Giveaway: We’ve got 8 Broadway on Ice tickets!!

broadway on ice

Note from the mamas: Danika Dingman won the eight tickets. Congratulations, Danika!

Just in time for the Winter Olympics in Russia, the Walton Arts Center stage will transform into an ice skating rink for the show Broadway on Ice.

There will be four performances from Friday, Jan. 17- Sunday, Jan. 18 — and we’re giving away EIGHT TICKETS to see the show. Woo-hoo!

FYI, there will also be a special sneak peek at the Jones Center for Families on Sunday. Professional skaters from the cast of Broadway on Ice will be at the Jones Center on Sunday, January 12 from 2-3 pm for a โ€œSneak Peekโ€ Exhibition. The Ozark Figure Skating Club will also have an exhibition and along with prizes, an open skate and more, this event will make a great afternoon outing for the whole family!

broadway on ice sneak peek

ABOUT BROADWAY ON ICE: The show celebrates the artistry of figure skating and embraces the magic of classic Broadway musicals like A Chorus Line, Cabaret, Rent and The Phantom of the Opera. Broadway on Ice features Davis Gaines, the longest running actor to play the mysterious opera ghost in The Phantom of the Opera, and Ira Lauren, a soprano of international renown.

HOW TO ENTER: If you’d love to win these eight tickets, just click on the comment button below and tell us about one of your recent excursions on ice — or snow — this winter season in Northwest Arkansas. Have you and the kids enjoyed sledding? Built a snowman together? Did you slip on an icy water hose like Shannon did? ๐Ÿ™‚

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You can also earn extra chances to win by commenting on our Facebook page, following us on Twitter or following us on Pinterest. If you do any of those, just mention it in your comment or email so we can give you proper credit. – See more at:
You can also earn extra chances to win by commenting on our Facebook page, following us on Twitter or following us on Pinterest. If you do any of those, just mention it in your comment or email so we can give you proper credit. – See more at:

If you want to make sure you don’t miss the show, tickets range from $29-$63 and can be purchased by clicking HERE or calling the Walton Arts Center box office at 479-443-5600. Good luck!



  1. We have had lots of slippery walks and sled rides between our house and my parents. We load all the littles onto sleds, put Yak Trax on the older, and head up the hill to play, eat yummy food and get warm. It is a tradition I love and I realize how lucky we are to have family within walking distance.

  2. I haven’t been out in the snow or ice much this season. I have stayed inside because I hate driving in it!

  3. We have had fun sledding and making snow cones. We also went ice skating at the Jones Center. Would love to take the kids to see this.

  4. We love the snow and have gone sledding and on nature walks whenever we get a little. We also love to ice skate and go to the Bentonville rink as much as we can during the season.

  5. We’ve been going out and feeding the birds! watching them peck at the food in the snow right outside the window is so fun! I also had some pinecones left over from holiday decorating. We have spread peanut butter on the or honey, then sprinkled with birdseed and left those in the snow for them. ITs so fun!

  6. My kids, 17 and 7, loved sledding down our hill. We’ve lived in this house for 7 years, and have watched people sled over the years, but never joined in. We all had so much fun that we were actually sad to see the “iced in” days disappear. With the age gap, it’s not always easy to find something they both truly enjoy. It’s always a treat when we do.

  7. We are enjoying our snow day today with snow ice cream waiting for us after lunch! Yumm, Yumm! Enjoy it yourself- 2 cups milk, 1 cup sugar, 1tsp vanilla, and 2eggs. Mix together and add clean snow to thickness you like!

  8. Oh my gosh, I love broadway and ice skating! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve enjoyed watching the snow fall outside, and have been meaning to make it to the Bentonville skating rink before it closes for the season. So fun!

  9. We’ve taken lots of walks in the woods by our house in the snow. We don’t usually walk in the woods but the snow makes it fun!

  10. We have SO enjoyed this icy, snowy weather! We just moved in June and were so happy to discover that our new neighborhood has a GREAT sledding hill! It’s so sweet watching all of our neighbors trudging through the snow to get to the sledding spot! We even made new friends while sledding, who had us over for hot cocoa afterwards! I’ve been SO happy to have my sweet kindergartner home these extra days too! We LOVE snow days! Snow cream, baking, crafting, snuggling, and of course, romping in the snow! Thanks for another great giveaway! This would be a COOL one to win! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. We’ve spent a lot of time in the snow this winter season! We’ve made snow angels, attempted to build snowmen, ate snow ice cream, jumped on the trampoline covered in snow, and all sorts of fun things. My 4 year old’s new favorite thing, though, is to get her shoes on and “ice skate” on our back deck! So, these tickets would be perfect for us!!!!!

