Valentine’s Day Giveaway: Sweets + a $200 gift card to Sam’s Furniture!

Sierra's cupcake in a jar, lemon

Remember those beautiful chocolate-covered strawberries our friend Sierra of Dojo’s Designs gave away on Motherlode for Valentine’s Day and then made for Mom Prom a few years back? Well, she’s always coming up with the sweetest ideas and her newest creation is a cupcake in a Mason jar!

Yes, you open the Mason jar and enjoy. And they’re just beautiful.

Sam's FurnitureToday, Sierra is giving away a 6-pack of her “Cupcakes In a Jar” and the winner will also receive a $200 gift card to use at Sam’s Furniture. Sierra’s husband works there and Sam’s wanted to make this giveaway extra sweet!

ABOUT DOJO’S DESIGNS: Sierra’s been busy with other creations since we had that first giveaway with her so many years ago. She now has five kiddos! We asked her to share a little about her creative journey:

“We now have 5 kiddos, ages 6,5,4,2, and 1! (I think last time we did the giveaway we only had 2 kiddos! Time flies when you’re having kids! ) I’m still a stay at home Mom-trepenuer, just trying to make my mark in this world! I thoroughly enjoy blogging (, cooking, and chasing my five kiddos! My husband is a salesman at Sam’s Furniture, and we’ve been married for 8 years!

dojo's designsI get told all the time (mainly at Walmart, when I’m by myself, with all 5 kiddos) that I’ve “Got my hands full”, to which I lovingly respond “Yep! Full of blessings!” I suppose every Mom is trying to figure out who SHE is. Not just who she is as a Mom or wife, but rather, what excites her! I’ve searched for a long time to figure out my “mission”, as a wife and mom. I suppose if I could sum it up simply, my mission is to empower any woman, of any age, with or without kids that in each moment of our life, when we’re presented with a challenge, we CAN choose Joy. Finding little slivers of joy can change the trajectory of our future for our kids, our marriage, and most importantly, us.

It’s been my mission to Choose Joy, Speak Life, and Keep Marching. This Mom thing is far from easy. However, I’ve never been more refined, and had a better grip on who I am, than when I became a Mom. So Keep Mom-ing on! We leaving a legacy for our future generations to follow!”

Aren’t they all adorable:

Sierra and her family

Sierra isn’t taking any new Valentine’s Day orders for Cupcakes In A Jar (she’s already SOLD OUT!), but she does take custom orders throughout the year for parties, showers and a variety of special events. In addition to her cupcakes, she also makes Oreo truffles, cake pops and other sweet treats. To visit Sierra’s Etsy site, click here.

Cupcake In A Jar Flavors are: Life Gave Me Lemons (Lemon blueberry cupcake, with cream cheese frosting); I Love You Berry Much (Strawberry cupcake, with cream cheese frosting); Confetti In the Air (Like Ya Just Don’t Care) (Vanilla Cupcake, with vanilla buttercream frosting, garnished with edible confetti); The Chocolate One (Homemade brownie layers, drizzled with chocolate ganache, with mocha buttercream frosting); and Espresso Yourself (Coffee-flavored cupcake, with mocha buttercream frosting).

HOW TO ENTER: If you’d love to win this 6-pack of Cupcakes In A Jar + the $200 Sam’s Furniture gift card, click on the word “comments” (right under the headline of this post) and scroll down to the bottom of the comments posted by other moms. Then write a quick comment telling us which Cupcake In A Jar you would find most tasty and what you’d most like to buy with a gift card to Sam’s Furniture! Click here to see what Sam’s has to offer at their NEW (huge!) showroom in Springale!

You can also email your answer to us at

Sam's Furniture header

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We’ll choose a winner on Friday, mamas! In the meantime, click here to visit Sierra’s Instagram page and here to visit the Sam’s Furniture page!

