Giveaway: Tickets to see stand-up comedian Jim Gaffigan at the AMP!

Mamas, we are SO, so excited to be doing this giveaway today because Jim Gaffigan is our favorite comedian!! We went to his stand-up show at the Walmart AMP a few years ago and laughed so hard that we had some serious face cramps in our cheeks. We’re talking cry-laughing… when you laugh so hard that tears start to mess up your mascara. This is exactly the night out that we all need — the chance to get outside in a beautiful setting like the AMP and just laugh with someone we love.

We’re giving away TWO lawn seats at the Walmart AMP in Rogers to the Jim Gaffigan Fun Tour show on August 28, 2021. This show will feature all new material. Have you seen any of Jim Gaffigan’s stand-up specials on Netflix? If not, look them up asap because you’ll LOVE them.

And in the video clip below, we’ll share a little taste of Jim’s distinctive brand of comedy, which is pretty clean compared to most comedy shows. He’s a husband and father of five kids, so a lot of his material is especially relevant for parents. And he loves to talk about food, too. (Here’s his famous Hot Pockets rant.) Here’s a clip:

Excited for the chance to win two tickets to this show? Here’s what to do next:


If you’d love to win two tickets to see Jim Gaffigan on stage at the Walmart Amp on August 28, 2021,  scroll down to the bottom of the post and past the comments posted by other moms. Then write a quick comment telling us what (or who) has made you laugh lately. The kids? The dog? Your spouse? A funny movie or show on TV? Share some sources of laughter with your fellow mamas.

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We’ll draw the winner at random on Monday, August 16, 2021! Good luck!



  1. My kids always help us see the small, everyday things in life as funny. I’m thankful for that!

  2. We actually love Jim Gaffigan in our house! We have watched all his specials on Netflix and Amazon Prime multiple times. If we ever want to just laugh after any kind of day, then we just turn on Gaffigan. He is super clean and his humor even makes my teenager laugh. We also really like Dry Bar comedy (which we typically watch on YouTube) but Gaffigan takes the cake (and he loves cake).

  3. My son has made me laugh and a good movie, but a night out to laugh with my husband would be amazing!

  4. I went on a bike trip with 7 moms last week end. They made me laugh so much. Friends are golden!

  5. My baby girl has been too funny lately. Making faces, snorting, getting into the dogs water bowl. All the fun things haha! Jim Gaffigan is a family favorite but we’ve never seen him live!

  6. My kids make me laugh…they find something funny and i usually dont ok now what that is,but when I see them laughing out of control i cant help it either!

  7. My kids make me laugh. A lot. Especially the youngest who is a BIG Jim Gaffigan fan. If I’m being totally honest, though, my sisters are the only people who can make me laugh until I cry.

  8. I find something to laugh at each day—my kids, my dog, my husband. There is humor everywhere if you look for it!

  9. My kids, especially my 5yo, are usually good for a laugh! Which is why this school year is particularly hard because she’ll be starting kindergarten. So I could use some added laughs, as well as some adult time since I’ve been home all summer with three kids🤪

  10. My girls always make me laugh! Especially my youngest, she is such a ham……….but of course, she saves it all for me, she isn’t like that in public. LOL

  11. We had to put our 18 year old cat down last week. My best friend came over and watched our two year old for us. While we were at the vet, my friend texted looking for the diapers. My daughter had gone number two while we were gone. I couldn’t help but laugh! I needed that laugh!

  12. We got a 6 month kitten a couple of months ago and his silly antics keep us laughing.

  13. My 16 year old daughter has a very dry sarcastic sense of humor and makes me laugh DAILY!!

  14. Our 3 kids keep my husband and I on our toes! They are always saying the funniest things or making videos of themselves. Laughter keeps my sanity in check! Haha

  15. My best friend, we were trying to get away to schedule some fun on the anniversary of my mom’s death … we thought we were renting Paddle boards, turned out it was a paddle boat … way too much work and you can’t get back on them (when your old) if you jump off to cool off. Best Laugh ever!

  16. My one year old has been cracking me up lately. He’s reached the stage where his personality is coming through and he’s keeping us all laughing with the things he’s doing.

  17. My daughter makes me laugh every day–and she LOVES Jim Gaffigan. We’ve been trying to hide the advertisements for this show from her because we couldn’t afford all 3 of us to go haha. This would be so amazing for us!

  18. My oldest son has made me laugh – all my kids – but most recently him, I often have warm milk with honey before bed and the fresh carton of milk was curdling in the microwave. I did a few experiments on it and some research in google to understand what was happening. As the process went on he was getting noticeably agitated. I asked him if he was ok and he flippantly said “Well, I could never be a detective, mysteries make me sweaty and uncomfortable.” Maybe because he was my kid, but that just struck me as really funny. I am glad he knows that about himself. I am not certain I was that perceptive of self as a 10 year old.

  19. My 3 year old told me today that when he goes to school this year, he’s going to get all the girlfriends!

  20. My Husband loves to get me to laugh at his dad jokes and some time they really make me laugh!

  21. Can I say Jim Gaffigan? He always makes me laugh during his segments on CBS Sunday morning.

  22. My child saying to my husband that he probably got his red eye because she tooted on his pillow on accident!🤣🤣

  23. Working in an apartment building with 80 plus senior citizens keeps me laughing!! Oh the stories I could tell!

  24. Our 4 month old Golden Doodle has been keeping the laughs going at our house the past couple of months.

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