Giveaway: TWO free Heaven’s Best Carpet/Hardwood Floor Cleanings!

Thursday is December 1st, y’all, and that means Christmas is just a hop, skip and jump away. It also means lots of company for some of us! Wouldn’t it be awesome to get your carpet and/or hardwood floors cleaned before the relatives came to visit?

If that makes you say a big “AMEN!” we’ve got Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning to the rescue. For this giveaway, TWO mamas will score floor cleaning and there are no restrictions. Local owner Matt Lane said he will clean your entire house, no matter what the size (big, small or in between). Yep, you read that right.

Matt has cleaned our floors and he’s a super nice guy who did a fabulous job. I was finally able to say goodbye to some unwelcome stains that always seemed to pop back a few days after other professional cleanings.

We LOVE that Matt doesn’t bring in hoses and drag them through the house. He sprays a natural citrus cleaner (pet and child safe plus it smells really great) on the floor and then uses a special — quiet! — machine with absorbent cleaning pads to lift and trap dirt. You know what else we love? That our carpet was dry in about an hour. We’ve always hated having to leave the house for-evah because the floors just got cleaned and were too saturated to walk around on. Problem solved.

HOW TO ENTER: We’ll choose a winner on Monday, Dec. 5, so the two winners will have time to schedule a cleaning before Christmas if that’s what they’d like to do. If you want to wait until after the holiday, that’s OK, too. To throw your name in the hat, just click on the comment button below and tell us about one of the worst spills your floor has ever endured. Did you drop a brand new carton of eggs in the kitchen? Did the kids spill grape juice in the playroom and you didn’t notice for weeks? Did your baby have a blowout diaper and you forgot to put the changing pad down first? If we start thinking about all the yuck that gets tracked, spilled or carried into our houses every day, we can all agree that floor cleaning would be a fabulous gift to ourselves.

HOW TO BOOST YOUR CHANCES: You can increase your odds of winning one of the two carpet cleanings by helping us spread the word! Just email your friends/family about this giveaway and be sure to put on the CC line of your email. We will give you an extra chance to win for each person you tell!

ABOUT HEAVEN’S BEST: This company is new to NWA and is owned by Matt Lane, a married dad of three. Most carpet cleaners use a hot water extraction system that puts up to 10 times more water on your carpet, carpet backing, pad and subfloor. Heaven’s Best’s low moisture system only applies citrus and water based solution to the carpet fibers, where the dirt is. After a thorough vacuuming, the solution gently lifts dirt, dust and stains so ultra absorbent cleaning pads can absorb moisture and dry carpets in about an hour. No loud machines, no hoses dragging through your doors and along your base boards and no extended drying time (hallelujah!).

Local mom testimonial: “Matt Lane arrived at our house right on time – very important when you’re a busy Mom.  He uses a no hose, quick dry technique.  All the bad stains that I thought could not be cleaned are gone!  Matt did a great job at a great cost!  We will definitely be calling him again.”

Savings Head’s Up! If you don’t want to hedge your bets on winning this giveaway, Matt from Heaven’s Best is offering 20 percent off all floor cleaning the entire month of December. Woot! Call Matt at 479-427-9800 or CLICK HERE to visit the website. Matt is happy to come out and give you a free estimate.



  1. Hot pink nail polish & electric blue nail polish on carpet it looked like the 80’s threw up on the floor-since both grils tried to clean it themselves!

  2. My oldest had just drank some cherry koolaid than decided to get sick in the middle of the living room. Fun times!

  3. I have 2 boys one is only 2 and is always dropping his dippy cup by the way I haven’t found one yet that is leak proof or spill proof. That one also knock over red Sangria on our beige carpet!!!

  4. My dog had puppies (we didn’t know she was pregnant) UNDER MY BED ON CHRISTMAS DAY. So, doggy afterbirth… beat that.

    Kelsey Bardwell

  5. We’re in the process of potty training our boy by going straight to undies. Enough said. 🙂

  6. I would have to say my worst stain was melted caramel and chocolate! I did manage to get that stain cleaned up, but my carpets are horrendous! They need some real help!!!