  12. We love the snow and ice. My seven year old learned fast that running on ice is not a good idea. Lol she couldn’t sit for a couple of days. They also got to go ice skating with grandma for the first time and loved it.

  13. Had a blast sledding with the kids at Paradise Valley golf course. Not venturing out today, too cold for me. Daddy is on duty with kiddos today and they just left truth their sleds . Would love to see the skaters with the family.

  14. The kids have enjoyed playing in the snow and having snowball fights. I got stuck in my neighborhood driving on the ice. Fun times!

  15. We have built snowmans, made snow angels, and slipped across the ice (not on purpose either) but this time it was all indoors due to the frigid tempatures

  16. My favorite part of this snowy winter has been bundling up on the couch with my boys, staying warm and watching movies. My son is a sledder though, so that would be his choice. I’m from the Deep South and no matter how hard I try, I can’t warm up to winter weather very well.

  17. We have 2 new puppies so we’ e had quite the adventure playing in the snow the last few days. Poor little guys don’t know what to make of it!

  18. Nothing like having the neighbor come over and let you know that your truck has slidden out of the driveway and into the street! Yickes that was a close one! Didn’t hit anything thank God for that.

  19. My most memorable ice moment this season would be driving into the ditch while trying to make it up my steep ice covered drive. Generally, I prefer to avoid the ice, but would love these tickets! ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. The last big snow & ice we had at Nwa I could not get my SUV up my driveway & in my garage. I carefully parked my vehicle by our curb & stepped out & fell right on my rump, it hurt but I laughed so hard & of course looked around to see if anyone saw me. ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. My 3 year old loves snow for about 12 minutes. He plays in the fluff less time than it takes to dress him for it!! So we haven’t had too much family snow fun this year.

  22. We had no sled during the Dec snowstorm so we took one of our empty Chriatmas decoration plastic bins, hooked up a dog leash, and pulled the kids around the neighborhood all week! When we were packing away our Christmas decorations this week, my one year old excitedly hopped in and begged for a ride!!

  23. Fortunately, I was on a cruise ship going through the Panama Canal when Arkansas’ first snow storm arrived. I am 84 years old but skated at the Jones Center a few years ago on the Seniors Skate Day and only fell down twice. My grandchildren are nearly all adults now but skated at Jones’ Center a few summers ago.

  24. My daughter had a Girl Scout skate Christmas party at Lawrence plaza in Bentonville. Last year we only got a chance to go once. Well, I was walking up, looking around thinking she was hanging on one of the leaders. Nope! There she was skating wonderfully on her own!!! I was so excited!!! I got my skates on quickly and joined her! It was a great time!

  25. We’ve really enjoyed all the snow this year – from sledding down our sloped backyard (unfortunately or rather thankfully) being stopped suddenly by the privacy fence to making special snow messages with colored water – the snow has been Fun + Memorable!

  26. The most fun we had was sledding down a steep hill by our home. Trash can lids work wonders and the screams coming from my son were hilarious, especially since he was the once who had begged to go sledding in the first place. I hate the “out of school” and dangerous driving but you can’t put a price on the “forced” family time and creative ideas born out of boredom! We would love to see this production on ice!

  27. We took my 3 year old daughter ice skating for the first time this year. She loved it and was trying to do turns before she even figured out how to skate.

  28. My kids have loved playing in the snow! Our 1 year old daughter loves anything cold in her mouth so it was like a dream come true for her!

  29. What an adventure it was on December 5 trying to get my daughter to the airport in Northwest Arkansas to make her flight home to Saudi Arabia, she had been visiting for 2 weeks. On the way there we found out all flights were cancelled as the winter storm rolled in with rain, sleet and then snow. We quickly called the airline to find out there were two seats left on the last flight out of Tulsa. She booked those seats for her and her 2 year old son. It was a long slow drive to Tulsa, ice the whole way. We got their 50 minutes before the flight was to leave and was told when we got there the flight was over booked by 2 seats and they should hurry and check in at the gate. Held up in the security line, they insisted on doing a body search of my daughter because her son had fruit pouches in his carry on. She made it to the gate to find out the flight was being delayed. Many prayers later, she took off for her first connecting flight in Minneapolis, MN. She arrived too late in MN to catch her next flight to Amsterdam. She was stuck in MN in subzero weather with a two year old and no coats. While on the other end, in Tulsa, it was late and the sleet and snow kept coming down. I was stuck, no way to get back home to NW Arkansas.
    However the story has a great ending, both she and I were given complimentary hotels rooms. So we settled into a warm hotel room, had room service and waited out the storm. She made it back home to Saudi Arabia where her other two children and husband were anxiously waiting for her arrival; and, I made it back to NW Arkansas safe and sound.
    This story’s ending can only get better with 8 tickets to Broadway on Ice, for you see I have other grandchildren with whom I would also like to have an icy adventure.

