Tickets to VoiceJam Competition 2024 at Walton Arts Center

There’s something magical about the human voice combining with other voices to create music — no instruments necessary. And this week we’re giving away FOUR tickets to see that magic happen on stage when the VoiceJam A Cappella Festival comes to Walton Arts Center at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, April 13, 2024.

If you LOVE the Pitch Perfect movies, this competition is definitely your jam. 😉 Make it a family outing, a double date, or an awesome mamas’ night out with your besties.


Sick beats, dynamic choreography and mind-blowing harmonies – the VoiceJam Competition is back! The top high school, collegiate and community vocal bands from around the country come together in Northwest Arkansas to battle it out live on-stage. Join us to see which group is crowned VoiceJam Champion and cast your vote for Aca-Fan Favorite!

Any a cappella group may audition to compete! There is no age restriction. All genres of a cappella are invited to audition.

Here are the details: Groups should consist of a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 20 singers. A panel of a cappella experts will choose up to 8 aca-mazing groups. During the competition, each group will have 10 minutes to perform one set each. Time starts on the first note sung. Awards will go to the top performing group, soloist, choreography, vocal percussionist and arrangement. The audience will also get the chance to award their favorite group.


To throw your name in the online hat to win 4 tickets to attend the VoiceJam competition on April 13, 2024, scroll down to the bottom of this post (and past the comments posted by other moms) until you see the words “Leave a Reply.”

Then write a quick comment telling us the name of one of your favorite songs to belt out in the car, the shower, the kitchen, or anywhere else. Or tell us who you love to sing with! 

You can also email your answer to us at


If you’d rather not leave it up to the luck of the draw, you can purchase tickets to the VoiceJam Competition on the Walton Arts Center website. Call 479.443.5600 or visit

Good luck in the drawing! Keep an eye on your inbox because we’ll contact the winner by email.


  1. I love to sing anything from the 80s or 90s. Songs like “Eternal Flame” or “Zombie” are always ones that get me singing.

  2. I’ve finally convinced my kids that 90’s is the way to go!! My 6 year old now requests “Brass Monkey” by the Beastie Boys!

  3. My favorite…and I will sing both parts, if needed is…Just Give Me a Reason, by P!nk with Nate Ruess. I have to mentally prepare for the high note. I was singing it with a friend a few weeks ago and we were both tired and allergy ridden and when we got to the high note on “we’ll come clean” we both squeaked and I about drove off the road from laughing so hard!

  4. Our car jam to sing loud and proud is “WannaBe” by the Spice Girls. (No Shame here!) My 7 year old thinks the words are “if you want to be my mother” and nobody has corrected her because it’s hilarious.

  5. I Want to Dance with Somebody by Whitney Houston (well actually almost everyone of Whitney’s songs)!

  6. My daughter and I both love to sing, and I would love to be able to take her and maybe some of her friends to see the show. My favorite song to sing out in the car in the shower or just wherever is well I can’t decide there’s so many.

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