  7. My worst spill was spoiled milk. My son hid his sippie cup filled with milk in a toy kitchen on it’s side. I noticed a gross smell in his room and finally found it. But not before it had soaked into the carpet. It was SO GROSS! I cleaned that carpet for 2 weeks before it started smelling better.

  8. To be honest I don’t know what it is except maybe high traffic dirt. We have several “mysterious dark” spots on our carpet that will go away when cleaned and then magically reappear in a few days…

  9. Our dog jumped up on my son, who was carrying his tray of food to the table and the tray went flying! We were having hamburgers and fries that night so needless to say there was ketchup everywhere! 🙂

  10. I have a two year old, there are spills everyday. We are attempting to potty train now, so as you can imagine the messes are abundant! We would love to have our floors cleaned!!

  11. Sunny D sippy cup dripping from room to room from my 2 year old son’s cup…all over new carpet..we had JUST moved in the house.

  12. Well I have 2 stories to share:
    1. At 8 months old my son, slapped my hand and knocked an entire jar of baby food sweet potatoes out of my hand. Went all over my carpet and chair 🙁
    2. This weekend I decided I would start trying to potty train. My son sat on the potty for 15 minutes. He went a little and I had a HUGE celebration. We danced and clapped and he got fruit snacks for a treat. While he’s standing there eating his fruit snacks, he decides to finish the job on the carpt in his room 🙁

  13. One of the most memorable spills on my carpet…my then 3 year old was holding a home-made smoothie in her hand. I told her to get back into the kitchen with it. She dropped it that instant. Dairy products seeped into the carpet, deeper and deeper. I CAN NOT get it clean. I was furious. And still annoyed when I see that stain! LOL

  14. Well, I have three children so we have many “mystery” stains; however, the most recent one was from our 100 lb Boxer, Mitsi. She apparently ate something that did not agree with her tummy and took it out all over our living room carpet. Sigh.

  15. My daughter rescued a new puppy (it still needs a home!) and it got very upset that it was left alone and decided to poo and pee all over the floor and down the stairs. Wonderful! We have 111 year old hard wood floors that are very poreous so as you can imagine it has been tough getting the smell out of the house.

  16. I don’t know about worst spills, but our kids love cocolate milk and we continously have chocolate milk spots in the carpet even with the no spill cups!

  17. One of my worst stains is dog throw up that occured while at work and the dog picked it up also and didn’t know it was there until a day or so later.

  18. About a week or so after my husband and I moved into our new house my mother-in-law spilled grape juice on the carpet. 🙂

  19. Oh my, what HASN’T been spilled on my carpets??? I have two kids and a grandchild at home so there are black spots EVERYWHERE that used to be simple spills, and then attracted dirt and grime… it’s disgusting. I’d love to actually have people over for an open house this year – help!

  20. before we even moved into our house one of the youth of our church spilled some sprite on the carpet. Well it didnt show up at first but now it gets all dirty in that spot. I think because of the sticky sugar.

  21. My Mother-in-law was cooking lentils in the pressure cooker
    and it exploded. We found lentils for weeks in every nook and corner in the kitchen and breakfast room. Not only the floors but the ceiling, cabinets, light fixtures, etc.
    Try cleaning this stuff off carpeting!
    Happy Holidays!!

  22. Just this weekend our black lab got into something that didn’t agree with her tummy while we were out of town. Apparently her “accident” sat on the carpet for a few hours, until our friends came to check on her. I was really thankful for good friends who were willing to clean up after her.
    On another note, Heaven’s Best really is the BEST carpet cleaning system. I used only them in our previous home outside of NWA. So glad to see someone started one locally!!

  23. The worst stain I have in my carpets have been from pets. But even worse, are the ink stains in my carpet from the previous house owners. I have had my carpets cleaned several times, and the ink as well as pet stains are just hard to get out. I would love to have them cleaned again. We recently had to put our dog to sleep, due to colon cancer. He had several accidents in our house, right before we found out of his illness. We are still paying the vet bills to this day.

  24. 4 kids, 3 dogs, a cat and a couple of messy big people – my carpet,tile and vinyl flooring has been violated! Too many creatures here and everyone insist of eating, drinking, pooping and peeing and not always where they are supposed to. I’m constantly playing CSI to figure out “Where did that spot come from?” “What IS that spot?” “What is that smell?” Please come remove the evidence!!!

