Giveaway: Tickets to TWO upcoming Artosphere shows!

artosphere orchestra
Photo Credit: Stephen Ironside

If you didn’t win show tickets last week, don’t despair! We’ve got two giveaways starting today for Artosphere Festival Orchestra tickets plus gift cards to Panera Bread!

  • One mama will win a pair of tickets to the June 19th AFO “Earth Sounding” concert
  • One mama will win a pair of tickets to the June 27th AFO “Bold Spirit” concert (this is the festival finale concert!)

Plus each winner will receive a gift card to eat at Panera Bread in Fayetteville before or after the show!

ABOUT THE SHOW: The Artosphere Festival Orchestra is made up of more than 80 premier musicians from around the world come together musicians from around the world come together for a series of truly inspired orchestral performances. The music director for both AFO shows is Corrado Rovaris.

Here’s more about each concert:

Earth Sounding

Featuring symphonic works by Scandinavian composers Edvard Grieg and Carl Nielsen, alongside the natural soundscapes of Bernie Krause and Richard Blackford. 

Friday, June 19, 7:30pm (plus post-show performance)

Baum Walker Hall, Walton Arts Center

*You’ll want to stick around after the show for a post-show party to see The Fruits’ breathtaking outdoor performance. This world-renowned performing arts company fuses theater, dance and circus on 14-foot-tall flexible poles. They’ll be joining NWA for a night under the stars on Dickson Street to perform “Spheres,” a cosmic and awe-inspiring performance that takes an imaginative look at the laws of physics. Performances begin at 9:30 & 11:30pm on Tyson Plaza.

Tickets are $10

The Fruits
The Fruits

Bold Spirit: The Best of Beethoven

The orchestra closes out the 6th Annual Artosphere Festival, performing Beethoven’s iconic Fifth Symphony and his Piano Concerto No. 1 featuring renowned Italian pianist Pietro De Maria.

Saturday, June 27, 8pm (this is the Artosphere Festival finale concert, so there will be a post-show party)

Baum Walker Hall, Walton Arts Center

Tickets: $10

panera bread logoABOUT THE FOOD: When we’re craving a great soup and sandwich, or a bagel with cream cheese, or a salad,, or … well, we can’t think of anything we DON’T love at Panera Bread.

My picky daughter adores their broccoli soup. Veggies! YES!

And, as we mentioned in last week’s giveaway, we also love that by the end of 2016, they’re removing all artificial preservatives, colors, sweeteners and flavors from their food. Cool, huh?

HOW TO ENTER: If you’d love to win these orchestra tickets plus dinner at Panera Bread, throw your name in the online hat, mamas!

Just click on the words “leave a comment” at the bottom of this post and tell us about one of your favorite sounds (since these tickets are to win tickets to hear beautiful orchestra music!). A certain type of music? Crickets at dusk? The sound of your kids laughing in the summertime?

You can also email your answer to us at

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CLICK HERE to read more about “Earth Sounding” and to buy tickets. CLICK HERE to read more about  Bold Spirit and to buy tickets.

Tickets are only $10 for these shows!

We’ll choose the winners a little earlier this time (our giveaways typically run Monday to Friday), so heads-up! We’ll choose two winners on Wednesday, June 17, at 5 p.m.


  1. I love to hear my kids sing and play the piano. Although it may not always be perfect it makes me happy that they love music.

  2. My daughter playing the violin! She would love to go to one of these concerts with me!

  3. One of my favorite sounds is my son & his friends giggling about the silliest things while playing in the house.

  4. I love the hymn Amazing Grace. It always makes me tear up. Or the Star Spangled Banner. Music can be so emotional and powerful. I also love my younger daughter’s laugh when she is really tickled~to hear it makes me laugh too!

  5. My 5 month old has really started laughing out loud. That is the most precious sound ever. I forgot how much I loved it w/my other son (now 5). Wish I could bottle up that sound to just play all day while I’m at work and to have when we are both much older!

  6. I love the sound of my children saying “please” and “thank you” without prompting!!

  7. I love the sound of the Bass, it’s beautiful deep sound if peaceful and reassuring.

  8. I love hearing my girls make each other laugh. There’s plenty of fighting and complaining to go around but when they are getting along it’s music to this mama’s ears!

  9. My favorite sound is water flowing down a stream, creek, or river. That combines with the smells & warmth…heavenly:)

  10. My 9 year old daughter singing in the shower…my 14 year old son laughing while playing games with friends

  11. I love hearing any sound my daughter makes! Laughing or shrieking with excitement are two of my favorites! I also follow on twitter.

  12. I love all kinds of music, but find instrumental incredibly relaxing!! Would love to win tickets to take my music major son who goes to school in MO but is home for the summer.

  13. My favorite sound is my children laughing. I have 4 kids and I adore hearing them laugh really hard.

  14. I love to listen to nature in the great outdoors, the rain, and children’s laughter.

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