Giveaway: The Last Blast of Summer party at Yum Yo’s for kids!

Happy Monday, mamas! We know your kids might not want to hear this, but the beginning of a new school year is coming up quickly — like next month. But before we say “See ya!” to the Summer Break of 2021, we’re hosting a fun giveaway celebration courtesy of our friends at Yum Yo’s Frozen Treats.

The winner (chosen at random) of this week’s giveaway will get a “Last Blast of Summer” party for her kid and several of his or her friends to mark the end of the summer break.

Your kid can invite friends to meet at either of the two Yum Yo’s locations (Rogers at the Pinnacle Hills Promenade Mall or in Fayetteville at the Northwest Arkansas Mall) and have frozen yogurt or parfaits or Italian ice or gelato or even a Starbucks Frappuccino blended with frozen yogurt (called FroYoccinno). Yum Yo’s is now under new management, and the menu is so BIG. Some of the other things you’ll find on the menu include Dole Whips, Red Bull power slushes, fruit smoothies, floats, and specialty frozen yogurt pies. Even your pickiest friends will find something they love.

There ARE non-gluten, dairy-free and vegan options on the menu, so don’t worry about dietary restrictions. They’ve got you covered.

Speaking of getting covered, one of our favorite parts of a trip to Yum Yo’s is standing in front of that glorious wall of toppings and deciding which ones we want to use to cover our frozen yogurt. That colorful wall has more than 60 options! SIXTY! Here’s just a partial list of some of the toppings you’ll find:

  • candies
  • sprinkles
  • gummies
  • fresh fruit
  • popping boba
  • granola
  • nuts
  • cereal varieties
  • cookie crumbles
  • cheesecake bites
  • cookie dough
  • hot fudge
  • coconut
  • syrups
  • sauces
  • whipped cream


You’ll have a $100 gift card to spend during your “Last Blast of Summer” party at Yum Yo’s, so that should cover the treats of up to 12 people!


If you’d love to win this Yum Yo’s “Last Blast of Summer” for you and several friends, scroll down to the bottom of the post and past the comments posted by other moms. Then write a quick comment telling us what one of the best parts of your summer has been so far. Boating on the lake? Taking a fun trip? Seeing relatives you haven’t seen in more than a year because of the pandemic?

You can also email your answer to us at


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We’ll draw the winner at random on Friday, July 30, 2021! Good luck!



  1. Our summer us not over yet. We go to Orange Beach, AL next week. Can’t wait to hit the beach!

  2. Our summer is not over yet. We go to Orange Beach, AL next week. Can’t wait to hit the beach!

  3. Water sports in the pool as a family❤️ My kids would love this treat for froyo

  4. Watching my oldest try out different camps this summer and discover new interests!

  5. So much fun this summer! Mountains in CO, beach in CA and fun on the lake here in AR. A few more weeks to fit in a little more fun. 🙂

  6. We had cousins come to visit for a “cousins week” and we did all the things in NWA plus Tulsa. We had a blast. Yum Yo’s will be a good time for the cousins that live here.

  7. Our summer has been busy but good!! Getting my college grad settled in her new city and then all going to the beach together was fun! Also, my 11-yr old going to overnight camp last week and having a good time! This summer has definitely felt better than last summer. 🎉

  8. We have been able to do a lot of family nature adventures. Not only are we still staying safe but we have been able to discover natures beauty. ❤️

  9. One of the best parts of summer has been enjoying the beautiful weather and outdoor activities with my kids.

  10. The best part has been seeing my son who has struggled over the past year be able to get together with his friends. Therapy was very helpful but this is what his social soul needed. I’m afraid it may be too short lived with the covid rates going up again.😔

  11. Our best part of summer was going to Lost Valley Ranch in Colorado with our family!

  12. Lots of family time! Getting to spend time with gradma who just moved here from vegas.

  13. I started a tennis team at our school and we’ve had practices all summer!

  14. Trips to the river and night time Jeep rides with the family have been my favorite parts of summer!

  15. Summer has been so fun at the Terry house, one of the most memorable moments was of my daughter Autumns bday just a couple weeks ago. we did a tie-dye party and had a blast creating some timeless pieces. she loves yum yos and we could really use a total family treat to celebrate those dog days of summer 🙂

  16. Our favorite times this summer has been watching my boys grow and get better playing basketball 🏀 and traveling all over to watch them play!

  17. Summer has given me an opportunity to spend more time with my children and grandchildren! I especially enjoy getting back together outdoors for swimming and barbecues!

  18. Best part of the summer was taking every moment to either relax or do something outrageous that we wouldn’t normally do. You are never promised tomorrow so we try to enjoy everyday regardless of circumstances.

  19. We took a road trip to the mountains to escape the summer heat! What a luxury to have to cuddle in a sleeping bag in the summer time!

  20. This is awesome! Would love to win this for my niece her 11th birthday is 1 day after school starts! Our summer has been great best thing so far has been going to the diamond park with my sisters, sister in law and all of our kids. Nobody found a diamond but we all had a blast.

  21. Our favorite part of summer was going to the beach and being able to spend time with family..

  22. We spent the summer in nana and papa’s pool learning how to swim! That led us to enroll in proper swim lessons. My daughter is really thriving in it! Such a joy to see.

  23. I’ve enjoyed being able to have family and friends in my backyard again enjoying the pool!

  24. This summer has been so jam-packed with memories that I don’t even know where to start. SO from the top, the girl’s cross-country road trip with mom, 2 sisters, and grown daughter. We Left Springdale on June 4th and stopped in Vail, Colorado then to Seattle Washington and the “Gum Wall’ at Pikes’ Market, which notably is in the Top 5 on the “Germiest places in the World you want to visit” list:@Yuck!! then to the Redwoods, down pacific Highway 101, to the Cadillac ranch in Texas. Life is short, we are ready to LIVE SWEET!!

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