Giveaway: Giant inflatable Easter bunny to “spring” up your lawn!

In late March, Bentonville and Rogers will be “invaded” by dozens of colorful 7-foot tall Easter Bunnies, Easter Eggs, Chicks and other cuties.

No worries, though. This is a friendly invasion of various Airblown Inflatable Easter decorations from Gemmy Industries and they’ll all be on display at various businesses and Easter events around town. (They’re sold exclusively at Walmart for $45.97– both in store and online.)

These inflatables are adorable, especially the star of the show: the Easter Bunny! And guess what? THREE MAMAS will each win one of these handsome rabbits in his spiffy bow tie and vest, courtesy of Gemmy. He’s seven feet tall, lights up and self-inflates in seconds. (You can store him in the box after the holiday.)

HOW TO ENTER: To throw your name in the Easter basket, just click the comment button below and tell us about your favorite Easter traditions. Remember, THREE MAMAS will win their own bunny. Do you all get dressed up and go to church as a family? Does the Easter Bunny leave a special basket of goodies in the same place every year? Do the kids love hunting eggs at great-granny’s house? We can’t wait to read these!

ABOUT GEMMY INDUSTRIES: Gemmy is a leader in Easter, Halloween and Christmas decor and novelties. In addition to the fun inflatables, they have all kinds of Easter baskets and plush toys right now. We like the sweet little lamb that walks forward and sings (we love that he plays “Sugar Craze”.) We’re also partial to those life-like animated butterflies and fireflies in a jar that they make.

We think it’s great that Gemmy is spreading Easter enthusiasm around Benton County with all the inflatables.

“It’s our way of saying ‘Happy Easter’ to our many friends in Bentonville and Arkansas,” said Jason McCann, President of Gemmy, “making it an especially joyous season.”

WHERE TO LOOK FOR THE EASTER BUNNY AND FRIENDS: As we said before, the Easter Bunny and his friends will be hanging out in Bentonville and Rogers in late March and stick around through Easter at  some great NWA family locations.

Here’s a list of where to be on the lookout for them. (If the location has a website, it will be clickable so you can go visit the organization or get more information about the upcoming event):

First Christian Church Rogers

First Christian Church Bentonville

Bentonville Nazarene

Rogers Activity Center

Rogers Boys and Girls Club

Bentonville Boys and Girls Club

Bella Vista Boys and Girls Club

First Friends Preschool

Stepping Stone Children’s Academy

Pinecrest Children’s Center

Evergreen Children’s Academy

Ballet Westside

All that Dance

Pinnacle Hills Promenade Easter House

Bentonville First Friday

Main Street Rogers Association

Hershey’s Easter Egg Hunt to support NWA Children’s shelter

Rogers Mayore Egg Hunt

Lake Atlanta Easter Egg Hunt

Doggie Easter Egg hunt –JB Hunt park

Community Easter Egg Hunt Siloam Springs

Eggs over Bentonville

Easter Egg-Stravaganza @ Parsons stadium

War Eagle Mill Easter Celebration

Good luck, mamas!


  1. Our tradition is going to my grandmas and having lunch. Then all the kids hunt egss (multiple times)! For a couple of years we didn’t really have any kids 🙁 but now we do, so this year will be really special!

  2. I love getting out my German Easter tree decorations and hanging them on the pussy willow in our living room. I remember doing it as a kid with my mother and now I get to do it with my kids. We actually just did it this weekend so a giant bunny in the yard would fit right in! : )

  3. We used to have an Easter Egg Hunt at our house in the backyard and at church. Now we take our daughter to local Easter Egg Hunts. She still plays with the plastic eggs from last year.

  4. We love to put out carrots the night before for the Easter Bunny. Love to watch the kids the morning of Easter looking for there baskets as the Easter Bunny hides them all over the place.

  5. We always start the day by dressing up and taking pictures outside (weather permitting). Then we are off to church. We always have an egg hunt, sometimes inside if we can’t be outside. I also have followed my grandmother’s tradition of making an Easter bunny cake. The kids love it even though they aren’t as little anymore.

