Beauty Buzz: Tips for removing temporary tattoos after the game!

By Andi Douglas, nwaMotherlode beauty editor

The awesome Go Hogs Giveaway  has inspired me to go all out for the game this weekend, including Razorback temporary tattoos and face paint. I’ve avoided them in the past because of the mess and clean up headache afterward.

The temporary tattoos are easy and fast to apply but can linger for weeks if you don’t know how to take them off (which is why Lexi has half a rock star tattoo on her arm in her school picture).

I found a few tips on removing the eyesores before school on Monday:

  1. Apply olive oil to the tattoo and rub vigorously until it’s going, going, gone. Continue to add oil as needed. The olive oil is best for sensitive skin and won’t sting like alcohol or nail polish remover would.
  2. Take some clear scotch tape, apply over the tattoo, and rip off. Don’t worry, scotch tape isn’t sticky enough to hurt — only sticky enough to remove temporary tattoos.
  3. You can also put baby oil on it before bed and when you wake up it will most likely be gone, but I can’t guarantee the safety of your pillowcases.
  4. Jergen’s All Purpose Face Cream is fantastic for tattoo removal, if you have it available, and best for face tattoos. Apply the cream and send your kids off to play. They’ll come back tattoo-free. No scrubbing necessary.

Face paint can easily be removed with cleansing wipes and lotion. The headache lies in the application. Here are a few tips for the super fan in your family.

  1. For a large area, use a sponge to apply the paint instead of a brush. It will be quicker and will give an even coat for painting on top of.
  2. Be patient and think thin. Let the first color dry completely before adding a second for sharp lines. Also, avoid thick layers of paint, which may crack, and apply a thin layer, let it dry, then apply another.
  3. Use stencils to get the just the right shape. Some face painting kits include the stencils or print out a shape on card stock and cut it out for a DIY face stencil.

Have fun and let your kids go Hog Wild Saturday. At least now you won’t have to worry about a school picture with a Razorback tattoo in the center of your darling’s forehead!

*Photo by Frank Peters on Flickr

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