Giveaway: Tickets to Peking Acrobats at Walton Arts Center

Note from the mamas: Jose’s on Dickson Street is temporarily closed, but the one in Springdale is still open.  Just wanted to give you a heads-up!

Do you have one of those kids who’s always tumbling, cartwheeling or bouncing around the house? Well, this show is the perfect fit for your little (or big) mover and shaker.

We’ve got FOUR tickets to see Peking Acrobats at Walton Arts Center on Wednesday, March 14, at 7 p.m. Heavy snow kept the acrobats out of NWA last year, but they’re back and ready to TUMBLE.

We love the idea of tickets and tacos, so we’ll send the winner to Jose’s Mexican Restaurant for a yummy dinner before the show. What kid doesn’t like tacos? If yours is the exception, they’ve also got chicken nuggets, corn dogs and other kid-friendly food.

ABOUT THE SHOW: The Peking Acrobats are known all around the world for their unique brand of entertaining. This elite troupe is made up of China’s most gifted tumblers, contortionists, jugglers, cyclists, gymnasts and traditional musicians. They also have one of the most comprehensive lighting and special effects systems on the road today. The show is perfect for all ages.

ABOUT THE FOOD: While you’re waiting for dinner, the kids can draw their favorite Jose’s food and then see their artwork displayed on the coloring wall behind the front counter. Jose’s has a huge menu, so it might take a few minutes to decide what you want. We recommend the fajitas, the quesadillas and the chicken enchiladas. Of course, we love the salsa, which comes out with warm chips when you first sit down.

HOW TO ENTER: If you’d love to win the four Peking Acrobats tickets plus dinner at Jose’s, just click on the comment button below and tell us about something that makes you “flip out”. Are you terrified of spiders? Do kids with an attitude make you crazy? Heights? Snakes? Socks left in the middle of the room (repeatedly)?

TO INCREASE YOUR CHANCES: If you’d really, really like to win the tacos and tickets, e-mail the news about this giveaway to friends. You’ll get an extra chance to win for each person you tell. Just be sure to put on the CC line so we’ll be able to give you proper credit.

To take lady luck out of the equation, you can guarantee your tickets by calling the Walton Arts Center box office at 479-443-5600. Or click here for ticket info and prices.

Good luck in this week’s giveaway. We can’t wait to tell an NWA mom that she won. We bet she’ll flip out!


  1. Watching my kids play on stairs makes me flip out!!! My SIL thought I was over-reacting until minutes later my son went tumbling down 20 steps. Now she understands why stairs is my main thing I do not like the kids to play on!!!

  2. Seriously i would just take a life over a snake! The fear is so severe if I even see one on tv I freak out have nightmares!
    it is awful!

  3. Camel crickets?? I will definitely be looking that up, Joanna! 😉 Brook, unflushed toilets also drive me crazy.

  4. The main thing that sends me into “flip out” mode is dealing with pests. In the past 3-4 years we have dealt with pin-worms,(eeewwww!!) fleas, brown recluse spiders, just to name to worst!

  5. Finding out my husband is guilty of shooting a hole in the wall of our HOUSE with a pellet gun!?!

  6. A hole in the wall of your house is a good flip-out moment, Amy! Emily, so sorry about the pests, especially the pin-worms…

  7. I seriously try not to flip out these days. Too many times in the past I flipped out over little, stupid things and I’ve realized it’s not worth it. Why lecture my husband for leaving multiple pairs of his size 12 shoes around the house? I’m honestly happy there are shoes in my house! Why get upset about 1 of 100 balls in my house? I’m glad to have an acitve little boy that loves balls in my house 🙂

  8. Flip out moment … waking up to annoying orange talking on the baby monitor. Obviously we’re not using the monitor for babies anymore!

  9. The thought of my 3 year old throwing a tantrum in the middle of a public place totally flips me out! :0

  10. We saw the Cirque de Soleil on the Oscars the other night. My kiddo loved it! This would be so fun. I usually flip out over heights–totally afraid.

  11. i would love to take my daughter to see this.
    it’s just too expensive for us.



  12. When my 3 year old has a terrible fit in public. You can’t run away quick enough or divert the stares!

  13. I flip out over filth. I hate it when I go into someone’s home and it is disorganized and filthy.

  14. when kids…even preschoolers!!…reply “whatever” when I am talking to them! This drives me nuts!

  15. Asking a question that doesn’t get answered, as if I never asked it. Even an I don’t know or grunt would be better than silence.

  16. “why? why? why mommy? why?” yes, we are in that stage and that makes me flip out after about the 5th “why?”

  17. I really have a hard time with chaos. As a mom of 3 that doesnt always work so well.

  18. Raised voices make me “flip out”, I was in an abusive relationship so when someone raises their voice to me or my children I go into attack mode!!!! We’ve been going through a rough time and could use some fun time.

  19. What really makes me “flip” out is those morphed looking crickets. They are just wrong looking. I don’t have a problem with regular crickets but those ones that look fuzzy and creepy really give me the creeps! When I see one in our laundry room/garage I run back in and have my husband go kill it before I go back out there!