  30. This winter our family enjoyed playing snow because my son are not afraid to touch the snow anymore. Yayyy!!! He made snow angel! He’s so excited.

  31. I haven’t really got to enjoy the snow as much I would have liked. So I really need to go to this to make up for it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. I’m not much of a cold weather person. I enjoy indoor ice;) I would love these tickets for a girls night out with the neighborhood gals. We have all been stuck inside and could use some mommy time!

  33. This past big ice/snow storm we got made for Lots of fun with my 5 munchkins! Snow Icecream, sledding down this huge hill by our house….snowmen being built, snow alligators, forts & attempted snowball fights

  34. We’ve had to re-schedule our girls holiday dinner so many times due to ice and snow it’ll be St. Patty’s day before we can make it work with this crazy weather. An indoor ice show would be just the ticket to warm our spirits!

  35. My biggest excursion on the ice this season was taking the dogs to be groomed and falling in the parking lots had a wee bit of a concussion…what was that? Do I know you? lol…much better now and would love to take the grand princesses to see this!

  36. I have not played much in it myself, but have encouraged the teen son and granddaughter. and i’ve kept the bird feeders full!

  37. Grand daughters took ice skating from the Jones Center for a few years and loved it. Have to give it up for awhile now and they miss it so much. Would love to take them to this ice skating show. Loved watching the girls make me a little snow man this year. It was like 2 feet tall and so adorable.

  38. We have had lots of fun in the snow.. I have built an it works snowman to advertise for the company with all the products on the snowman. At the daycare I am working at, we have played in the snow in the water table and also wrote in the snow with markers. There are lots of fun activities to do with the snow.. I love this time of the year.

  39. I don’t do ice and snow on the outside but I do enjoy looking at it out the front windows! I make my husband drive me everywhere because I’m such a wiennie!

  40. I have taken 2 lovely spills in this wonderful winterland!!! I would love to stay in by the fire in my pjs but when you’re a farmer that’s just not an option! We have gotten some accident free sledding in as well, so that makes the two spills not so bad!

  41. Being very much pregnant this season I’ve had to watch from the warmth of my kitchen through the window at my kiddos playing outside! We did manage to have snow ice cream and freeze bubbles! (I also retweeted the giveaway!) thanks, Motherlode!

  42. This cold snap not so much, but the last one: We played outside, attempted a snoeman, and had snowball fights with our neighbor families. So much fun! I commented on FB, follow on twitter, and follow on pinterest.

  43. What a great & fun outing it would be for all the kids! Would love to be able to treat mine & my friends kids!

  44. My 11 year old has been sledding in this snow, but since we have an almost 2 year old, we have to do lots of playing inside, too! One activity we did today incorporates both outside and inside fun! My oldest scooped up some white (being careful to stay away from the yellow snow!) after his brothers nap, and made some snow ice cream off a recipe from my Pinterest account! Of course lots of pics were taken!

  45. We have stayed inside by the fire drinking hot chocolate and enjoying the ice/snow from our warm house!! The kids love snow days and I enjoy having everyone stuck inside with me as a family! Something our busy schedules don’t afford us too often!

  46. I had the best time sitting by the warm fire, eating Milk Duds and watching the beautiful snow falling outside. Life is good!

  47. I have not been in the snow much but my kids have. I was the one inside cooking and keeping the fire built so they could get warm when they came. Made me very thankful for all my Mom did for us when we were kids.

  48. We took our 6 day old little one over to grandmas house for dinner. Lots of blankets and prewarmung the car! Grandma was thrilled to meet the newest little one!

  49. This would be perfect for my family of 8. Never seen a Broadway show on ice. We have been struggling with sickness and now getting better. We have been making snow icecream , sledding behind the fourwheeler and of course snow ball fighting. Our favorite.

