Giveaway: Win a monthly fresh produce subscription + gift one to a great local non-profit!

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It’s hard to imagine it today — with all the snow still on the ground — but when the weather gets warm, how awesome would it be for a box full of fresh vegetables to show up on your doorstep month after month?

The Cobbleston Project Farm in Fayetteville offers subscriptions for folks across Northwest Arkansas and guess what? One of you fabulous mamas can win a subscription — PLUS you can gift one to a local organization.

Ladies this is a $1,000 value!

the farm logoHow cool would it be to give a fresh produce subscription to a non-profit in need for Christmas? The winner will be able to choose one from among this list of 5 awesome organizations: LifeSource, Feed Fayetteville, NWA Women’s Shelter, Community Meals, Samaritan Community Center or Kings Pantry.

Click here to read more about what the subscriptions include and to see a crop schedule.

Here’s a brief summary of what the subscription would include:

24 lugs over the course of 26 weeks (April to October)

Fresh, locally grown, delicious produce from the Cobblestone Project Farm

Home delivery!

2 You-Pick fruit days

Added items in the lugs (coffee, meats, cheeses)

2 private gardening classes

ABOUT THE FARM: The Cobblestone Project Farm is designed to use agriculture to help the under-resourced in our community by focusing on six strategic pillars: Hunger Relief, Education, Economic Development, Community, Food Production and Sustainability. We love that they have field trips for families and groups to experience what it’s like to work on a farm (we even think it might be fun to have a Motherlode farm day sometime in 2014!)

In addition to The Farm, the Cobblestone Project is also the umbrella organization over initiatives like 3 Bags in 2 Days, Shear Kindness and Help Portrait NWA.

laundry loveIt’s also the parent organization over Laundry Love, which most of you know is near and dear to our hearts here at nwaMotherlode! Our first annual NWA Mom Prom was a charity event benefiting Laundry Love. We have chosen Laundry Love again to benefit from the upcoming prom on April 26th.

The Cobblestone Project’s goal is to help create a community without need. The non-profit has a new executive director, Jennifer Watts, and she is amazing. The mamas met her last week and were so impressed with how much she loves Cobblestone Project — and how much she’s embracing her new job.

She said they are “returning dignity in small ways” with each of the various Cobblestone Project initiatives. We love that.

Note from the mamas: The Cobblestone Project is in the middle of a “meet the match” donation drive. Basically an anonymous donor will give them $10,000 if they can raise $10,000. The catch? They only have until Dec. 31st to raise it! Click here if you’d like to donate. Any amount helps!

the farm sunflowersHOW TO ENTER: If  you’d love to win a produce subscription (plus gift one to a local non-profit!) just click on the comment button below and tell us which Cobblestone Project initiative you know the most about, which one you’ve been involved with before or which one you’d like to know more about! (Click here to read all about the various initiatives.)

HOW TO INCREASE YOUR CHANCES: If you really, really want to win a subscription you can share this giveaway with family and friends! Just email them about it and be sure to add our email address to the CC line. That email is

You can also earn extra chances to win by commenting on our Facebook page, following us on Twitter or following us on Pinterest. If you do any of those, just mention it in your comment or email so we can give you proper credit.

Here’s a video about The Farm that will give you some insight into all the needs that are being met (look for a short segment with Stephanie Maas, who spoke about Laundry Love at our first annual Mom Prom!):

Good luck, mamas! We’ll choose a winner at random on Friday at 5 p.m. so be sure to check your inbox in case you get an email about winning the produce subscription!


    • I love hearing about all of the different ways NWA helps different people and really comes up with creative ways to create a great community atmosphere.:)

  1. I would say I know the most about Laundry Love and The Farm. I would love to become more involved in The Farm as our ultimate goal as a family is to live more frugally and ‘off the land’. Hoping to win!

  2. I have heard of the farm and hear good things about it. I have also heard about Laundry love as well. Sounds like a great organization.

  3. I have worked with Laundry Love with my Sunday school class. I’d love to know more about the Farm and visit them this spring. This is an great organization! I’m sharing this on Facebook and with friends via email. Would love to win!
    Ps. I follow you guys on Facebook. 🙂

  4. I know the most about 3 bags in 2 days….Ms. Chloe Seal is a phenominal young woman! I would love to win this for my family, but also to donate to one of the listed organizations!

  5. This is an incredible prize! I know the most about the Help Portrait project, because several of my friends volunteer their time to take the photos. Hooray for the mamas and for Cobblestone Farm!

