Beauty Buzz: Beauty Products We Love

Okay, mamas. We know you love trying products that your fellow mamas swear by. So we polled a group of mamas and asked them to send us a few short descriptions of their “can’t live without it” beauty products. If you’ve got a few favorites you’d like to tell us about, click on the word “comment” below and let us know. After all, beautiful mamas need to stick together.

Keihls Olive Oil Shampoo and Conditioner: After three kids and about 20 years worth of highlights it is the only thing that will keep my hair soft and I have tried it ALL!

~tip from Heather, mom of 3

Clinique Naturally Glossy Mascara: I’ve tried all the OTC mascaras that are supposed to be so great without clumping, but they never hold up to the promises. I love the Clinique product. It goes on smoothly and doesn’t look obvious that I’m wearing mascara. It’s more expensive but worth it.

~tip from Kari, mom of 1

“Well-rested” under eye concealer by Bare Minerals: When I saw that the name was “well-rested,” how could I not try it? I bought it a few weeks ago and have been loving it ever since. I was one of those hold-outs who was convinced that anything in powder form would never give me the coverage I need under my eyes, but I have to admit that the Bare Minerals folks have won me over. Love their foundations, too.

~tip from Gwen, mom of 3

Hempz Volumizing Conditioner: Normally, when I condition, I’m always unhappy with my hair that day. This is the first one that’s so weightless – and really does add volume – that I like my hair better with it.

~tip from Kari, mom of 1

The Body Shop: Vitamin E under eye cream. It really is my little miracle. It tightens, highlights and brightens the bags under my sleep deprived eyes. It looks like a pink tube (about the size of Baby Orajel for the moms) and I buy about 6 tubes at a time and keep it stashed everywhere. Don’t use too much though or it looks cakey.

~tip from Heather, mom of 3


  1. These are fabulous for anyone who starts to “shine” during the day. They are 100% linen papers and instantly absorb excess oil without disturbing your make-up and leaves your face with a matte finish. I LOVE THEM!!! Especially in the humid summer months.

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