Giveaway: Spring Carpet Cleaning for the WHOLE house!

In case you missed it, the official first day of spring was last week. What’s that you say? You say you did NOT get all your spring cleaning projects done on that first day of spring? Well, neither did we. And guess what? This week’s giveaway will do some of that spring cleaning for you. Because we’re giving away a WHOLE HOUSE carpet cleaning, courtesy of our favorite professional carpet cleaner — Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning. Woo-hoooo for clean carpets!

We’ve both had our carpets cleaned by Matt Lane of Heaven’s Best, and he is pretty amazing. You may remember that he even managed to heal some carpet spots in my kids’ playroom that I swore would NEVER go away. (Click here to see that post.) I’m happy to admit I was wrong. Matt made the stubborn spots go away.

Another thing we particularly like about this service is that the carpets don’t stay wet all day. I was able to walk on mine after about an hour or so. And the smell is nice — kind of a fresh, citrus smell. Safe for kids and pets, too.

If you’ve ever had your carpets professionally cleaned, you know that having the entire house done is a BIG deal — as in hundreds of dollars “big deal”. So we want to say thank you to Matt at Heaven’s Best for the generous offering. He is a fellow parent, so he understands how much moms appreciate clean floors.

Heaven’s Best is also going to do a carpet cleaning for the big Mother’s Day giveaway package coming up in May. If you haven’t heard about that one, click HERE to see the post and throw your name in the hat. In addition to the carpet cleaning, that giveaway package also includes a spa day, closet organizing, shopping spree, dinner at Bordinos and lots more.

HOW TO ENTER: To throw your name in the hat for this drawing, click the orange comment button below and tell us what you love about the spring. More daylight hours? Warm temps? Tulips? The smell of cut grass? (After a very rainy spring break week, we are loving the sunshine!)

Remember that winners are always chosen at RANDOM. You can also email your answer to

HOW TO INCREASE YOUR ODDS: If you really want some freshly cleaned carpets this spring, you can increase your odds of winning and it’s easy to do. Just email your friends/family about the giveaway and we’ll give you an extra chance to win for each person you tell. Just be sure to put on the CC line of your email so we can give you proper credit.

If you can’t wait another second to get your carpets cleaned, here’s Matt Lane’s contact info. His number is 479-427-9800. Or click here to see the Heaven’s Best website. Good luck in the drawing, and happy Spring!



  1. I love spring for so many reasons – Easter, warm weather, getting to go to the park with my girls, and it is crappie fishing season.

  2. Spring is my favorite time of year because of the warmer weather and flowers.

  3. I love the warmer weather, more daylight hours and all the beautiful flowers blooming everywhere!! LOVE SPRING!!!

  4. Getting my flowerbeds ready for planting new flowers and perennials! And seeing the results in just a few weeks!!!

  5. Spring is awesome for so many reasons but my favorite is all the beautiful blooms and the chance to get to enjoy the outdoors. LOVE it!!!

  6. Spring is my absolute favorite time of the year: my Daughter was born in April and we have a new addition coming in late May/early June!

  7. I love Spring for many different reasons: warmer weather, lots of sunshine, beautiful flowers, Easter, and all 3 of my girls’ birthdays!

  8. Spring is my favorite season. I love just about everything: longer days of sunshine, birds singing when I get ready in the morning, chance to wear cut flip flops, beautiful flowers, etc…Just don’t like the allergy issues that I have during the season 🙁

  9. I love having more daylight hours so the kids and I can enjoy the warmer weather by going for walks and bike rides!

  10. Like so many others, Spring is the season of renewal…it exudes the feeling of new, clean, planning… Everything is turning green and blooming…it is FRESH!

  11. I love that every thing feels brand new. When I see that first robin I know spring is here. Our area is so blessed with beautiful trees of all kinds and to see them bllom and leaf is just a miracle. I love living in Northwest Arkansas!

  12. I love the longer days & being able to play outside more because it’s warmer!!!!

  13. We enjoy being able to be outdoors in th Spring enjoying the wonderful temps and sunny days.

  14. My favorite thing about spring is that it means the end of depressing winter! I can’t think of anything I dislike about spring. I love longer days, warmer weather, the blooming of flowers and leaves back on the trees, the smell of the lawn being cut, and being able to play outside with the kids for hours on end! Oh, and bring on the barbecues!

  15. Springtime means birthdays in our house. One son turning 5, one turning 2, and a daughter turning 16. (eek)

  16. I LOVE how green everything is after a beautiful spring rain. We had a little too much rain for my liking last week, but man is it gorgeous outside this week!