  25. The worst thing that has ever been “spilled” on my
    carpet is either dog pee or dog poop. Yuck!

  26. Red and green paint…festive, huh? We bought our carpet 6 years ago when we moved in and BOY has it been through a lot. Moved in with 2 kids, now we have 4…and 2 dogs. Life is good, but our carpets are disgusting!

  27. I would have to say that the worst “spills” to hit our carpet are the ones that spill out of our kids – like throw up. That is so hard to get out of carpet – yuck.

  28. Our tv table tipped over when my cat jumped on it and hot soup spilled all over me (ouch!), the recliner and the carpet.

  29. I dropped a drip of strong face wash on my parents new carpet years ago :/ The spots still there from 10 years ago!

  30. Worst spills … one of those squishy balls exploded in my sons hand and it had blue, liquidy dye in it.

  31. No baby/kid major spills yet (but I’m sure it’s coming) but ya gotta hate when the dogs get diarrhea in the house during the day and no one is home to let them out!

  32. I woke up one night to the sound of splashing- like a bucket full of liquid -being emptied in the hallway. My daughter had eaten supreme pizza and orange soda for dinner and she threw it up on the carpet in front of the bathroom. The stain was a bright reddish color and about 18 inches in diameter. Nasty!!

  33. I had a baby bottle that fell behind a chair and was not noticed until it started to smell.

  34. One time I left a tea kettle on the stove long enough that the kettle was dry and the bottom melted. When I moved it, the bottom “dripped” onto the floor. We had to replace the floor.

  35. I’ve got six grandchildren and they have all stayed with me at one time or another — needless to say, I have LOTS of mysterious “dark spots” on my carpet and vinyl flooring.

  36. Someone had oil I guess on the bottom of their shoe and tracked it all through the house. You can see exactly where they went!

  37. Ughh!!! My inlaws just came and spent the holidays with us and one of the kiddos left a really nasty stain in one of the bedrooms. Looks to be a possible grape juice stain! Love family and holidays, but stains I do not!

  38. My son busted a huge bottle of Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce in our living room floor.

  39. Years ago, a hose came loose from our aquarium, created a vaccum…and almost all of the grose fish water siphoned out onto our living room carpet!

  40. I dropped and broke a whole bottle of olive oil on our newly tiled and not yet sealed floor.

  41. My preschooler and toddler are huge Oreo fans so I am always finding the chocolate pieces smushed and smashed into my carpet.

  42. Our worst is when my daughter was having really bad diaper rash I let her go naked around the house, the next thing I knew she had pooped majorly and it smeared everywhere!

  43. Its not a spill but my lab has a special place on the carpet she likes to pee on when no one is watching which has led to a stain/smell.

  44. My older son Evan threw up all over the living room floor, which for me was no big deal, but for our friend who didn’t have kids yet, didn’t like it too much esp since we were about to eat soup!

  45. A small boy with a fear of having to sit on a toilet plus a tendency to sneak and “hide” when the urge hit, in order to avoid said toilet seat….. Yikes…..!

  46. We have a dog that likes to get back at us when we leave her home alone. We usually put her in the laundry room, but occasionally a child will let her out before we leave without us knowing. Needless to say, our carpets could use a good cleaning.

  47. Our worst spill was when my daughter spilled hot pink OPI nailpolish in the bathroom. Luckily it was tile and not carpet, but there’s still a spot with a pink tint to it!

  48. The coffee stain in the living room is the most stubborn, followed closely by the vomit stain in the baby’s room.

  49. With 5 kids, I think we’ve seen it all from nail polish to wet Nestle Quik. Often, I can’t even figure out what causes the stain in the first place! But dog urine stains bother me more than the ones that show that kids live and love here!

  50. The time we didn’t realize the cat litter box was full for quite some time… p…u…!

  51. We have four kids, a 7 year old, 5 year old twins and a two year old. It’s hard to choose the worst one, considering all the spills and accidents through the past few years. Coffee and blueberry juice are probably tied for first. They defy all my attempts to banish them from existence.

  52. Wow! What hasn’t been spilled on my floor with 2 boys and 2 dogs! from thrown up spaghetti, to spilled paint, to both types of dog accidents – my carpet could use a serious cleaning!

