Doc Talk: Heartburn during pregnancy

We all know a loaded chili dog can cause a nasty case of heartburn, but what do you do when the “chili dog” is a baby who has taken up a 9-month lease in your uterus? Don’t worry, the doctor is in and he’ll give us the info on why heartburn during pregnancy can be such a problem and what to do about it.

Dr. Hugh Donnell is a family physician and OB with Rogers Medical Center, which is located in the Physician’s Plaza in Rogers near the hospital. He has seen LOTS of pregnant women over the years and then takes care of those babies, even into adulthood. We’ve visited with Dr. Donnell many times, and we’re always impressed with how interested he is in listening to women talk about health care — what we want, what we don’t want, and why.

For more on Dr. Donnell’s training and background, click on his photo at right. Then click on the play arrow in the video window below to take a virtual trip to the doctor’s office for more info on heartburn and pregnancy.