Giveaway: Father’s Day gifts galore from Texas Irons

Note from the mamas: The winners of the Texas Irons Father’s Day gifts are: Heather Grant, Marian Knaust and Lisa Vickery. Congrats, ladies!

Father’s Day is less than two weeks away and that means picking out the perfect gift that says just what you think: “YOU ROCK, DAD!”

We know you don’t want to get him another tie, so we teamed up with Texas Irons to bring the mamas a giveaway especially for the dads. You can sign up to win (and surprise him) or the husbands/fathers/grandfathers are welcome to sign up for these goodies themselves. Someone’s gonna win — it might as well be your favorite guy! Actually THREE someones will win.

The three winners will receive one of the following:

  • A brand and board gift set. Due to popular demand, Texas Irons paired its beautiful Personalized Cutting Board with the best-selling Classic Branding Iron with Cedar Gift Box to bring you the Brand & Board Gift Set. The branding iron spells out the word “DAD” and the cedar gift box is hand-branded to match. (Click here to see more about this gift set!)
  • A personalized leather BBQ grilling apron. Your guy can grill in style with this heavy-duty leather apron. Featuring a soft suede finish on the front along with several handy pockets, this comfortable apron will protect him and his clothing from the perilous spills that come with outdoor cooking. Its soft cotton lining and adjustable straps provide a super comfortable fit. Features the Texas Irons exclusive logo which is customized to read “Dad’s Steakhouse & Barbeque, Since 2012”.  (Click here to see this manly apron in action!)
  • A rare, medium, well classic branding iron gift set. This one is a Texas Irons original! This custom made BBQ brand set includes the essentials for leaving the right mark on the right meat. Featuring three of their Classic branding irons with either “R” (rare), “M” (medium) or “W” (well) in a beautiful Cedar gift box branded with each letter. Constructed of durable 304 grade stainless steel to withstand even the hottest grilling heat, the brands come wrapped in an authentic western style bandana to complete the package. A great, memorable gift for anyone who loves to grill! (Click here for more details about this gift set!)

We’ve already seen these items up close and personal and can vouch for the fact that they are NICE. And the wood and leather smell so good 🙂

ABOUT TEXAS IRONS: Texas Irons was founded in 1998, a manufacturing company specializing in unique outdoor cooking supplies. At that time their solo product was the personalized steak branding iron. Over the years they’ve added a few things here and but continue to grow and build on the idea they had many years ago. Their line of BBQ Branding Irons consists of the original Classic Steak Brand,The Heatbacker, The Interchangeable Letter Brand, Blacksmith Style Irons and our newest idea, the “Switch Tips” iron.

“At Texas Irons we realize that guys are very hard to buy gifts for. Most of the time they already have every gadget under the sun. Based on what we hear from satisfied customers we’ve hit on a product that always gets smiles when given as a present. Many of our phone in orders start off with “Oh my, this is such a fun product that I never new existed.”

“When we think back to our earlier years in business our rally cry was very basic. “People are proud of their barbecue”. Let’s give them products that can help them show off that pride. Why else would some cooks spend days marinating? Or others take time to carefully prepare special family rub recipes? (Good luck trying to wrangle secrets away from these hard-nosed chefs!) The dedication was always there. The only thing missing was a way to bring this pride to the table. Our products allow each outdoor chef to take pride in the meal that they create for friends and family. Our family owned company has filled orders all over the world. From celebrities and royalty to large corporations, our unique outdoor products are a great addition to any backyard chef’s tool set.”

HOW TO ENTER THE GIVEAWAY: Want to win a Texas Irons gifts for your guy? Just click on the orange comment button at the bottom of this post and tell us why your husband/dad/grandfather is one-of-a-kind (and definitely deserves one of these one-of-a-kind gifts)! What’s something that makes him extra special? A great smile that lights up the room? The way he gets in the floor and plays forever with the kids? A high patience level?

You can also enter by sending your answer via email at Remember that we always pick giveaway winners AT RANDOM. (We use a random number generator.)

HOW TO INCREASE YOUR ODDS: Share the love for this giveaway with your peeps! We always reward those who help us spread the word about things going on here at Just send an email to your friends and family about this giveaway and we’ll give you an extra chance to win for each person you tell. Just be sure to put on the CC line of your email so we can give you proper credit.

Click here if you’d like to cruise around the Texas Irons website. They’ve got tons of gift ideas!

Good luck in the giveaway!


  1. While his work day is always hectic and busy, he rarely misses bathtime so he can catch up on the kids’ day and get some special one on one time with our 4 and 5 year old!