  50. Bought two very different kinds of sleds for my two grandchildren. The bigger one could hold two children and was like a tobaggan. The other was a small sit upon that can go really fast …they have races in Colorado with these with really big kids, like daddies. Each child grabbed the right sled, screaming, “I want this one” And the fun began…thankful to have some winter fun in spite of the cold temps…we are huge Winter Olympic fans and would love to see a professional program in person.

  51. I hae not been out much in this snow and ice – trying to stay safe! Just took 4 year grand daughter to frist movie – we saw Frozen. It would be great to take her to her first play – and it be on ice! Love the WAC.

  52. It’s extremely much too cold to be out in this snow but we did slip and slide our way to the Christmas train ride in Springdale before Christmas! It was a scary trip but worth it because the kids had fun!

  53. My husband really knows how to lighten my “motherlode”. He is the one that graciously takes our two boys sledding. It was too dangerous to drive to our usual sledding spot, so John and the boys took a hike through the neighboring pasture in cold and snow to their favorite place to sled. I was home waiting with the fire and hot drinks to warm them up when they arrived home. My husband and I are both teachers and we enjoy these precious snow day moments with our sweet boys.

  54. It has been awhile but we went to the Jones Center to go ice skating. My son absolutely hated it but my daughter loved it. She was even to the point that she wanted to take lessons. It is a lot of fun but my son found that falling gracefully was not in the cards. LOL.

  55. We haven’t stayed to long outside in the cold but we have been out a few times to jump with the snow on our trampoline. My daughter loves to see the snow bounce around. And I just try not to fall and hurt myself.

  56. My husband took the kids out sledding down the hill in our backyard everyday last month when we had our big snow. I went along too on the first day, but after that, I decided to remain in the quiet house! (I’ve never been a big fan of the really cold weather.) I do love to watch ice skating, so I think our whole family would enjoy the show tickets at the WAC.

  57. My daughter has had th chance to go flying down our road in Bella Vista on an old fashioned sled that my mom had saved. We also went sledding down the big hill next to our house, into the woods. Making lots of memories and feeling very blessed!

  58. My twin’s first real snow this year, they were quite intrigued by it and my big girls loved playing in it and eating snow ice cream.

  59. We have enjoyed the northwest arkansas snowy weather by sledding and drinking lots of hot cocoa to stay warm!

  60. Been looking out the window enjoying the view, I have 2 surgeries coming uo , but found out a week ago it was Not Cancer so just taking a little tine to ourselfs to enjoy the beauty of Winter.

  61. We enjoyed the snow day as a family by building a bird feeder. We installed the bird feeder outside the dinning room window on a big oak tree. It has been too cold outside for the kids to play in the snow so atleast they could watch all out new birdies land on the feeder and eat. It was an educational activity but also fun!

  62. My 2 girls and I have enjoyed our time off together! Yesterday we filled balloons with food coloring and water and put them outside overnight. This morning we woke up and peeled the balloons off of the ice and had some awesome colored ice spheres! They loved it!

  63. My only adventure has been indoors with my new baby, by the fire, watching his big sisters, who are 12 and 14, play outside!

  64. Every year our family makes a funny Christmas video as our card. This year we had our girls do a funny lip-dup to the Drifters version of White Christmas. We were inspired by the beautiful snow and we also shot some of our video at the Lawrence Plaza skating rink in Bentonville. I hope it’s o.k. to post a link – I just love this video…

  65. We went sledding (ok 2 times down) on Sunday. With a 6 yr old you can’t say no (right?) but you can know it won’t last long (so go ahead an give in lol)

  66. My kids & I had tons of fun sledding, building a snowman and them watching me shovel the driveway!
    They were elated & I was smiling & exhausted by the end of the day.

  67. We have been taking full advantage of all the snow days this past month. Our favorite has been walking to our local high school and Sledding down the drainage ditch. So much fun!

  68. We enjoyed building a cute snowmam in front of our house. we walked for slippery roads with many falls, we slided with my husband, my two daughthers and my son. I think they enjoyed more eating ice from the trees. It was very nice time.

  69. My daughter and I have had fun so much fun in the snow. I have pulled her around on her sled, we’ve made snow angels and built a snow cat (as best we could with the powder snow). She just loves to crawl around in it like a wild animal. Hoping to get to ice skate while it’s still open. This winter has made for a lot of fun!

  70. Our excursions have been limited to our yard but we’ve had plenty if fun building a snow man, making snow Angela, eating lots of snow ice cream (my favorite!), drinking hot chocolate, creating art and enjoying some family bonding. This would be so much fun to take my daughters to and make more memories! Thanks motherlode!

