Giveaway: Win tickets to see ‘Shh! We Have A Plan’ at Walton Arts Center

Shh! We have a plan for your family to have a great time together at a Walton Arts Center show!

We’ve got four FREE tickets to see the Shh! We Have A Plan show live on stage Sunday, Feb. 25th, at 2 p.m. This is a FUN kid’s show featuring magic, music, puppetry — and an elusive bird.

Based on the Chris Haughton book of the same title, this delightful tale follows the journey of some madcap characters all on a quest to capture a beautiful bird perched high in a tree. Sounds simple, but the pursuit soon becomes an obsession and the obsession verges on the absurd. Where will it all end?

As it turns out, the characters learn to love and look after nature, discovering that freedom and kindness are perhaps more important than getting what you want at any cost.

Here’s a sneak peek video so you can get a feel for the show:

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We’ll choose the winner at RANDOM on Friday, so keep an eye on your inbox! CLICK HERE to get your tickets to see Shh! We Have A Plan (if you don’t want to take any chances) Kids’ tickets are only $9!


  1. My boys love Power Rangers and Pokémon and my daughter longs to learn how to play the piano. I’m currently researching lesson options…

  2. All three of my kiddos desperately want a kitty. Unfortunately my best friend is highly allergic to cats and she would never be able to come to our home. So we will never be able to have a kitty☹️

  3. My daughter has been asking for a baby alive for years! She has had it on her birthday list and Christmas list forever, and finally got one this Christmas. It was so wonderful to see the excitement when she opened it!

  4. I want to take my grandkids. My Granddaughter is obsessed with having a unicorn.

  5. My daughter wants a dog really bad so hopefully will she is able to take care of it she will get one.

  6. My two youngest are obsessed with LegoWorld and talk about all the time. They want to go so badly.

  7. My boys are on the kick of wanting EVERYTHING they see or hear about–every commercial, everything in the toy section of Walmart or everything their friends talk about having.

  8. My son has spent the last year obsessing about an X-MAXX rc car. They’re ridiculously expensive (ie never happening!). But he has fun saving up for it & dreaming until then!

  9. My 4 year old loves horses. She has loved horses for about 2 years now, and she loves to lead her pony, Sandy around. She begs Grammy to lead her around every time she is over there!

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