Sierra's cupcakes 2


  1. Life gave me lemons!!! That sounds so amazing!! I would also buy diapers and more diapers at Sams!!! LOVE SAMS!!!

  2. Confetti In the Air (Like Ya Just Don’t Care) sounds delicious!!!!! Would love a new sofa for our family room!

  3. The chocolate one sounds delicious. A sleeper sofa or bar stools would be what I’d purchase!

  4. The Chocolate One sounds amazing!! We just purchased a new house and have lots of things to get still. Would love a new kitchen table so the entire family can sit together to enjoy these cupcakes.

  5. Espresso Yourself – I love anything coffee flavored! I’d also like to get a new accent table for my entryway.

  6. The Chocolate One is calling my name!!!! I am in desperate need of a new coffee table and Sam’s would be a great place to get it!

  7. Chocolate is always my favorite; I could live off of chocolate and be a happy girl for life. For Sam’s, our 4 year old took scissors to our dining room chairs so I would love to get those replaced!

  8. I would love to try the lemon berry(I’ve heard they are amazing!) and we need new nightstands!

  9. Life Gave Me Lemons sounds delicious! I’m in need of a new dining room table and new end tables….so that is what I would be shopping for at Sam’s.

  10. I would love to try any of them! I have never had one but I have a friend who has orderd before and since then I have always wanted to try your cupcakes!! The Chocolate one and the confetti one too! I would definitely be buying my two little boys a new bed since we are all sharing one right now!

  11. The Chocolate One. I love anything chocolate. I would like a new rug for my living room.

  12. I worked the ticket sales table with Sierra the very first year of mom prom! It was a blast! And favorite flavor? Lemon! Always lemon! And i would LOVE to eat it in a new accent chair by the fireplace!

  13. How cool is this.! Sierra is very talented & yes she has been so blessed with her beautiful family! I would love any flavor! They all sound fun & yummy! Sams is a great place to buy furniture. Yes “Cupcakes in a Jar” & Sam’s furniture that’s awesome!!!,

  14. Chocolate one!! I love chocolate!!
    I’d buy some outdoor furniture probably or some stuff for our new house!!

  15. I Love you Berry Much because I love cream cheese frosting. It would be a toss up between a living room chair and a kitchen table from Sam’s.

  16. All the cupcakes in a jar sound AMAZING! I’m in the market for new living room furniture, so a gift card would be amazing!

  17. They all look so grea!! Any thing chocolate/peanut butter is my fav!! Id like to buy some new end tables! Thanks for the opportunity! 🙂

  18. Oh My!! I would definitely try Life Gave Me Lemons!! I LOVE anything lemony!! Plus Sierra is such a sweetheart!! With the Sam’s card I would get my two little kiddos new beds!!

  19. Life Gave Me Lemons. Love anything lemon, even though the Strawberry ones also sounds delicious. If I won, I would eat the cupcakes and the gift card would be put to good use at Sam’s Furniture by getting a couple new dressers for the kids and anything left for décor.

  20. I love you berry much…I cannot get enough strawberry in my world, but know two little girls that I’d have to share with and maybe the hubby. Share the love. As for Sam’s furniture, maybe a couch or a bed for one of the girls.

  21. YUM! They all sound amazing. I think I would like Confetti in the Air best.
    I’m in need of a new piece of art, lamp, throw pillows or side table from Sam’s!

  22. They all sound delicious, but I Love You Berry Much would probably be my fave! I’d use the Sam;s gift certificate to help buy new furniture for our living room!

  23. Espresso yourself sound to die for. As for Sams i would like to get a new recliner

  24. Mmm. Confetti in the Air sounds delightful! 🙂 That or the espresso one! We are looking to get a bed for company/and as a big boy bed for my oldest son as we switch kids around rooms before he starts school in the fall.

  25. Oh my gosh, I would love to get Life gave me Lemons because how can you go wrong with lemon, blueberry, and cream cheese frosting? Seriously! At Sam’s, I need to buy a new couch. We are moving soon and our old one is falling apart and probably won’t make it in the move.

  26. I would love to try the Chocolate One. You can’t go wrong with chocolate. I would love a new coffee table.

  27. I’m tied for a love between chocolate and espresso! I love both! I would love to buy a king size bed for more snuggle room with my babies!

  28. The chocolate One of course. Every girl likes her chocolate of course. I would buy a red leather chair with my gift card.

