Giveaway: Spamalot tickets and dinner on Dickson!

UPDATE: Congratulations to Rhonda Gentry, assistant principal at Lingle Middle School. She won the two SPAMALOT tickets and dinner at Kosmos. Her ‘knight’ is so excited to go with her!

Awesome giveaway today, girls! If you like to go to the theater AND you like to laugh, you’ll definitely want to throw your name in the hat for these tickets — TWO opening night tickets to see the hilarious SPAMALOT musical at the Walton Arts Center on Friday, November 19th at 8 p.m. Plus, we’re throwing in a dinner gift certificate at nearby Kosmos Greekafe!! Yum.

You may remember that this show came to Northwest Arkansas last year and was a HUGE hit with audiences. So they’re back again this year to entertain those of us who weren’t lucky enough to score tickets to the show last time around.

If you have a husband or boyfriend who thinks he doesn’t enjoy the theater, this is THE show that will change his mind. And if he likes Monty Python,  this is a MUST-SEE show. So we’ll call this a “Boys’ KNIGHT Out” giveaway, and if you win the tickets you can either go with your knight in shining armor or let him take a buddy who loves Monty Python, too. Imagine all the “cool wife” points you’d score with this one. (Speaking of cool, this little plush “killer rabbit” which is featured in the movie is an item we found on Click on the fierce bunny to get details on it. Great holiday gift idea for a Monty Python fan.)

Tickets range in price from $59 to $79. We’re including a dinner gift certificate for Kosmos Greekafe on Dickson Street, so the dinner plus the two tickets mean this is a FREE date night that would normally cost you nearly $200!!

About the show: SPAMALOT racked up its share of Tony Awards, including the one for Best Musical. It’s a story about King Arthur and the legendary Knights of the Round Table. It’s based on the screenplay of the classic movie “Monty Python and the Holy Grail,” which is laugh-out-loud funny. SPAMALOT features a chorus line of dancing divas and knights, Frenchmen with gas, killer rabbits and a legless knight.

There will be three showings of SPAMALOT at the Walton Arts Center: Friday, November 19th at 8 p.m.; and Saturday, November 20th at 2 p.m. and again at 8 p.m. Click HERE for more ticket info or to buy tickets online. You can also call the Box Office at 479-443-5600.

About the food: If your guy is a real man’s man, then we know he’ll love the food we’ve picked out to go with this comedy. It’s a big, juicy Gyro at Kosmos Greekafe, which is just steps away from your theater seats at the Walton Arts Center. They not only serve big manly gyros but also lots of incredible salads and pitas, the Kosmos burger, Greek iced coffee and so much more. Click here to see the Kosmos menu.

HOW TO ENTER: To throw your name in the hat for the tickets and the dinner gift certificate, just click the orange comment button below and tell us what makes your “knight in shining armor” laugh out loud. The kids? Your jokes? The Three Stooges? Can’t wait to hear your comments. But remember that giveaways are always chosen at random, so don’t feel like you have to write the funniest comment to win. You can also e-mail your entry to us at

HOW TO INCREASE YOUR ODDS: Remember that your odds of winning go way up if you help us out by spreading the word about this giveaway. You get an extra chance to win for each person you tell. So send an e-mail to friends or family, and be sure to put on the CC line of your email so we can give you proper credit.

Good luck in the drawing! And pass the Spam!



  1. I would love to take my Dad to this. He has a great sense of humor and loves Monty Python. We enjoy going to events at the WAC together.

  2. I would love to take my hubby out on a real date~ no kids! Thanks Mamas, WAC and Kosmos!!

  3. The thing that most makes my honey laugh out loud is the act of aggrivating someone else! He loves to tease us and aggrivate! He smiles so big to see us a bit happily tormented! Of course, an afternoon of the 3 Stooges makes him pretty happy, too!

  4. I love Monty Python! Our family has had many nights laughing at the antics and we have lines from the original show that we say to each other. Always good for a grin!

  5. My husband never stops laughing at our kids. Our two boys are only 18 months apart, so they are inseparable but fight like only brothers can. Our youngest is always trying to keep up and say everything brother does. Our favorite is “humongous”. Quinn learned the word and uses it all the time, but Eli can only manage “mungus?”. It is hysterical and leaves us rolling every time.

  6. Currently, my knight laughs at me waddling around as I’m 9 months pregnant. In the past, he laughed at my corny jokes, and when I tickle his armpit and funny noises.

  7. Any Monty Python skit makes my hubby roll on the floor. Along with satirical comedies such as Airplane, Naked Gun, etc.

  8. i’ve heard nothing bu great things about this show, and who wouldn’t want a night out!

  9. My knight in shining armor makes me laugh when he plays Rock Band with the teenagers in his Student Ministry. Hysterical! 🙂

  10. the most unexpected things make my hubby laugh and then I start laughing because he’s laughing so hard. 🙂

  11. A true date-night with no kids – that would probably make my hubby absolutely giddy! Love the WAC!

  12. My knight laughs hardest when my 3 year old daughter immitates him – it really is funny!

  13. My son is a theatre major at the UofA and absolutely loves Monty Python…I would definately go on a date night with him!

