Beauty Buzz: 10 Common Make-up Mistakes with Foundation

By Andi Douglas, nwaMotherlode beauty editor

While cleaning out my old magazines, of which there are dozens stashed around the house, I came across a great article in the October 2007 issue of Better Homes and Gardens. Even though it’s not recent, an article called Ten Makeup Missteps”, which focuses on foundation, caught my eye because of the timeless advice on applying foundation and the fact that my summer glow is long gone and it’s time for me to start wearing makeup again. Here are the 10 Missteps and how to avoid making them:

  • Your makeup seeps into pores and lines. Prep skin with a primer, which fills in all the nooks and gives makeup something to grip onto.
  • Your skin is dry and flaky. Mix a drop of moisturizer into your foundation.
  • You choose your foundation color by matching it to the skin on your arm. The skin on the inner part of your arm hasn’t had the sun exposure your face has, so the color is not the same.
  • You apply foundation all over. Eyelids and ears don’t need makeup.
  • Your makeup stops at the jawline. Be sure to brush a little foundation on the neck area. You don’t want your face to be one color and your neck another.
  • Your skin appears mask-like. If your makeup looks too heavy, it’s best to wash it off and start again.
  • You use a darker foundation to look tanned. Stick with your regular shade, and warm the tone with bronzer.
  • You forget to take a quick look in the mirror. Take the time to rub out errant foundation streaks. *I am so guilty of this, after applying in a rush in the dimly lit playroom, I am always shocked at the spots I find in the car mirror.
  • Your foundation is over a year old. Pitch it. Oxidation causes the shade to darken and it may be harboring bacteria.
  • You forget the cardinal rule. Foundation should enhance skin, not conceal it.

Now if my husband asks, I can say this is why I keep all of those magazines. You never know what great advice you might forget!

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