  29. The Chocolate Ine sounds wonderful! We just bought 2 bedroom dressers for our twins at Sam’s- great prices! Dh & I need new dressers now! 🙂

  30. “Life Gave Me Lemons” had me at blueberry. As for furniture, we need a twin-sized bed. Yep, it’s time for the little one to move out of the crib into a big-boy bed.

  31. What a sweet giveaway!! Espresso yourself sounds amazing!! I would love to try any of these flavors!!

  32. I would choose I Love You Berry Much and s new couch for the den. I follow you on Twitter, Pinterest and commented on FB. I also get the newsletter.

  33. Life gave me lemons or espresso yourself- they both sound wonderful!
    Would probably look at bookcases at Sam’s.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  34. Strawberry one – but they all sound delicious!! At Sam’s I’d get a new recliner.

  35. I would like to try The Chocolate One or the Life Gave me Lemons one. I would use the Sam’s gift certificate towards a recliner for my hubby!

  36. I love lemon! Also, I would buy some new lamps if I won a gift card to Sam’s furniture. 🙂

  37. The espresso one! I Love anything coffee flavored. And i would put the gift certificate toward a new couch. Thanks.

  38. Confetti in the air please! They all
    Look so delicious (and SO
    Pretty!). We need a new kitchen table so this would be great to win! Thanks for all
    You guys do!

  39. Confetti in the air please! They all
    Look so delicious (and SO
    Pretty!). We need a new kitchen table so this would be great!

  40. The Chocolate One!! And I am in serious need of a new mattress, so no-brainer!

  41. All of them sound AMAZING!! If had to pick one.., Chocolate is always 1st choice:) If I win I would buy my mom a new dining room table. Such a great giveaway:):)

  42. I would choose I Love You Berry Much! What a great Valentine dessert to share with my grandkids! Strawberry and cream cheese are my favorites for any dessert. I would love to get a new rug for my den from Sam’s. Here’s hoping I win!

  43. When Life Gives You Lemons! Yum! Those jars are so cute 🙂
    UM, a new mattress, yes please.

  44. I love strawberries so the “I Love You Berry Much” would be my favorite cupcake in a jar! I would love a new bedside lamp from Sam’s Furniture! Thanks!

  45. The Chocolate One sounds yummy. As for SAM’s I would use the $200 to go towards a new bedroom set.

  46. The chocolate one. I have a weakness for chocolate. A new couch would be great too!
    Following on Instagram, twitter, fb and the newsletter.

  47. I would love THE CHOCOLATE ONE! As for what to buy at Sam’s….I’d have to look the store over and find just the right item!

  48. Confetti in the air!!! Sounds simply delicious! If I were to win the Sam’s card I would purchase a new rug! I have needed a new one forever, I think I might convince my husband to say, yes, to a new rug with a Sam’s gift card! Thanks for all the amazing things you do for mother’s!

  49. It would have to be The Chocolate One for me!! If I had a furniture shopping card, I would look for a headboard for my tween daughter’s room. Sam’s is such a community-supporting business! Thanks Sam’s Furniture!!

  50. They all sound Devine, but I would go for Life Gave Me Lemons. I would buy a new dresser for my son

  51. I think I’d enjoy “the chocolate one” and at sams I would be looking for a nice entry way table or maybe a hutch!

    • I badly need two new matching recliners. Right now they’re looking pretty rough and they’re two different colors! I would really like to shop at Sam’s for new ones and a $200 gift card sure would help.

  52. Ooooh! “I Love You Berry Much” sounds amazing! And I’d love love LOVE to try it!! The Sam’s Furniture gift card would be great to use for a toddler bed–or a recliner for Mommy since Daddy stole hers. 🙁

  53. Chocolate! My husband has been sitting in the same old BarcaLounger for the past 21 years! He has an artificial hip and I’d like to see him in a new one!

  54. Would LOVE to try Espresso Yourself! From Sam’s Furniture, I’d love to get one of my little guys his very own big boy bed.

