Giveaway: Win a PARTY at Big Box Karaoke!

Did you hear the news that Big Box Karaoke won our coveted “Best Moms’ Night Out”  award from local mamas? Well, that’s because they truly do ROCK. It’s so much fun to hang out with friends while belting out your favorite songs at their private suite karaoke restaurant.

If that sounds like fun to you, we’ve got some good news:  We’re giving away 2 hours to party at Big Box Karaoke! If you win, you can invite up to 10 people to sing with you! This is a value of $100, not to mention the stress relief it will buy you.

We’re thinking this would be a FABULOUS Christmas gift for the kids. Or you might want to just keep it for yourself and host a little Girls’ Night Out at Big Box 🙂  It would be super fun to use during Winter Break!


Big Box Karaoke opened almost a year ago in January 2019. The owners, Justin and Mailena, first discovered private suite karaoke while living in Japan years ago and wanted to bring the fun to Northwest Arkansas! Here they are with their cute kiddos:

Big Box Karaoke has 7 rooms of various sizes, so they accommodate between 2 to 25 people. All rooms are equipped with TV’s, mics, karaoke books, speakers and lights. You get the celebrity experience!

BBK has become a go-to place for parties. They’ve helped throw bachelorette parties, family gatherings, corporate events, book club gatherings and birthday bashes.

And you can eat in your karaoke room! The menu is Asian-fusion street food inspired and includes items for everyone, from Kimchi Tots and Soba Noodles to Hot Dogs and Rice Bowls. They’ve got some delicious cookies from Briar Rose Bakery and ice cream mochi for those with a sweet tooth. You can eat in your private karaoke suite or in the dining room where there is no karaoke.

You can request a reservation here, or call 479-249-6295. Reservations aren’t required, but if you want to make SURE you score a room, you’ll probably want to book ahead. Once you’ve made a request, BBK will confirm it via email or phone within 24-48 hours.


If you’d love to win a gift card for 2 hours in a karaoke room (for a party of 10) at Big Box Karaoke, scroll down to the bottom of this post and then past the comments posted by other moms.

Then write a quick comment telling us which song you would probably pick to sing first at Big Box!

You can also email your answer to us at


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We’ll draw the winner at random on Friday, mamas! If you want to go ahead and book a party or just a party for two at Big Box Karaoke, click here!


  1. My 9 year old daughter loves Karaoke! She would probably sing a Disney song!

  2. I would love to have an adult Christmas party with my siblings and parents here! Sounds like fun

  3. I used to have a severe phobia to singing in public, but karaoke has changed all that. Now I get up there and belt out Proud Mary or Come Together or a Stones tune and just ham it up. What fun this party would be and just what I need right now!

  4. I’d sing Uptown Funk to get the party started with my family!!! We sing and dance in our home while cleaning and cooking and just sitting around playing cards! It’s a great stress relief and also gets us talking about things that have happened and what the songs we sing remind us of.

  5. I love karaoke!! I would sing maybe Baby Got Back or It’s Raining Men or Proud Mary! Too many to choose from!

  6. Love it!!! I’d probably go with Grease!! You’re the one that I want! Great way to have a girls night out and let loose!!

  7. My kareoke song is Janis Joplin Bobby McGee or Missy Elliott Work it! I would flip a coin to see which one I would sing first, then I would have another turn and sing the other!

  8. This would be perfect for our Sonshine School staff! I would insist on “Stop in the Name of Love” by Diana Ross and the Supremes!

  9. I would sing “Wannabe” by the Spice Girls! My favorite sog growing up and always reminds me of my sister and having a good time with friends!

  10. My daughter would sing Frozen, my son would sing we will rock you and my husband Daugthry.. me …Sheryl Crow .. Soak up the Sun

  11. I’d sing Ice, Ice Baby. (I actually did when I was there last Saturday night!)

  12. My husband and I taught in South Korea, where we developed a secret love for karaoke! My favorite to start with is Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting. It is just fun!

  13. I have been dying to try out Chris Stapleton’s cover of Tennessee Whiskey!!!

  14. I’d sing a song by Prince or Talking Heads, or from Dirty Dancing.

  15. I would invite my co-workers and sing Survivor… based on the year we had it would be much needed stress relief

  16. Goodbye Earl by Dixie Chicks.
    My birthday is coming up and I haven’t had a GNO in I can’t even remember!!! Saw BBK the other night when driving around the the area and didn’t realize we had such a place!!

    Would love the opportunity to experience and would invite single mamas that rarely get to have GNO!!!

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