  6. I only knew about their Laundry of Love project. I follow you on twitter and pinterest and commented on FB.

  7. The Cobblestone Project is a wonderful non-profit doing amazing things in Northwest Arkansas. I’m with the Elizabeth Richardson Center and many of our clients also deal with food insecurities so it’s wonderful to have organizations like the Cobblestone Project combining local food production with meeting the needs of the hungry in NWA. I first heard of the Laundry Love project, but am now familiar with all that they do.

  8. I have not heard of The Farm until today, and I am so excited about it! I know the most about Laundry Love. I am now following you on Pinterest & Twitter, and commented on FB. Thank you for this opportunity!!

  9. I know about the Farm. My husband chose it as one of the community projects for his office to work on. He volunteered there this Fall and couldn’t stop talking about how much fun and how great this initiative is. Would love to win this subscription!

  10. I’d not heard of any until receiving this email. Thanks! Following on Pinterest, commented on Facebook.

  11. I really don’t know a lot about the Cobblestone Project, but what a great organizational goal to form a community without needs. I will look forward to learning more about this organization in the future.

  12. I haven’t heard about these great projects, but reading about them, they sound fantastic! I am especially interested in knowing more about Shear Kindness and the Farm.

  13. I love 3 bags in 2 days!!! It’s a tremendous example of how one person with an idea and a little initiative can make a HUGE difference!!!!

  14. is

    I love this giveaway!
    It’s a win-win for everyone. They give you a beautiful gift that keeps on giving and you get to give a gift to help others! I’ve heard about sustainable farming and this project in NWA through some friends and this website post – amazing work for a good cause!

  15. This is a wonderful prize to win! Not just because of what I would get, but it would be amazing to give to LifeSource, who we have worked with in the past. I would probably like to know more about The Farm, because it sounds awesome and something to even get my kids involved in to help give back!

  16. My oldest son and I have participated in the Laundry Love initiative. It was a lot of fun meeting and getting to know these sweet families. We got to know several of them over the course of months we were involved. It was great to see my son learning to help others.

  17. I know the most about Laundry Love, but would love to know more about the Farm. Commented on Facebook and going to look you up on Pinterest now.

  18. Just found out about this from the e-mail. Would love to donate to a worthwhile organization. What a great thing to do during this Holy Season!

  19. This is so cool! I had no idea about the Cobblestone Project, but will be sure to let my sister know since she works with environmental conservancy. I’d love to know more about every initiative.

  20. I have not had the chance to hear about the farm prior to this post. It sounds really neat to be able to do a field trip as a family and help the kids learn more about farming. The subscription would be great for a healthier family and while also choosing to help out another organization in need.

  21. I don’t know much about any of these but their ideas are awesome. we have similar projects where i live and, if I could give more, I would…help the fellow man who is worse off than myself.

  22. I was not familiar with these programs at all but the Farm would be right up our ally at our house as we’re avid gardeners.

  23. I am most familiar with Samaritan Community Center. I shop at the Samaritan Shop in Rogers to help support them.

  24. I know the most about their Farm initiative. We love right down from the Bentonville square, and had the opportunity to talk, in depth, with one of the workers about it. Wonderful work they’re doing!

  25. This organization is amazing; their Laundry of Love project is the most well known to myself. This is a wonderful gift!

  26. I have heard of Laundry of Love before and just recently learned about “the farm”. So excited about the farm – would love to have a visit there some day.

  27. I know the most about their Samaritan Shop. I not only love shopping there, but also a girl I mentored for a long time worked there! I think this organization is truly being the hands and feet we’re all called to be, in NWA.

  28. We are very interested in the The Farm project. We live out there, and are excited to have it part of our “neighborhood,” and would love to learn more about it.

  29. I knew about Laundry Love, but I hadn’t heard ofr 30 Days 4 Change. I’m inspired by the work Cobblestone is doing with our young people!

  30. This project was started through New Heights Church. It started as a way for people to receive food by working and tending to the garden. If you tended to the garden, the food was there for you to receive. I think it has since changed but it is a great organization. They also have the Laundry Love project which comes in to local laudrymats and provides the quarters for the laundry and provides a meal. I believe volunteers even help people fold their laundry if they want that type of help.

  31. I’ve heard of laundry love & think it is a wonderful thing they are doing!! I didn’t know about any of the other initiatives. What a great organization!

  32. I have heard the most about Laundry Love,and think it is a great idea! How else are people in poverty supposed to better their lives if they can’t maintain certain social norms like clean and presentable clothing? It is something that I rarely even think about, but imagine the difference it makes in things like a job interview! I didn’t realize that there were so many organizations umbrellaed under Cobblestone! Wow! It is awesome!

