5 Minutes with a Mom: Leah Carpenter


Name:  Leah Carpenter

Children’s names and ages: Isabella 7, Chase 4, Campbell 3

Where were you born/raised? I grew up in Cave City, Ar. All of my family lives there.  I went to the same school (and even had some of the same teachers) that my mom and dad had.

How long have you lived in NWA? Ched, Isabella, and I moved here 5 years ago. 

What are your favorite hobbies? Reading, creative projects, snow skiing

What’s your work background? I teach second grade at Prairie Grove Primary. Ched and I planted a church called Reunion. So, on Sundays you can find me in the children’s church.

What’s your favorite thing about summer? Hmmmm… sleeping in. I also love having time to play with my kids and not being behind on my laundry.

If you could go back in time and have a “do-over”, what would it be? Ched and I got married when I was 20.  We then spent the next 7 years working with Chi Alpha at Arkansas Tech University.  We had so much fun!  I really enjoyed hanging out with the girls (oh the stories they have) and trading clothes.  So, if I had a do-over, I would live in a dorm my first few years of college instead of living at home.

What’s something that has surprised you about motherhood? Even though we never have time to stop and smell the roses, our kids help us find time to turn around and save the turtle in the middle of the road, feed it, name it, and set it free in a new place.

Your favorite place to hang out with your family in NWA? Ched is a huge sports fan, especially baseball.  We have tons of fun at the Naturals games.  It is very kid friendly.  The kids love the activities between innings, the inflatables (esp the one that sprays mist), the play ground, all the food, Friday night fireworks, and of course Strike.

Is there anything new in your life that’s bringing you joy? Ched surprised me with a ring by Holloway Designs. This year is our 13th anniversary, and in our house 13 is a lucky number!  It has 13 diamonds, the 13th anniversary stone, and if you look long enough you can see a 13. (I also got a new vacuum cleaner, and it is amazing!)

What’s your favorite way to unwind? A large glass of sweet tea, somewhere kind of quiet, and reading a book or magazine.

Tell us something funny about you: In my phone, I keep lists!  I love them.  I not only keep the typical list, but Leah’s crazy ways of keeping herself sane and not bored list. I have a list on How to survive a trip with 3 kids (always bring along bungee cords- they have numerous uses, from hanging bags from the Disney Stroller to fixing a broken futon at a cabin). The list I am continually working on is Thoughts and Wonders of a Mother of 3 (4 if you count Ched) (Why do they make dryers with the timer on one side and the start button on the opposite?  Every mother has a basket of socks that have lost the match on top of the dryer).

How would you describe yourself to a new friend? Easy going, sarcastic, always looking for the up side, real-I am who I am

What’s something you’d like to do but haven’t had time lately? Go on a date with Ched!

One word to sum me up: Blessed!

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