  14. Don’t have one. But if I did, I think being able to laugh at myself and the funny things my children say.

  15. My husband really gets a giggle fit when one of our two kids says or does something unexpected. My son’s favorite line is “Are you kidding me” and he is just 3 years old. My daughter at 5 years old surprised us at the church caravan opening night by winning the hola hoop contest and boy did she not know when to stop shaking that bootie. Hilarious.

  16. My knight in shining armour makes me laugh everyday and spoils me rotten. He says I deserve it and he’s right, I do. This would be a great way to spoil him.

  17. My knight in shining armor loves to laugh at the Office and at Conan now that it’s back on.

  18. My knight in shining armor does all the cooking in my house and does not laugh when I cook. I am a lucky girl and I would love to send him to see this show!

  19. My knight laughs out loud at our dogs and how they are soo loyal to us even though we don’t give them enough attenton, they want to lay on us or sit in our laps whenever they can, this is funny to him because they bring us joy despite the kind of day we are having.

  20. My hubby laughs when my oldest son makes his own silly jokes. He nervously laughs when I tickle him.

  21. My knight laughs at all things Monty Python. He also does a good job of doing Monty Python which makes me laugh.

  22. My “Knight” is a bit rusty, but I might take my favorite lady in waiting (best gal pal) to see this…. Monty Python always makes me laugh.

  23. When our daughter giggles it makes my husband giggle. Her laugh is contagious. Would love to have a night out with him at WAC!

  24. My ‘knight’ is usually the one making everyone else laugh out loud! He wanted to see this last time. Great giveaway!

  25. I love to hear my husband laugh. Wrestling with the kids always makes him laugh – especaily when they gang up on him! It’s histerical!

  26. The thing that makes me laugh about my husband is watching him dance. He is actually a pretty good dancer, but it just cracks me up with some of the moves he comes up with.

  27. I would love to win the tickets for my knight in shining armour! He’s such a funny man that he’s the one who keeps our family in stitches. I’d love to give him a chance to laugh and enjoy himself!

  28. Watching our 1 year old daughter dance, and wrestling with our son makes my awesome hubby laugh. A night out sounds TA-RIF-FICK!!

  29. Oh, I would love to see this show! My husband’s not the biggest Monty Python fan, but I am (or was a few years ago, anyway)! 🙂

  30. I have been a fan of Monty Python’s sense of humor since I was a kid! And that’s a long time ago! Would like to see one of the plays from his movies! Dinner also would be a good addition. Thanks for all the great contests that you have.

  31. Laugh out loud moments would be sports bloopers. He could use a little theatre in his life and we could both use a date night!!!

  32. My Knight in Shining Armor (my husband David) loves funny movies! He also loves to watch the dogs playing in the back yard. We have three sons and between us all we have 7 dogs of all sizes and breeds. They are all rescue dogs and have made one big, funny, happy family! The smallest dog will dominate the biggest one. They play and chase each other and he just laughs out loud!!! This would be a WONDERFUL 30th Anniversary gift (a tad early). Our 30th wedding anniversary is December 20th. Laughter is what has kept us together all these years!
    Margie Hart

  33. My husband has always loved Monty Python. He even mentioned going to the theater to see Spamalot. Now you know he must love it if I don’t have to drag him to the theater for once!

  34. I grew up watching Monty Python with my mom. I’d love to take her to this show. She was recently laid off and would never allow herself the luxury otherwise.

  35. My knight is a numbers guy with little or no personality… jk. He needs to learn to laugh more… jk. Anyone would welcome a night out with friends, dinner, and Monty Python. =D In fact, late night patio conversations with friends is where you will hear him laugh out loud.

  36. My husband laughs the most at our kiddos. Kids are so innocent, but say the funniest things!

  37. My “knight” laughs when I call him my “knight in shining armor.” Mostly he likes one liners and puns.

  38. We live in a home with 3 boys, a cat, hamster and 3 dogs. If we didn’t find humor in our lives, we’d be completely crazy.

  39. My “knight” is usually a quiet man, but one that that makes him laugh out loud is when our 4 year stands in front of us and sings and dance to “entertain” us.

  40. Love Love love monty python…i would be so excited to win this drawing..

  41. My husband loves monty python…he can repete lines from the shows so long ago..He is also a natural Ham…tells stupid jokes that make me laugh…we laugh all the time…this is one of the resons I married him…

  42. My husband has an AWESOME sense of humor! He’s making US laugh more than he laughs, but he can get really tickled by something smart/witty!

  43. I hope the drawing isn’t over yet! I wanna go, too! We are huge Monty Python fans, which is always a sure laugh for hubby. But right now his best laugh is full of love when he and our youngest make funny faces and talk in silly voices – particularly when she pretends to hold her “goatee” (chin) and think out loud, too! Thanks, ladies!

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