  53. I just have so many stories for this one!
    Well, I love to cook. I was making a cream pie a few weeks ago on the stove, and absentmindedly put baking soda in it instead of cornstarch (I had the soda out for something else). It bubbled up like a volcano as I was cooking it, and spewed EVERYWHERE!

  54. Between the dog and my two kids we have had SO many spills! The worst might have been when my daughter spilled a entire bottle of Modge Podge on the hardwood floors. It was so goopy and dried so filmy that I ha to scrape and scrape it with my fingernails!

  55. Where to begin…worst spill ever was Scentsy wax on carpet…my boys thought they were helping by seeking their own refill!

  56. With two little ones our carpet never seems to be clean. Food and milk spills are at the top of our list.

  57. I have a dog, husband and 3 kids …must I say more! Of course I have never spilled my coffee or anything else…LOL

  58. Kids stains are the worst! I have a stubborn mystery stain in my living room and what looks to be a urine stain in the bedroom. Yuck!!

  59. Wow, we have fireplace ash, doggie stains, cat vomit, a shop working husband, and two kids! Plus, we have all the dust from the dirt road. Please! Help!

  60. This is so gross but here goes. My husband dips and his cup tipped over one time all over the carpet. Tobacco and spit! YUCK!!!! Enough said.

  61. Would love this! Many mystery stains from previous owners…maybe this could delay new carpet?!?

  62. My carpets are in desperate need of cleaning. I try really hard to keep them clean and vacuumed because my youngest has severe allergies and asthma and we cannot afford to put down new flooring. I know the dirt and dust that is trapped under the carpet probably contributes to a lot of his allergy issues.

  63. Okay, this is possibly TMI…but it is the worst. We have a Great Dane, who one time got a horrible GI illness that caused explosive…umm…you can figure it out! So, one morning, I awoke to the most horrible scene in my living room…floors, walls, furniture…..everything! I spent ALL day cleaning. 🙂

  64. Diet coke, coffee,and juice. The problem is that it looks like I clean it up and then the dirt just sticks to the stains like crazy! I don’t really notice until a week or two later.

  65. Oh no question…I have potty trained 2 kiddos so far in our house and by far the best method (in my opinion) is the ‘naked baby’ method so they can go any time they want (hopefully on the potty!) There are a few accidents though but thankfully we have all hardwood floors so it isn’t too bad…I’m sure I could just a deep clean though! 🙂

  66. Worst spill? Biscuits and gravy! Sun shone on it & wasn’t able to fully clean it until the end of the day. Still stained today!

  67. About 6 months after we put new carpet in all of our bedrooms, my four year old cut the bottom of her foot open. I was in the shower & she ran through my bedroom screaming & then ran out. I had blood ALL over my new carpet!!! It was a nightmare, but I managed to get the blood out:)

  68. Don’t know if this is considered a spill or an explosion, but our dog was sick one weekend and we found out he liked our living room carpet the best. Still stained, but I have rugs strategically place on the carpet. ; )

  69. Augh! Our carpet has had everything from juice, markers, high foot traffic, kitty hairballs, yogurt, and everything in between! With a new baby on the way, I really dread thinking about what she will be crawling around on when that time comes! Help! Please!

  70. Worst stain ever? When my young son tried to “color” the carpet with a sharpie.

  71. Doggie urine! Enough said? 🙂 I have used my carpet cleaner but it could use a deep cleaning for sure.
    Thank you,

  72. We have a dog and she made a big mess on the carpet.
    It is so hard to get urine stains and the smell out. Thank You

  73. This would be sooooo awesome. I have had 3 surgerys in the last year and could use the help to get my floor clean. Thanks so much , what a awesome Christmas gift that would be. 🙂

  74. I can’t even commit to just one, with boys in the house. Potty training is pretty bad, though. Can’t even count the number of times I’ve cleaned pee off the floor…

  75. Red Kool-aid. Yep, on my gold shag carpet–decades ago when my kids were little……….

  76. With 3 children, 2 dogs, and 2 cats my carpet has had every stain imaginable. The worst would be when I came home to a sick dog. You can only imagine what I had to clean up that day!

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