Giveaway: Tickets to Girl’s Night Out at the NWA Boutique Show!

boutique show decorOnly two more weeks to go until the annual awesomeness known as the NWA Boutique Show!

The show is Nov. 6-7 this year and there is so much to choose from among the 150 unique boutiques. Whether you’re looking to snag some Christmas presents, or just look for some treats for you, this is a fabulous shopping event. The atmosphere is so much fun and we love having a booth at this show. Be sure to stop by and see us (we’ll have an awesome giveaway there, too).

In addition to the regular show, there will be a special Girls’ Night Out event from 5 to 9 p.m. on Friday, the 6th, and we’re going to choose five mamas to go for FREE plus some other goodies! Each of the five winners will receive:

  • 2 Girls Night Out passes ($30 value)
  • 5 general admission tickets ($25 value)
  • 1 merchant gift certificate to be used at the show ($15 value)

About the Girls’ Night Out Event:

Girls Night Out “Merry & Bright”
$15 at the Door ($12 online) *Note: The GNO always sells out, so if you don’t want to chance it, get your ticket now 🙂
Friday, 11/6, 5:00 p.m. — 9:00 p.m.

At this event, the lights go down at 5 p.m. and the fun goes up! Win amazing prizes from wonderful merchants, shop to tunes from D.J. Brian, grab a beverage and sample delicious treats from local favorites like JJ’s, Slim Chicken’s, Ozark Natural Foods, Shake’s Frozen Custard and Nestle Waters.

A portion of proceeds benefits the Junior Civic League.

Each of the 5 nwaMotherlode winners will receive a $15 gift card to one of the following Boutique Show merchants:

Art and Soul, cropped
Art and Soul
Glo Limited
Glo Limited


Sweet Little Sugar
Sweet Little Sugar
Freckles and Sunshine Mobile Boutique
customteesandgraphics, cropped
Custom Tees and Graphics

Boutique Show graphic 2015, 350HOW TO ENTER: To throw your name in the online hat to win one of the five Boutique Show packages, just click on the words “post a comment” below and tell us why you think it’s important for mamas to take time for the occasional girls’ night out. To recharge? To make your friendships deeper? Because it makes you a better mom when you get back home?

Bottom line: What do you love about a good GNO like the Boutique Show event?

You can also email your answer to us at

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We’ll choose a winner on Friday afternoon, mamas! Good luck!


  1. So you can show your little ones how important it is to have close friends and spend time with them.

  2. Just to be a better person, wife, mom, friend, employee, etc…all mom’s need to take some time out for themselves. Of course we are always busy juggling tons of things and caring for others 1st, but we need to relax and enjoy “me” time so we can be successful wearing all our many hats! I always enjoy this show and would love to take my girlfriends, mom and/or sisters w/me this year!

  3. Girls’ night out are extremely important to remind yourself that you are a person too and deserve to take a break and have a different kind of fun!

  4. Momma’s need a girls night out to recharge and be better for their families. They need adult conversation to remember who they are and why they love what they have.

  5. Mamas need a GNO for the same reason they tell you to put on your oxygen mask first in case of a drop in pressure on an airplane. If you’re passed out from lack of oxygen, you’re no good to anyone. Please take care of yourselves.

  6. It is so important to spend time with your friends! Every momma needs a chance to get out of the house for a little bit, and shopping is so much fun!!

  7. I think it is so important to get a break from your kids every once in a while, especially when it means spending time with your friends. And it gives my husband a little one-on-one bonding time with the kids, too 🙂

  8. So you don’t lose connection with your friends and you get some adult time. kids need a little bit of space too to show them that it is ok to be away from each other a little bit.

  9. Taking care of myself is taking care of others! It’s taken a while to figure that out but I have!

    (I follow on Twitter and Pinterest as @channyn)

  10. because girlfriends are good for the soul! there is NOTHING like spending time with the girls!

  11. I’ve been to this event twice, and have enjoyed it. I would love to take my Mom she has never been. This would be a good time for us to spend together. #fingers crossed

  12. Taking time out to spend with my friends helps me be a better mother and shows my children how important it is to have a support network of friends and family who enrich our lives.

  13. I think we needs a Girl’s Night out to being able to have uninterrupted conversations with friends and a brief break from mommy duties.

  14. It’s important to get a night out to yourself every so often. I think it helps me recharge, and feel like a person and not just a mom. On fb, email, Pinterest, and Twitter

  15. GNO are so important to spend time relaxing, having fun, and recharging. They are great for you to give you time for yourself and nothing could be better than to spend GNO shopping and hanging out with your girls at an event that helps the community

  16. I think getting away for the night helps me better a better wife, mom, teacher, friend, etc. it is good for my heart to have some girl time!!!

  17. Girls night is a great way for me to escape the pressure and responsibility of being a single mom. It helps to “recharge” my batteries to spend time with great friends and focus on maintaining those vital relationships.

  18. I’m a better mama and wife when I have time to myself to recharge and let my hair down!!

  19. Just to feel like a normal person once in awhile. Many days you go to work and take care of the family and just forgot what it feels like to go out and have a little fun with the girls.

  20. I just think that moms need to recharge with friends. I’m an extrovert, so that’s where I’m energized! On a side note, I would love to take my friend Sarah to this because she’s in the process of starting her own boutique!

  21. Because taking care of yourself is the best way to be able to take care of all of your people! <3 thanks mamas!!

  22. A girls night out is essential for all aspects of life. It helps us spiritually, emotionally, and physically. It’s good for us. Getting together to laugh, shed a tear, share our daily dilemmas, etc. with other women who deal with the same daily problems can be the best medicine. So to whomever wins, have fun. Laugh. Really laugh until you have tears. That’s the best. Make a memory.

