Doc Talk: Picky Eater answers!


If you don’t have one of your own, we bet you know one — a picky eater. So many of us struggle with how to make sure our picky eaters get what they need nutritionally, and it can be so FRUSTRATING! So we decided to talk to a local pediatric nurse practitioner — who also happens to be a fellow mom of three — and get some practical advice on the subject. Karyn Sherar, ANP, is a pediatric nurse practitioner in the Lowell Medical Center. Click on her photo on the right to hear more about her background. To schedule a visit with her, call her office at 479-770-0700.

Doc Talk is like a virtual trip to the doctor’s office — short online videos of doctors, nurses and specialists answering questions on a variety of health topics. This feature is sponsored by Mercy Health System of Northwest Arkansas. Click on the “play” arrow below to hear more about dealing with picky eaters.