  17. More people out and about-working in their yards, jogging, biking, kids on the ballfields. Love that all of NW Arkansas is in full bloom-dogwoods and bradford pears are my favs!

  18. I love that it is warm enough to pull the car out of the garage and I to the driveway and have the kids help me clean out all the crumbs and sticky mess! And, then we get to pull out the hose, wash the car, and have fun!!!

  19. More daylight hours is definitely my favorite part of Spring! I look forward to it through the dark winter days, not that we had that many this year.

  20. I love watching everything come alive! From the trees to all the baby animals.

  21. I love the all the flowers and trees blooming. I can sit on our deck in the bright sunshine while the kids play in the sandbox and see so much in bloom!

  22. I love watching my trees bloom and hear the birds in the early morning.

  23. I love spring for the warm weather and time spent outdoors playing and rejuvinating the yard. Spring cleaning always makes things fresh and new. Carpet would be an extra special bonus!

  24. I love that I can get off my treadmill and run/walk outside in the beautiful weather!

  25. I love getting back out onto the ball fields – baseball with my bubba & soccer for my hannielynn…then, of course, it’s the fact that the next season is LAKE season 🙂

  26. I love being able to play outside with my little guy! We love to blow bubbles and draw with sidewalk chalk.

  27. Team Hodges loves Spring!! It means the start of softball/baseball/t-ball! With 3 kiddos going in all different directions!

  28. I love all the trees and flowers blooming. I LOVE COLOR and to see God’s beautiful creations!

  29. Each Spring, I enjoy cleaning out the closets and seeing the flowers and dogwoods bloom! And I desperately need a carpet cleaning after the flu hit our house a few weeks ago. :/

  30. I love spring becuase it is such a wonderful break from winter (which I really DO NOT like at all). The anticipation for summer is also what I like.

  31. I love the fresh smell of Spring when the flowers are blooming & birds start scoping out our pool…but the funniest thing is watching the kids see who is brave enough to get in the pool first! They all succeeded LAST NIGHT! BRRRR!

  32. I love the more daylight hours and the fact that we can play outside all the time!!

  33. I love more daylight and all the beautiful flowers…my allergies don’t so much love the flowers though! 😉

  34. Green dotted with all the colors of the rainbow. All growing are once again resurrected.

  35. I love the fresh air, the open windows, the sunshine and the welcome outdoor activities! I love how nature wakes up and everything is so colorful.

  36. I love all the pretty colors of Spring like the dogwoods & red bud trees!

  37. I love the little bunches of wildflowers (some may call them weeds) that the kids bring me.

  38. I love the feeling of moving from death to new life that is so visible in God’s creation!

  39. Spring is like a new beginning…..nature comes alive! Easter will soon be here where we celebrate Jesus’ resurrection!

  40. What I love about Spring is new growth and being outside ALL DAY, birds chirping and flowers blooming!

  41. Spring has the perfect temperatures!!! Not too hot, not too cold. House windows up and let the breeze blow in~

  42. What I love best about Spring is that everything begins having color again! All the green is back PLUS all the beautiful blooming colors of flowers, trees, bushes, etc. And yes, I enjoy mowing – so I’m excited about that, too! 🙂 Lastly, THE LONGER DAYLIGHT! Who doesn’t love that? It makes me feel good!

  43. We drove to Oklahomsa City and I was so impressed with the river walk near Bricktown because of all the beautiful landscaping. The Dogwoods, Lilacs, Crape and Pear Trees in bloom, was an Springtime Feast for the eyes.

  44. I love the smell of the fresh Spring air and the sound of all the birds in the morning.

  45. I love opening the windows and getting fresh air. The warm feel of it during the day and the crispness that you still get at night in the spring.

  46. I love the cherry tree that blooms in the backyard. I love the idea of fresh starts.

  47. Springtime is wonderfully refreshing and romantic–puts a spring in your step!

  48. I love the spring because of everything becoming green and new, new baby animals, etc…

  49. I love the sunshine and the warm weather so that my girls and I can play outside.

  50. I love the warm weather and how it brings the flowers, birds and people out of hibernation!

  51. I love it because my kids can get outside and play! They are a dirty mess at the end of the day, but happy and VERY easy to get to bed. A bonus for mom!

  52. I love everything blooming, the smell in the air and having my windows open with the cool breeze

  53. Spring… reminds me of new life, flowers blooming and starting fresh! The weather, kids laughing and playing in Gods beautiful world. Spring has sprung and everyone seems to be smiling a little bit more!

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