  2. My sweet hubby works hard and even when he come home tired he still makes time to play with the kids. He is always thinking of fun family outings and looking for ways to connect as a family.

  3. Having an always busy work day that never seems to end and being busy finishing his MBA, he will come home and take care of the three girls while I am able to go to the Gym and coach Volleyball at least two times a week. I also travel for volleyball tournaments and there are many weekends he will be home with them alone for 3 days or sometimes more. He does all this so I can get out with out the kids and do something I enjoy!

  4. I love how interactive my husband is with our children. He is always taking them outside to play, teaching them new things, and telling them awesome bedtime stories!

  5. I love how my husband acts with our children. He is so patient and kind to them. I love to watch them play together!

  6. He really enjoys playing with the kids–backyard soccer is the current favorite 🙂

  7. My husband is an awesome father and he is so supportive of me and our boys. He loves to grill, and when the weather is nice (and sometimes when it’s not), he will relieve me of dinner duties to cook for us. I could go on and on about how great he truly is! I am blessed!

  8. My guy is pretty special because he is really hands on with the kids AND helps out around the house after working all day. I got pretty lucky when I found him. 🙂

  9. My son deserves a special Fathers Day thank you. In this day when so many men walk away when divorce happens he has made an extra effort to stay involved in his sons life. Even though he lives two hours away, he never misses a school conference or activity (even volunteered for field day). Works at all athletic events and spends time fishing hunting and practicing all sport activities. He is a devoted father teaching his son by example of how to be a kind loving father

  10. My dad is a great father & grandfather. He has always been there for me through everything. He has taught me a lot during my life and has always had a fun side to offset his serious side. And now he has been really good to my kids making an extra effort to pour into their lives, especially since my husband died last october. He gets in the floor & plays with them & takes them fishing & for rides on the ATV. He truly is a great father!

  11. My husband deserves one of these gifts for sure. He works full time and goes to school, he leads a mens bible study, coaches t-ball, and he ALWAYS makes time to play and pray with our kids. He is always willing to rearrange his schedule if needed to make sure he doesn’t miss anything important in their lives. As my 7 yr old said “He’s not a good dad, he’s the bestest dad in the whole universe!” And, he is quite the grill master to boot!

  12. My dad is awesome! Its been so cool to see him live his childhood dream. How often do we see someone whose ultimate dream comes true? Its been amazing being able to see his dream.

  13. My husband is one of a kind. You name it, he probably does it. Right now we’re flipping a house to sell on our free time. He’s spent endless hours there and still gives me time away from the kiddo’s when I need it. I truly do not know what I would do without him. He’s my husband, my love, my rock, and always my best friend. He’s the father of my 2 wonderful children and I couldn’t ask for anyone better!

  14. This will be my husband’s first Father’s Day! He would love these gifts as he loves to grill!

  15. My husband is amazing and unique because he is a manly-man as far as fixing things, grilling, doing outdoor activities, but also he has a soft side and will cook and clean for us and he can even sew! And most importantly he is an AWESOME daddy to our little girl. This would be a great 1st Father’s Day surprise!

  16. My husband is so patient with me and the boys. When we are flipping out about something, he just looks at us and doesn’t say anything, then just goes about his business. I don’t know how he does it. I hope our boys develop some of his patience. Our boys also love when he grills. It gives me a break and he is SO GOOD at it.

  17. He’s a full-time graduate student while working two jobs to provide for our family. Yet, he still finds time to spend time with me and our 3 girls daily! He’s amazing!

  18. He’s a stay at home dad of our 2 beautiful kids. This is not an easy job, even for a seasoned mom to tackle. But, he doesn’t stop there, he is also a web designer, bookkeeper, cook, laundry extraordinaire, potty training expert, and more!

  19. I’m certain this is said by MANY, but my Dad, Olan Vickery, TRULY is a one-of-a-kind AWESOME Dad!! He is an amazingly loving and kind person in every aspect. He is loved by everyone that knows him and many who are just acquainted to his loving charm. He is SUCH a great Papa too! Always MAKING time to spend with ALL of his grandkids, which is so very rare these days! It would take hours to write all the wonderful things about our Dad; he has always been there when we have needed him….enough said!

  20. My husband works very hard and owns his own business. He still finds time to spend with us and spoil us with his grilling!