  55. I would love to try the “I love you Berry Much”! It sounds delicious! I would use the gift card for buying a new mattress. Was just there looking this weekend! 🙂

  56. I’d love the “Life Gave Me Lemons!” I love anything with lemon and blueberry! Divine! We are in the process of building a house and will need a new bed, sofa, and kitchen table! So, the Sam’s GC would be extremely useful 🙂 I’m also a teacher in Springdale and appreciate everything Sam’s Furniture does for the local teachers, so we will be shopping there whether I win or not 🙂 Love me some Sam’s!

  57. Life Gave Me Lemons sounds delish! I’d use the gift certificate to help buy a nice big table to fit our extended family when they’re all here.

  58. You can’t go wrong with lemon/blueberry anything. Yum! Have to go with Life Gave Me Lemons.
    I would like to buy new decor from Sams.

  59. Oh my gosh. They all sound amazing! However, I think this pregnant mama would have to choose The Chocolate One. But, but, but…. I want them all! Ha.
    Furniture- our dining room chairs are falling apart and we need some new ones soooooo badly. If I could find a nice table to go with them, I’d be thrilled, but chairs are at the top of my list!

  60. The lemon blueberry sound divine. I would love to find a nice work table for my daughter, we want to set up her sewing machine.

  61. They all look absolutely amazing! My hubby has been wanting a recliner forever, so that’s where I’d head for the Sam’s card. 🙂

  62. They all sound wonderful! I would gladly take any flavor, but Confetti in the Air sounds delicious. I would love to get a new recliner at Sam’s because ours is broken.

  63. You can never go wrong with chocolate!! I would love to try the chocolate one!
    As for furniture, my recliner has been scribbled on a few too many times!

  64. The chocolate one!
    I’d love to get more decor for my brand new house from Sams!

  65. Confetti in the air cause you just don’t care! Because… edible confetti!! I would like to try that will chilling on my new couch from Sam’s!

  66. Espresso yourself sounds delicious! Also I would buy a rocking chair or end tables with a gift card to sams furniture

  67. I would pick “I love you berry much” they all sound devine though!! And a recliner would be the need from Sams!

  68. Um. The Chocolate One, is there any doubt!? I am a mom of five too (with twin boys!) and we always need another bunk bed!!! Thank you for this giveaway!

  69. The Chocolate One. Anything Chocolate. I need a night stand so I can finally put my pretty lamp on. = )

  70. Hmm…it would be hard to choose but probably the strawberry flavored one. And from Sam’s I would LOVE a new entry table. 🙂

  71. All the flavors sound delicious, but my favorite would be the strawberry cupcake with cream cheese icing.
    At Sam’s, I wold love to buy some new living room furniture.
    Thank you!!!!!

  72. I love the Beechcraft set (Darcy ) …I really need to update my living room set. Like seriously. My loveseat – it’s leg is broken. It’s like a carnival ride now. the tilt-a-whirl haha.
    And as far as the sweet cupcakes…I’d def go for the The Chocolate One. Always down for the chocolate over here.

  73. The “Lige Gave Me Lemons” cupcake sounds yummy. They all do, actually! I would put the gift card towards a new recliner for my husband. His is looking very worn and doesn’t sit well any more, but he doesn’t complain at all. He says there’s more important things for us to spend our money on. ❤️

  74. If I won this I would indulge in the Confetti in the air but of course I would have to share it with my 3 kids! I seem to make confetti cake or cupcakes for them almost everytime we make them.

    Also if I were to win this drawing the SAMS gift card would go toward buying my girls bed frames! 🙂

    Good luck to everyone and may god bless you and your families! 🙂

  75. The jars are adorable and ever so amazing to pick just one is always hard…but Life gave lemons would have to be a must!! “Get it Sams” I would buy that kitchen hutch I have always wanted for years!

  76. I have always loved cupcakes, but these are so MUCH MORE! Heaven in a hand,and bliss in every bite.
    As for Sam’s, I am so deeply in need of a new rocker recliner! My husband has his recliner, but I would like to have one to recline together, hold hands, and politely argue about what movie to watch!

  77. Chocolate! Or Lemon! Both sound so good. As for furniture, we’d probably use it toward a new couch!

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