  23. I’m in desperate need of a GNO – Ha! Spending some time with my friends away from the “Mom” duties is so important for my sanity. I don’t think I’ve had a GNO in the past 6-9 months. Having two boys (ages 1 & 4) and a full time job can take it’s toll. Having some relaxing and recharging girl time is definitely needed. Please pick me 🙂

  24. Mom’s deserve to be with other women adults sometimes. If there is shopping and eating involved, even better! Mom’s are special and should be treated as such. Therefore, a night out reaffirms her worth.

  25. It is always a good reminder when you have time away from your children and even better when spending that time with friends! It reminds me that there are other parts to who I am besides being a mother, and it also reminds me how much I cherish that role too!

  26. I love this event and taking my niece for her first time this year. She recently became engaged and needs special time with her favorite aunt and doing what we both love most…SHOPPING.

  27. This definitely sounds like fun, especially since My friend and I never take a night for ourselves.

  28. Its sooo super important to have mommy time to simply get out and enjoy doing the things that you love!! We all need that time to unwind, let loose and breathe!!

  29. GNO are super important when you live in a house with all males. You need some girl time to keep your sanity. 🙂 (Even the dogs are males!) lol

  30. I feel that GNO’s are important to just get out in the community and see what is right in your backyard!! I have an 18 month old and work 40 hours a week. It is hard during the week to connect with friends and to even grab a bite to eat and to be able to walk around looking at all the fun stuff would be much needed!! The NWA boutique show is one of my favorite things to do with my bestie that I don’t get to see often! 🙂

  31. Moms need to embrace their own friendships so they can maintain all the laughter, fun, support and encouragement that goes along with them.

  32. Would LOVE to win the Girls Night Out!! So important for me to get time away with my girl friends! When I get a little time to myself, I am much more recharged and able to have more fun with my kids afterwards!!

  33. I can’t express the importance of a girls night out. Ill admit it ……it never feels like a good idea and I always feel guilty for taking ‘me time”. But the moment I am at my decided location with the girls and have my first laugh, eat a meal on my time, and have adult GIRLY conversations Im so over the guilt!

  34. To recharge and enjoy some “me time” while also shopping for gifts for the family!

  35. Everyone needs time to be away from the kids and/or their spouse. The NWA Boutique show is the perfect place to spend some time away with your friends and get some shopping done 🙂

  36. I think it’s important because it helps you find yourself. Most moms wear lots of hats. There are times we need to remove those hats to see who is actually at the bottom of the stack. Having kids is great but we all need a break once in awhile.

  37. I am a single Mama and hardly ever go out with my girlfriends. I know I should more often than a couple times a year since it definitely helps me relax with my peers which builds those girlfriend bonds and I come home feeling a rejuvenated parent. This event sounds like a lot of fun, I hope I can go even if I am not the chosen winner.

  38. I need time to recharge and take a break from all the mommy neediness. Haha! I also think it’s important to show my kids that relationships are important to foster even when we are busy.

  39. It is so important to have girls night out because no one knows you like your girlfriends know you! We need time to unwind, laugh, and just have good time, a little time to just be around people who feel just like you do and think just like you do! Something we always say we are going to do , but never seem to have the time. This could be the time!!!

  40. So we can be better Moms. Getting that occasional break from our family reminds us how much we love and miss them when we are gone. Having that time to laugh with your girlfriends is like having your morning coffee, it just makes you a happier Mom after you’ve had that time.

  41. This has become a great tradition for my baby sister and i. This year is going to be even better because we are shopping for my first niece/nephew-my sister’s first baby and we find out what the baby will be the day before the show!!!

  42. We need GNO events cause if you’re trying to be a good wife and mom, usually the first thing to suffer is taking time for our girlfriends and even more importantly for ourselves. The irony is that taking time for ME and spending time with girlfriends will help me be a BETTER wife and mom! (Liked/commented on FB, followed on twitter/Pinterest/Instagram!)

  43. To help keep the balance of being yourself and a mom. It’s hard to take the time for yourself. ( unless you win) 🙂

  44. For me, I enjoy spending time with friends, and having a break from the normal routine makes it easier to jump back in ready to be the mama and wife they all need.

  45. Moms night out is important for everyone. Mom gets a break and some adult conversation. A chance to miss your little ones and get refreshed. You also get to be your old self for a bit not just mom. The kids get to miss you and be excited when you return and your hubby gets to fill your shoes for a few hours and hopefully appreciate you a little more when he realizes all that you do. It’s a win for all!

  46. It is definitely a chance to recharge & be with friends! Following you on Pinterest!

  47. We all need a GNO to reminisce about previous GNO pre babies and husbands! Plus it helps remind yourself of who you are and not to lose yourself in all the craziness.

  48. As a stay at home mom it’s very important for me to get out and be social some. When your home you just tend to do what kids do and never talk grown up talk. I sure could use this night to spend with my girls. I’ll feel recharged when I returned home. I think it’s important for everyone to get out once in awhile. I could use this break to rewind from the kids and house Work and have some fun and shop:)

  49. Mamma’s need a GNO so they can recharge, remember who they are and it gives you time to clear your head and think about everything and anything you want. Be able to eat without there being a happy meal involved (Not to knock happy meals..Love them). But a change to remember you name, your real name before it was wife, mom, grandmom.

  50. Taking time for yourself helps you to recharge and come back being a better momma and wife. This week I’m returning to work (kindergarten teacher) after an 8 week maternity leave. Winning this would give me some much needed “me time” at the end of a difficult week!

    (Signed up for your newletter, following & commented on your Instagram @the_wilkins_family
    Following you on Pinterest @whitwilk and commented and liked your Facebook post about GNO giveaway!)

  51. It is important to spend time with friends; to laugh, talk, & shop. It makes the heart smile.

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