  71. We have enjoyed snow ice cream by the fire most every day we could, and I think both kids know the recipe by heart…great memories!

  72. My kids love building forts in the snow and will stay out all day, I on the other hand walk outside for 5 minutes and bust it on the ice covered sidewalk. For my tailbone its best I stay inside by the fire.

  73. We moved here from Minnesota so when it snows my daughter gets all excited and tries to build a snowman. Then we have a snowball fight.

  74. The last big snow my 3 year old and I played in it for about an hour. He couldn’t stop talking about making snow angels so our backyard was covered w/them!

  75. During our last “snow and ice storm” the kids enjoyed playing out in the snow. We hopped (or slid, rather) on over to our generous neighbor’s for a sledding adventure. So much fun!

  76. I did a lot of running in the cold and ice preparing for the Fayetteville half marathon, MY FIRST ONE! With much drama due to the delay in the race because of ice and snow, i finally completed it and got 2nd in my age group! I am 6 years cancer free and proud of my accomplishment!

  77. We had an ice storm in between Thanksgiving & Christmas. We lost power and had to go stay with my mom. It was a great family time. My brother and his family came to stay too and we made lots of memories with our kids. The ice was beautiful. We took an evening drive and looked at all the white, shiny trees. The kids thought everything was snow, but it was ALL ice.

  78. We’ve had so many fun adventures in the snow! Love this winter so far even when it wasn’t officially winter ! Love spending the extra time with my children..cherish it so! My favorite was making a snow angel !

  79. I have 4 tiny humans that can’t wait to get out in the snow! They love to make snow angels, snowmen, snow balls and go sledding as I photograph it all. (Snow makes some of the best pictures!) Then we come inside and snuggle by the fire! I love every minute of it!

  80. The best part of this winter has been the trip to Florida with the grand kids !
    We enjoyed Orlando, disney world, and cocoa beach! We would love to take
    The family to the Walton arts center !

  81. Movie Time……Game Time…..Baking lots of goodies. And drinking lots of Hot Chocolate Its been some great family time

  82. I finally braved it to the grocery store yesterday, and coming home I was slowly turning off the highway onto the main street leading to mine, but on the packed snow and ice, my car wouldn’t turn or brake–I almost t-boned a little red truck! I gently pumped my brake and stropped just in the nick of time. The funny thing is, the guy in the truck didn’t even see it happening, or surely he would’ve been freaking out–like I was……..

  83. We chased each other and threw snowballs at each other that didn’t stick together very well. It’s fun to throw and not get hit in the head with a snowball!
    She made beautiful snow angels too and a small mountain with a tunnel.

  84. I am a teacher, so the fun of a โ€œSnow Dayโ€ comes at the cost of the fun of a โ€œSummer Day!โ€ We have really been enjoying the snow and ice. We have been sledding, and taking four wheeler rides. Which means a lot of โ€œdonutsโ€ in the driveway! We have enjoyed snuggling on the couch as well as a day at the Ice Rink in Bentonville. Even though I will be teaching well into June, I would not trade these days with my son for anything!

  85. Lots of fun in the snow this year – snowmen, snow castles, snow angels – you get the picture! But, my favorite part is the hot cocoa after the snow fun.

  86. We enjoyed an icy, snow hike around Burney Falls in Northern California over Christmas break .. ๐Ÿ™‚

  87. My family and I have had so much fun in NWA this winter. We moved here last January and my son is two years old. This is the first winter that he has been able to enjoy playing in the snow. At first, I didn’t think he would like it. But after he saw Mommy sledding down the hill in our backyard in Bella Vista, he wanted to “Sed Mama”. So I put him on the sled with me and down we went!! He laughed all the way to the bottom. Then we had to do it over and over until our faces were red and noses running. ๐Ÿ™‚ My husband did manage to hit the only tree in our yard while sledding down the hill. No engeries, though, just a lot of giggles from me and the little guy. I enjoy the snow days here. It’s nice to get outside, feel the crisp air in my lungs, and spend quality time with my boys. ๐Ÿ™‚

  88. We live next to the perfect sled hill, long enough to be fun but short enough to walk back up without groaning! We put extra sleds out on our fence for all the neighborhood kids to use then sit back and watch the fun!

  89. We had so much fun sledding together as a family. Only second to the wonderful memory was how much my 2-year old enjoyed having hand warmers in her mittens the whole time…what a great invention!!!

  90. my daughters and I have enjoyed sledding, making snow ice cream, and snow ball fights. Lots of great memories.

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