5 Minutes with a Mom: Jill Langham

Jill Langham

Name: Jill Langham

Where do you live in NWA? We live in Springdale.

What brought you to the area? Originally, I moved here to help open the Christian Book Outlet stores. I worked at the one in Harrison and was asked to move to help start stores in NWA.

Children’s names and ages:

Tanner – 18
Rachel – 10
Porter – 6
Grady – 3

Where did you grow up? I grew up in Western Grove, AR. No one knows where that is unless you’re from there. 🙂 It’s just south of Harrison, AR.

How would you describe a typical day in your busy mama life? Weekdays consist of getting up way earlier than my kiddos to have a quiet time before I get them up at 6:30am. Mornings are usually hectic getting out the door for them to get to school and me to work. I work Sunday through Thursday and weeknights are usually spent at kids activities and some rare nights at home just hanging out. It’s a busy but oh so fun life!

You’re pretty busy on Sunday mornings, too, right? Tell us about your job at Cross Church in Fayetteville: My main responsibilities on Sundays are making sure everything is running smoothly with our preschoolers, their families, and all of our volunteers.

We have a rotating list of about 200 Preschool volunteers for Sunday that I’m privileged to work with! During the week, I oversee our preschool staff and organize any activities that we have where preschoolers will be in our care to help maximize the time we have with them to make the most of every opportunity to share Jesus with these precious kiddos. I also help with our greeter and cafe teams for Sundays and help place new volunteers in serving positions throughout our church.

Favorite all-time movie? Steel Magnolias (with The Notebook running a close second!)

Last book you read? The Inheritance of Beauty by Nicole Seitz

What’s some great parenting advice you used and then passed along to others? The advice I most often got from my mom was “Don’t do anything stupid”. I have sort of revised that and with my kids and with some of the girls I mentor, I just ask them to judge anything they’re doing with the question, “Is it wise?” Something may be permissible, but ultimately, is it wise? Always choose the wise thing.

Something you’d love to learn in the future? I have always wanted to learn how to play the piano or the guitar.

Do you have a favorite phrase? Y’all! – I know it’s just a word, but said just right it can also be a phrase. 🙂

What’s your favorite guilty pleasure? Donuts!!

What’s the best thing about being a mother? For me, seeing my kids displaying things they’ve been taught at home and at church is awesome! Seeing them becoming great people and kids who love Jesus is the most I could ask for!

And the hardest thing? Seeing them hurt either by others or by choices they’ve made themselves. (And chasing after a VERY active 3 year old – that’s pretty tough!! 🙂

What’s your favorite way to relax? I love a good cup of coffee and a good book. A quiet place to enjoy both of those is just about the most relaxing thing ever!

One word to sum me up … Grateful