grandbabies pretty easily, but my daughter-in-law is quite difficult.

  73. I would love to win a giveaway! I never know what to get my sister and I think this would be the perfect opportunity to find a gift that would just meet her sassy style! Also—my mom loves this event and would love to win a giveaway as well!

  74. I would love to find a unique and meaningful gift for my sister! She means so much to me and I would love to get her something for Christmas that shows her how special she is to me!

  75. I’d like to find something special for my daughter, mom, and 2 great friends

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