Slightly Tilted: When you hit a wall

By Jen Adair, Blogger at Slightly Tilted, Entreprenuer, Homeschool Mom to two fab kiddos

A couple months ago, Hayes and I went to a local climbing wall, which we love to do. Since he’s under 13, I’m responsible for hooking his harness to the auto belay. The auto belay is what takes up all the slack as you climb, and it will catch you if you fall.

We were doing what we call the “tall wall”, which is 45 feet. He picked his route and I hooked him up, and then walked over to my climb. I hadn’t made it up all the way this climb the time before — my hand slipped and I had to rappel down.

I was looking at all the possible ways up and climbed up a few holds to make sure it was the right route for me to take. For some reason, I just kept going. I climbed all the way to the top and was about to rappel down. I reached for my belay and realized…I hadn’t clipped in. I had free-climbed the wall and was within 1 second of launching back to rappel down.

I froze against the wall and looked over to where Hayes was climbing to ask him to get help. He wasn’t there. I wasn’t sure what to do. Should I climb down? What if I missed a hold or my foot slipped? All I could focus on was taking deep breaths and being calm.

I glanced down. Hayes was already at the bottom of the wall with someone who was hooking in to climb up to get me. She asked if I was okay, and I said that I was fine.

Actually, I said, “Trust me. I’m not going anywhere. I’ll meet you at the top of the wall.” Because I say dumb stuff when I’m stressed. Or really…I just always say dumb stuff.

That one-second pause before I repelled down and an alert employee saved me. I know that sounds dramatic, but it’s true. After having surgery on my brain, I wouldn’t have survived that fall.

Hayes and I were shaking, and it took a while to calm down. But then…we clipped in and went back up. We climbed until my hands stopped shaking and I could drive home.

And then I went to my room and cried and cried about how one mistake could have cost me everything. And I was thankful for God, guardian angels, and brave little boys who remind you to keep going.

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