  33. I hadn’t heard of the farm, I have given food to Samitan House and shop in their shops. They are who I would donate to. I do some gardening and am trying to learn to can. Where exactly is the farm? I don’t twitter and don’t have a pin interest account. I do have Facebook but have no idea how to share this as I am not very good at how to use the various apps. The Farm and Laundry Love seem to be great organizations..

  34. I particularly love the “portrait of hope” initiative–fantastic idea–wonderful outreach!!

  35. Seems like an amazing opportunity. I have heard of laundry love before but I would want to know more about the farm.

  36. I know very little about Cobblestone Project, but I have read an article about doing laundry for those who don’t have the facilities. I think this is a beautiful way to meet others needs.

  37. I think that Help-Portrait NWA sounds amazing, what a wonderful concept! I am a huge believer in, that having family photos or a beautiful self portrait can really uplift someone.

  38. I love these ideas! I haven’t heard of them until now, but would love to learn more. I recently went to the NWA Girl’s Night Out and that’s where I heard of nwamotherlode. YOu ladies are fantastic! I have loved hearing all the great things you do!

  39. I know the most about Laundry Love–have known a lot of people who participate! Great organization. Follow you on twitter! And just did on Pinterest!

  40. I have not heard of this farm before. So glad to be learning of this great organization!

  41. I just recently heard about this project. I think its a wonderful idea! ! Laundry love and uhunger relief are two things we really need in this area.

  42. I’ve heard many great things about the Help Portrait NWA project! Stephen Ironside is an amazing photographer and I know he volunteers his time for them. Wonderful work, and I would very much enjoy this prize!!

  43. WOW! This is amazing! And, I had no idea it existed. I’d love to learn more. I’m going to go research now. Thanks for bringing this to my attention!

  44. I’ve heard of the different projects, but that is about it. As the director for a small food pantry that serves approximately 40 families, I’m definitely intetested in learning more about them!

  45. I would love to know more about help portrait nwa because I know how much it mean to have family
    Portraits to look back on and not everyone can afford them. I love to do photography and would even love to volunteer. I would also like to know about the farm because fresh produce is so much better than things that are shipped across the USA.

  46. I have thought about being part of The Farm. I think it is a wonderful project! Also have heard about Help Portrait NWA, what a wonderful way to give back to families. If I could volunteer some with my 4 year old daughter I would love to help in some way.

  47. I’ve heard of Laundry Love and The Farm. Great organizatiom. I miss World Garden restaurant.

  48. I love farmbox and both of these organizations! We live in such a wonderful community! Hope I win! Can’t wait to gift organic fruits and veggies to another family!

  49. A co-worker was telling me about the farm project in the spring and how much she loved it! They are all wonderful iniatives and I am happy that we live in a community that is so willing to help others!

  50. I know the most about the Farm from the Bentonville Farmer’s Market and donations to Samaritan Community Center.

  51. I would love to be involved in Laundry Love. Can I get information about this and find out if this is done in Pea Ridge?

  52. I’ve been reading about The Farm for over a year and toying with the idea of getting a subscription. I’m sure if I won the free subscription I’d be hooked for life!

  53. Wow! I had no idea about The Farm…where have I been? I found out about Laundry Love around the time of the Mom Prom. Great giveaway, mamas!

  54. The only one I had heard of previously is Laundry Love, but I look forward to learning about all of them!

  55. I’m familiar with Laundry love but didn’t know about this. Great program!

  56. I’d love to know more about 30 Days 4 Change. I think this a great idea for students to get involved with!

  57. i am most familiar with help-portrait nwa, laundry love and the farm. would love to know about all of them!

  58. I am all for locally grown. Have not heard of this or laundry love, but highly interested to know more!

  59. I have heard of Cobblestone Farm but was not familiar with any of the initiatives. Would love a subscription.

  60. I,m most familiar with laundry of love–wonderful organization. What a wonderful giveaway!

  61. I would love to know more about The Farm and Laundry Love. I love hearing about people helping people. I would also love to give the extra subscription to the Samaratian House as I know the wonderful things they do for people… my best friend and her husband volunteer there every week and her husband leads a men’s group there.

  62. I would love to learn more about your organization. The box of vegies would really help my family right now. Thank you so much for doing this, it’s such a wonderful way to give and help others. I also liked you on Facebook. 🙂

  63. Since we are still pretty new to the area I do not know much about any of the groups/projects but we are always looking for ways to involve our kids in helping the community.

  64. What a wonderful act of love!! This is the first I have heard about Laundry of Love.
    And it would be great to have a Mother Lode Day at the farm
    I would share if I win, to pass on the goodness….

