Ginger Snap Crafts: How to make an adorable lightbulb snowman ornament + other Christmas ideas

Guest post by Ginger Bowie, Ginger Snap Crafts

This is a repost from Ginger at Ginger Snap Crafts. She has some of the best ideas, so we thought we’d share this post again!

Here’s how to make this adorable {light bulb} snowman ornament.

For this project you’ll need:
light bulb, fabric strip, cotton ball, ribbon,
buttons, black paint marker, hot glue gun,
metal hook, orange cardstock, twine or thin ribbon

Here’s how you’ll assemble your snowman ornament:

one~ You’ll get your fabric strip (about 2 inch X 4inches long) & iron the edge up.
two~ You’ll hot glue the fabric {folded side down) around the silver part of your light bulb.
three~ Put a small piece of cotton ball inside your soon-to-be-snowman’s “hat”.
four~ Tie the top of your “hat” with a piece of twine. Fray the edges with scissors.
five~ Tie a ribbon around the skinny part of the light bulb to make a scarf. Glue into place with just a dot or two of the hot glue.
six~ Draw on eyes & a mouth with the black paint marker & then glue on a orange cardstock nose.

Isn’t he cute?

Add a hook to the top & he’s ready to hang on the tree!

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Thank you so much for having me over!
Hope you all have a wonderful holiday season.

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