Beauty Buzz: Low-key looks for mama on Halloween

By Andi Douglas, beauty editor and mama of 3

I’ve never been a big Halloween fan and put minimal effort into past costume attempts, the most recent being at least ten years ago. But, now that I’m responsible for planning my kids’ costumes, I find myself wanting to join in the fun.

Does that mean I’m going to go all Kiss and don full face paint? Uh, no. But these Halloween-inspired beauty tips are just the right amount of whimsy for a mom who still has a PTA meeting or a 9-5 to attend.

This thought process was kick started when I saw this stunning eye makeup tutorial (above) from (Click here to see the entire tutorial.) I love using different colored eyeliners and already have a purple and the necessary shades of shadow in my random sample/freebie stash.

I am a big fan of NYC or Rimmel makeup for these one-time-use makeup needs and you may even discover a perfect shade that you wouldn’t have tried otherwise.

If you are a fan of nail art, a candy corn inspired manicure is a yummy way to show some spirit. The tutorial for this manicure (below) was found on Pinterest of course, and made this seem doable, or even easy to an experienced nail artist. (Click here to see the tutorial over at the original source, thebeautydepartment.

Still, seems daunting? Try alternating solid color nails for a similar feel.

If a true costume look is what you need, never underestimate a washable marker. I used this last year when my 3 year old daughter decided she wanted to be daddy for her Halloween party at school. A markered-on goatee and some of her brother’s razorback gear and she was ready to go.

The good news: when she decided to be a cat that night, all I needed was a diaper wipe and a black marker and, bam, instant kitty. It was so much easier to both apply and clean off than face paint, it was a perfect choice for a finicky preschooler.

Now, check out some of the many and varied events going on in NWA to show off your fab look and have a Spook-tacular Halloween! Sorry, was my lame pun too scary for you?

Andi Andi loves playing with makeup and answering questions about makeup. If you have a question for her, email it to mamas{at}nwaMotherlode{dot}com.