Doc Talk: My kid can’t go to sleep!


In a few weeks, those of us who have kids in school will be herding them all back toward a decent bedtime. It’s easy to let good sleep patterns fall by the wayside during summer break, and sometimes it’s really tough getting back into a school routine. But what if your kid just can’t seem to get to sleep, even after hours of trying?

Click the video “play” button below to see Dr. Adegbenga Olayemi talk about this problem and some possible solutions. Whether it’s a medical or behavioral issue, a pediatrician and/or a sleep specialist can help you get to the bottom of why your kid isn’t getting enough sleep.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Olayemi, call the Mercy Pediatric Clinic at 479-636-9234. To schedule an appointment about sleep problems, call the Mercy Sleep Clinic at 479-338-3570 located at 2710 Rife Medical Lane in the Physicians Plaza.

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