  6. We get dressed up and go to Church! The day before we usually participate in one (or more!) Easter Egg hunts!! I remember when I was a child going to the local park for a HUGE Easter Egg hunt- the winner is whomever found the GOLDEN EGG!

  7. Our favorite tradition is definitely Easter egg hunts, but now that the kids are teenagers, we have to stuff the eggs with money, not candy!

  8. We go to church as a family and the kiddos love to color eggs and hide them over and over again!
    Thank you Mamas and Gemmy Industries!

  9. The Easter bunny comes the night before and leaves the Easter baskets in places that the kids have to find them. It is so exciting to find your basket! We then have a nice breakfast and go to church as a family. Our church always has an Easter egg hunt also which is fun!

  10. We always get an Easter outfit for church, go as a family, ten come home and have a huge family luncheon & egg hunt. I also invite all the kids to my house the week before to due all of their eggs.

  11. Easter baskets left by the door on Easter morning from the Easter bunny. My kids love the fact that that silly bunny can get in through a little bitty crack. I love the looks on their faces. What great memories.

  12. My mom does a huge Easter Egg hunt every year!! My brothers and I still hunt eggs and we love it!! I’m so excited to e hunting with my 3 kids this year!!!

  13. We usually go to sunrise service at church and then have the family over for lots of food and out door games. Its always a good time.

  14. The Easter bunny always leaves a basket of goodies for my son at his spot at the dinner table. I think since he is older, now the bunny may leave a trail and hide it!!

  15. I always look forward to the church services leading up to Easter as well the Easter Sunday service. I love dressing up my daughter, spending the day at my parents, and having a big family dinner. I love holiday traditions!

  16. We always went to church, then came home to search for eggs. I still think I need a new Easter dress every year.

  17. Our favorite tradition is to have a luncheon at the grandparents house after church and then have an Easter egg hunt in the back yard for the kids.

  18. We love Easter. The flowers. The colors. The real message of what Easter means. Eggs. Chocolate. I think we’re going to try the outdoor service at church this year.

  19. In our house, everyone gets an Easter basket, no matter the age. We also do egg hunts, even for the big kids!

  20. Brunch with the family and easter egg hiding for the kids—just spending the day together!!!

  21. Easter is our favorite time of year becaome I go home and visit my mother in FL and we go to Sunrise Service at 6:00 am then 11:00am service with the my brothers and sisters, neices and nephews then we have a huge family gathering at the park and share sttories and play games and enjoy each other. This year will be very special because my mother will be 83 years old and I am going to FL so that she can she her granddaugther for the first time she is 3 years old. Happy Easter.

  22. My favorite thing about Easter is being with my family! The lunch and easter egg hunt is something I always look forward to!

  23. My favorite Easter tradition is hunting for eggs in the backyard. I do lots of real eggs and plastic eggs. I love to see the kids faces when they find one. And I hide them really good!

  24. Our playgroup always has a big egg hunt at one mom’s neighborhood clubhouse and everyone brings an item to help fill diaper bags for local charity organizations. We always have a great turn-out & it’s such a fun family event, for a good cause!

  25. I love the book The Country Bunny and the Little Golden Shoes. I read it every year around Easter. We dress up, do jello egg jigglers, and of course decorate and hunt eggs. We can’t agree on a Church, so I read the Bible story to the kids.

  26. Every year our whole neighborhood has a Big Easter Egg Hunt for all the kids, grandkids, even ones that used to live there. The kids hunt for eggs, and the gold one. We provide drinks and snacks afterwards. Rewards are given to top participants. Then back to my parents house for Easter Ham, and other goodies…This has been going on since I was born, 40+ years :)I drive 5 hours to continue this tradition for my kids.

  27. we love painting EAster eggs and then we pull up flowers and make a nest for the bunny to leave the basked filled with goodies- then the bunny hides the eggs.
    tcogbill at live dot com

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