  20. I finally broke my husband from leaving shoes in the middle of the floor wherever he happened to take them off. I could not count the number of times I had tripped and fallen in the dark because he would just leave them in the most random spots. I totally flipped out at about 3am when I was 6 months pregnant. On my way to the bathroom, I tripped and fell head first into a dressor. And despite the noise of me falling and my yell, he didn’t wake up until the shoe I tripped over hit him in the head. Maybe I reacted rashly, but he always makes sure his shoes are at the very least on his side of the bed, not in a walkway!

  21. I tend to flip out over bugs!! Especially crickets, I cannot sleep if there is a cricket chirping.

  22. Bed time! My four year old gets out of bed literally 27 times after putting him to bed. (suggestions on to prevent this would be AWESOME lol). A night out would be so wonderful to calm my nerves. 🙂

  23. Its weird but since I was a kid I flip out over frogs! I just can’t stand them. They really freak me out.

  24. Sandra, Terri and Joanna, you three should meet. You could bond over your hatred of crickets 😉

  25. What makes me flip out? Having to repeatedly tell the same person the same things. Makes me crazy! 🙂

  26. I tend to flip out in the mornings when I’m told that everyone is ready to walk out the door and when I am, they’re still getting their snack, homework, jackets, etc. That makes me flip out!

  27. My husband is a youth minister so my kids hang out with teenagers all the time. What makes me flip out is when my 4 year old picks up on their behavior. For example: we have a kid that says “What The!!!” all the time. He never finishes it but when my 4 yr old says it it drives me crazy. The other thing he does that drives me nuts is when he is trying to be cute and he mocks me, with his tongue out!!!! He is a wonderful kid but these two things make me want to move to Australia!! 😉

  28. I flip out over tornadoes. Just the threat of a tornado keeps me glued to the tv for hours watching the weatherman for updates. I have such a strong fear that they often creep their way into my dreams (as recently as last night).

  29. Know-it-alls really, really infuriate me. How can someone be an expert on everything?? I’m getting mad just thinking about it!

  30. this is weird, i know, but i can’t stand loose hair!!! hairballs in the drain, strands of hair on the floors, GROSS!!!!!

  31. Yikes! Snakes make me flip totally out!!!
    But then, so does my husband…in a much different way….hahaha!

  32. people who wave for me to turn in front of two lanes of traffic when I can’t see for sure if a car is coming in the other lane. DONT DIRECT TRAFFIC FROM YOUR CAR!

  33. Telling my kids again and again and again that it is time to leave! I hate being late and they have no sense of time and being punctual!

  34. Small spaces make me flip out! I am very closterphobic (have no idea how to spell)! But I get nervous & clammy & anxious! So sometimes elevators make me feel this way.

  35. Obviously, my 7-yr-old needs to be with them. As soon as we get home she is on her route: The arms of the chairs to the back of the couch (narrower than a balance beam) and back again, all while singing. So maybe Broadway…?

  36. Spiders really freak me’s crazy but the ones on tv (that I know cannot get to me) freak me out more than the ones I see in person. Crazy, I know!

  37. Shoes left in the middle of the room that I have to trip over repeatedly. And that I, even though they are not my shoes, end of being the person who picks them up. Arggg!

  38. Those big, fat spiders that always spin their webs outside in the evening time at the end of each summer. I’m terrified of walking in to one of the webs!

  39. I just can’t handle whining…It gets on my last nerve! And I’ve heard my fair share of it for one day…I need a night out! 😉

  40. I flip out when I see road kill…I know it is gross to say but it just WHIGS me out! I cannot even stand to hear someone mention it in the car when driving…my kids like to say it to torture me…ABSOLUTELY ICKY!

  41. cabinet doors left opened by my girls after they help themselves to a snack or something…just close the #!%# doors! =) Ok, now you probably didn’t expect that comment from me did you?

  42. I flip out when I see the cirque del sorleil productions. They are the best. I know. Wrong spelling. Lol.

  43. I flip out when I ask the kids to do something and I hear heavy sighs or very loud “ugh!!!!” sounds. Drives me nuts!!!

  44. I flip out when someone doesn’t plan something and then thinks it constitutes an emergency for me.

  45. This will probably make a lot of people who do this flip out, but I flip out when I see anyone texting and driving!

  46. I want to flip out when I’m on the phone & my kids repeatedly try talking to me!! Can’t they see I’m on the phone?!?!

  47. When someone says they will do something but doesn’t….and does this repeatedly!!

  48. Dawn, apparently unclosed cabinet doors REALLY make you flip out 😉 I totally agree. Laurie, yes on the hormones. Right now.

  49. I actually have a long list of what flips me out… but for starters: when my house isn’t clean, when my 1 y/o EATS BIZARRE STUFF OFF THE GROUND/FLOOR (horrors!), when (a spousal sort of person who shall remain nameless) leaves everything he owns all over the house…..
    Carry on ladies! XO

  50. I flip out when my teenager brings MY car home and tells me, “Hey, your car needs gas!”. UGGGGGGGGGGGG

  51. I am absolutely terrified of june bugs lol any kind of beetle that crunches when you step on it and then it flies too !!! yikes!!!!

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