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Oh Baby Foods is introducing a new addition to its family: The Sweet Cheeks Club!

stage3.jpgWhat is the Sweet Cheeks Club? Parents can pre-order from four flavor packages, which can be picked up at the Fayetteville Oh Baby kitchen or delivered weekly to their home. All 4oz servings are refrigerated, individually-sealed, and at least 75% locally-sourced. Menus change weekly according to what’s in season and can be viewed online the week before.

The Giveaway: Owner Fran Free Gunsaulis will begin taking orders today (June 1) for pick-up/delivery on June 11. And guess what, mamas? She wants to give away a one-month Club membership to one of you. That’s a $72 value! (Win it for yourself or for a friend with a little one!)

Readers of will also get a special discount. It’s 20 percent off your first month with the Sweet Cheeks Club! Oh Baby Foods now takes credit cards online, so you can order your Club membership (or Oh Baby Gear!) right from the online store. To get your 20 percent discount, just enter this coupon code at checkout (or tell Fran when she takes your order): 204ML610.

Membership costs $20 per week, $72 per month and there’s no joining fee or contract.

How to enter: Just click on the big orange “comment” button at the bottom of this post and answer this question: On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being “most important”), how important is it to know you’re feeding your baby with food made from the freshest, most wholesome ingredients available? Why is this important to you?

As always, you can increase your chances of winning by sharing the giveaway details with your friends. We’ll throw your name in the bushel basket for each person you tell. Just be sure to cc us on the e-mail (

sweetcheeks_stage1_thumbnail.jpgAbout the Sweet Cheeks Club: Parents sign up for a week or a month, pre-order from a menu that changes weekly (according to what’s in season), and then pick up a week’s worth of individually-sealed, all-natural refrigerated purees at the Oh Baby kitchen. Delivery in Benton and Washington counties is available for a $5 charge. There’s no contract, it’s for all ages and stages, is 75% locally-raised and is refrigerated (instead of frozen). Click here to go to online store!

“This is a brand new service we’re offering in addition to our frozen line of purees available in grocery stores in NWA and Central Arkansas. This gives me a lot more freedom to get creative with ingredients that don’t freeze well, like grains,” Fran said. “I’m really excited to start this new venture. We’re all ready for some little members!”

ohbaby.jpgAbout Oh Baby Foods: Oh Baby Foods is based in NWA and offers purees for babies and toddlers made from ingredients raised by regional farming families. The baby food company offers its products online and at local grocery stores. Click here to see where you can find Oh Baby Foods in Northwest Arkansas grocery stores.

Click here to see an interview with Fran on nwaMotherlode.

Thanks, Fran, for offering a free Club membership to one lucky mama!




  1. 10! It’s very important to me that I feed my children healthy foods because I want to teach them good eating habits that will last a life time!

  2. Feeding my Daughter the best foods is a 10 on the scale. I’ve always made my own organic foods for her or used Oh Baby on occasion!

  3. Feeding my little one healthy foods is very important to me. I rate it at a 10! I always buy organic foods and am learning to make my own at home. This would be an awesome prize to win as my little one just started eating baby food.

  4. I have just started having the privilege to stay at home with my children and would like more healthy choices for their eating habits. 10!

  5. 10. Fresh foods are always a better alternative to processed foods. I was given a baby food hand grinder for my first baby. It was great to grind up the table food that we were eating for him. He loved it and it was easy.

  6. I’m a grandmother who’s adopted 7 kids and nursed most of them to health on organic foods. I think most allergies, ADHD, etc., can be avoided by the right food choices, so of course it’s a 10 for me!

  7. Definitly a 10!!!! My daughter is expecting our first grandchild in July(his name is Parker) this would be wonderful healthy choice and a perfect prize to win!!!!

  8. It’s a 10! I think it’s one of the most important choices you can make for your baby. As they grow older, and are allowed to make food choices for themselves, the best chance we have at ensuring there continued health, is to start them off with the healthiest, organic, and locally sourced food we can.

  9. Absolutely a 10! I only feed organic foods to my babies. It is extremely important to me that the foods they injest are free of hormones, pesticides, and all other nasty things.

  10. Ten! This would be awesome to win. I want to try and make all my little girl’s baby food, so this would be a nice break from the food processor. 🙂

  11. It’s a 10 because I always want to make sure I am giving the best food possible for growth and lifetime health!

  12. The right food choices definitely rate a 10!! The right choices in diet make all the difference in health, no matter what your age!

  13. A 10, of course. I made all my own food for my first son (Oh Baby wasn’t available then, lol) and made sure I introduced him to all sorts of foods. Now I have a preschooler who isn’t a picky eater and who prefers fruits and veggies to sweets. I plan on following the same path for my 5 month old son. I’d LOVE to add Oh Baby foods to his diet!

  14. It’s very important to me to give my babies only the most nutritious foods. I made all of my 1st baby’s food and plan to make all of my new baby’s foods. (He’s 3 weeks old). 🙂 This new company sounds great!

  15. TEN! We started making our own baby food with our last child, but would love to know that the food we give our little girl was made from mostly *locally* grown fruits and veggies. Also, this being my 3rd under 4 it would be great to take ‘make baby food’ off my list of to-dos!

  16. Knowing how preservatives, additives and excessive sugars effect the body – and mind! – of our babies certainly makes me rate this as a 10 on my importance scale! Our family has been making strong strides in improving the diet of all of us, and with my littlest now almost 5 months old, I realize soon I will have to decide on what kind of baby food to add to the breast milk to give him the best chances at a healthy diet.

    Thanks for this wonderful option – and opportunity! :o)

  17. Definitely a 10! We grow our own veggies in the summer month and can as we go. It’s important to us and it’s a way of life. Take care of your body and it will return the favor.

  18. Definitely a 10. I want to give my little girl the very best while she’s still young enough that I still have some say in what she puts in her body. Thanks for making such an awesome product available to local moms Fran.

  19. 10! Pretty important! We make our baby food, but it would be great to have a break from it! Solomon is a super eater, and he would love this!


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