Beauty Buzz: Help! My eyelashes are breaking off!

beauty buzz,

Dear Andi,

My eyelashes are starting to break and look sparse. I think it may be because I have to rub so hard to get my mascara off. Do you have any ideas for how I can make my lashes healthier while still wearing mascara almost every day? Help!

Ouch, that does not sound like a fun way to end your day. I also like to wear mascara every day, even on a bare-faced day.

vaselineFirst thing, you need to have the right tools for removing your mascara. I’m assuming if it is this hard to take off, that you are using a waterproof or long-wear formula. Either way, water is not going cut it.

There are oil based eye-make removers, but any type of oil (ie: olive oil, baby oil) will get the job done. Since coconut oil is the duct tape of the beauty world, I’m recommending you pick up a jar. Baby shampoo or petroleum jelly can also be used and will not irritate your eyes.

Once you have chosen your cleaner, saturate a cotton ball with it and hold it against your lashes for about 20 seconds while the oil does its job. Begin GENTLY wiping the underside of your lashes upward, in the same motion you apply your mascara. It may take a few passes to remove it all, so GENTLY repeat the motion. A q-tip can be used to GENTLY remove the mascara closest to your lash lines.

Remember to GENTLY wipe, not tug at your lashes. Are you sensing a theme here? Let me GENTLY remind you that the skin around your eyes is very delicate and any rubbing will cause you to get wrinkles or droopy eyelids at a younger age.

The oils applied daily will help to repair the damage that is already done.

After you wash your face, apply a small amount of coconut oil or Vaseline to your lashes to help replenish them while you sleep.

eyelashesIf you want to give your lashes a break from the daily routine, give eyelash extensions a try. My sister got some recently and I was blown away! They last about 3-4 weeks, and then you just need a touch-up to maintain the fullness.

Contrary to popular belief, extensions will not damage your natural lashes.

If applied properly, they fall out with your eyelashes at a normal rate, which is why a touch-up is needed. You don’t have to wear mascara to make your eyes pop, so it can be a huge time saver, but if you can’t resist or need a little extra oomph for a night out, only apply mascara to the tips of the lashes to avoid clumping at the base.

Eyelash extensions are rising in popularity and are being offered at more salons and can cost over $150 for a set. I recommend getting references or ask about the training a technician has had. It is definitely a splurge, but the results are really impressive.

If your eyelashes are naturally full, but maybe too blonde or light to make an impact, try having them tinted a darker shade so they stand out more for around $15. This might help you need mascara less and give your eyelashes a break from time to time.

Now, let’s all wish this rain away so we can send the kids outside to run off some energy.

Otherwise, I will probably have cried my mascara off by bedtime and this will all be a moot point. Happy Soggy Summer!

AndiAndi Davis is the mama of three little ones and when she’s not playing house, reading them a book or trying to get them to go bed on time — adores playing with makeup. She loves to answer your beauty questions (including those about hair) so send ’em on over! Just email them to mamas{at}nwaMotherlode{dot}com.