  21. I think my husband should win because he goes over and beyond for his family. While working 50-60 hours a weeks to provide for us to insure I stay at home to raise our children. He also comes home every night and does nightly bath time routine so he can have a chance of bonding. On the weekends, it’s all about family and how he can have fun with us. He does anything and every thug to make sure we are well taken care of at all times.

  22. My husband gets our 1 1/2 year old involved in his projects even though it makes the project last longer and has no problem getting down on the floor to play with our 9 week old too! He also makes sure he takes off work in time to spend playtime with both our kids before they go to bed everyday, even if it means he has to do some work after they go to bed.

  23. My husband deserves these because despite be
    ing in a lot of pain lately with his artificial hip, he always has time for the kids when they want to play. We have been talking about getting a new grill too! so the accessories will spur us on.

  24. My husband is the best because he tells me everyday that I am beautiful and he loves me. He texts me sweet messages regularly and always loves to be with our kids (even when I need a break!) He is a great partner, friend, lover and father!!

  25. My hubby is the best because when we first mioved to AR, he worked a day job and a night job while I stayed home with the kids. He didn’t complain about it, just worked his butt off. We’re well past that time, but I’ll never forget it.

  26. My dad is definately one of a kind .. He was the only man at the Hamster Derby who made a homemade sign and held it up while cheering for my daughter’s hamster!! 🙂 Even her mother, myself, did not make a sign.. 🙂

  27. My man is a great husband and dad! He is always there to make things happen, and takes on all the I don’t want to do! And he ALWAYS takes the time to teach our son to be a good and honorable man!

  28. My husband, Dan, is an amazing father and husband. One special thing that he does with the girls each night is spend time dancing with them. It is fun to watch and the girls love it!

  29. My hubby puts me and our babies before himself and is the instigator of FUN in our family! I love him very much and he is a great, involved dad I am lucky to parent with.

  30. I love that my husband makes sure our boys pray at night and is showing them how to be the kind of gentleman that he is. They also have a LOT of fun wrestling, star wars, and ninja matches.

  31. He is one of a kind because he is ours!!! : ) He and I make a great team and I am thankful every day that God put him in my life!

  32. I think what makes my husband a wonderful father is that he has been a natural at since day one. His gentle nature, loving kindness and overwhelming patience is nothing he learned. It is just who he is …an awesome Daddy! There is no better proof of this than 5:30 each weekday when he walks through the door to the biggest fan club.

  33. To watch Jason grow into the Husband/Daddy he is, has been an amazing journey and keeps getting better…Loves to teach the kids about history, music, go for drives, football with our son, Plays tea party with Ruby and the talks he has with the oldest girl that is just like him…And the fact that he wrote a beautiful song about our first girl called “Love is the Mark”…oh yeah bought him a saw table and now he likes to make things like bird houses…we bird watch in the mornings while drinking coffee…who would have thought!

  34. My husband not only makes me laugh, treats me like a queen, adores our children, but he also does ALL THE LAUNDRY!!! He’s the BEST!

  35. My husband is a wonderful Daddy. He works a less than ideal schedule so that he can help make sure our kids get to their various activities. 🙂 He takes our daughter to gymnastics 4 days a week and has even become quite good at putting her hair in a bun for her! Love him and he totally deserves some extra special treatment on his special day!

  36. My husband, Dean Homstad works so hard every day. He patiently listens and consults with 10-15 women a week, as he says, “Out to save the world from ugly window treatments!” And then he has to come home to two needy teenage boys and me. He is terrific. We are celebrating 20 years of marraige and he will have his 50th Birthday next month. – He Deserves This!

  37. My husband, dad, and grandfather are all deceased, but how about for my son? He has the same fine attributes my husband, his father, did: honest, loving, talented, witty, and the best dad a dad could possibly be for his son, my grandson. He works HARD and deserves being honored with such a cool, nice Father’s Day gift!–in memory of my husband.

  38. My dad likes to grill out and enjoys being outside. He doesn’t get much chance to relax, so a nice gift like this would help him enjoy his special day more.

  39. I am so thankful for my husband. He is an amazing father. I love to watch him with our kids. He naturally is teaching our oldest about being a gentleman and what it means to have character. While at the same time is gentle, playful, and loving with our 3 girls. They all adore him. He is setting an amazing example for our family as God is walking us into a new season. Love him! He would love this gift…trilling is one of our favorite family past times.

  40. My husband is the best. He’s sweet, sexy, smart, funny, he’s a hard worker and is the greatest dad. We are lucky to have him. Love him soooo much!

  41. My sweet husband is thoughtful, great with our kids, and hardly ever complains that our house is a disaster 99% of the time.

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