  65. I am most familiar with Laundry Love, but The Farm sounds like a really great program. I grew up with extended family and parents who raised big gardens, and I began “farming” in my backyard two years ago! I believe that Cobblestone Project also supports Three Bags in Two Days, another program our church partnered with over the summer. Good stuff!

  66. I have heard of the cobblestone farm – enjoyed the video – would love to win produce for a year! Also love that you can give a subscription to Samaritan – I know a couple of family lies that do a lot of volunteering there – wonderful organization.

  67. I had heard about the farm, but I just went to the website to read more about it. My daughter went with her friend’s family to volunteer there this Fall and had a great time. What a wonderful addition to our community.

  68. I’ve heard of Laundry love. Would love to know more about the help portrait! Sounds great!

  69. I have heard of laundry love and the farm. What fantastic organizations.

  70. Heard of Laundry Love and Cobblestone, but need to learn more about ways to help.

  71. I’ve heard of Cobblestone but didn’t know much about them. Thanks for the post.

  72. I used to work at a family shelter and referred people to their laundry love program often, I am now living elsewhere and have been inspired to get a similar program started locally!

  73. I know the most about the Farm. I’d like to know more because my husband is getting into the wholesale nursery business and we’d love to begin growing our own food. I would truly love to know more about all the projects.

  74. I know the most about the Farm. It is close to my church, and my kids plan to bring a group there for some community service. I commented on the Facebook page and I am following you guys on Pinterest. Thanks!

  75. I love the Farm! I know a lot of people who have been involved, and I love the work they do! I liked you guys on Facebook and I commented.

  76. What a fabulous group! I have heard of the Portraits of Hope outreach, but that’s it! Love their ideas. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  77. Have heard about the garden and laundry love. Large family and food is always welcome and needed. Keep up the good work. God bless.

  78. I know the most about the farm and have participated in a similar CSA. I love getting fresh produce delivered. I also follow you girls on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Keep it coming!

  79. Honestly, I didn’t know about them but it made me want to learn more. I did some clicking and I must say I’m impressed.

  80. I had no idea about ‘Laundry Love’, or any of the initiatives besides The Farm. Wow! What a fabulous organization! I need to find a way to volunteer!

  81. This is amazing! I am surprised that I have not heard about this. Id love to know more about the Farm project and Laundry Love project. What a wonderful community we live in!

  82. I know the most about The Farm and 3 Bags 2 Days. I’ve volunteered with both, and am so moved by what they do. 3 Bags 2 Days was started by college students!

  83. I knew about Laundry Love. I am so excited to hear about the Farm. I would love to win and donate a subscription to the House of Hope in Springdale. They are doing an amazing work there feeding and helping people.

  84. I’m involved with the Springdale Park Street Laundry Love. Awesome way to serve in our community!

  85. Sadly, I don’t really know much about any of their projects!

    I would love to win this giveaway you’re hosting – what a blessing!!! And to be able to gift it to a charity, too? Amazing!

    I commented on your FB page, I’m following you on Twitter, and I’m also following you on Pinterest 🙂

  86. I live close to the FARM and this would be an awesome gift! My toddler and I could come out and help out and pick up our lug. I think that the work of Potter’s House in Fayetteville is an awesome ministry and this boost of healthy, fresh food would be a great surprise!

  87. I have been involved in 3 Bags in 2 Dags (The main creator of this initiative was my cell group leader at church and we all got to see her heart from the beginning of it to and see it blossom into serving the homeless, not because of “duty” but because of love & faith). I have also been involved in Laundry Love & just love this creative opportunity to love & provide for those who have challenges providing for laundry for their family. So thankful to be apart of these initiatives & LOVE Cobblestone Project’s mission!!

  88. Our family has enjoyed volunteering at the Farm! Our kids love to “play” in the dirt while we plant and help harvest. Its so fun and such a great opportunity to serve.
    We have donated products to 3B2D. We have also collected coats and stuffed hygiene bags to be distributed at Laundry Love. We love Cobblestone and are passionate about doing whatever we can to help create a “community w/o need”.

  89. I’m most familiar with the Farm. My kids visited it with their class last gear and I am thinking about a subscription regardless of winning it or purchasing myself

  90. I’m familiar wirh the farm. My boys visited with their class last year. Would live to have a subscription if I win it or purchase for my family

  91. I didn’t know much about this until now but think it’s WONDERfUL!! What a blessing! I like that LAUNDRY LOVE is also in Siloam Springs, since that is my hometown and maybe an area I could get involved . Thank you for the great giveaway.. I shared on twitter and facebook also!!

  92. I have only heard about the Cobblestone Project, however I would be interested in knowing more about Laundry Love. 🙂

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