5 Minutes with a Mom: Lindy Kern

lindy-kerndscf0825_ita_001.jpgName: Lindy Kern

Where do you live in NWA? My husband, Adam, and I  live in Rogers. We’ve lived in NWA for about 9 years.

Child(ren): We have three sons.  Alex is 7, Easton is 5, and Landon is 3.

Where did you grow up? I was born and raised in the small town of Clarksville, AR.

How would you describe a typical day in your life? Very busy.  We get up around 6:15am because my two older sons don’t like to rush in the mornings before school. I usually take about 30 minutes after they leave to drink my coffee and just be quiet (if my 3 yr. old will allow it!).  Then, it’s running errands, doing housework, preschool, Bible Study Fellowship class, whatever is on my schedule for the day. Once school is out, we have homework, ball practices, and other activities. I (sometimes) prepare a home cooked meal, we eat together and then relax. I always read to my boys before bed and we say our prayers. I love to read and watch TV before going to bed.

Favorite all-time movie? There are so many good ones!  I like “The Holiday”, “Thelma and Louise”, and I have to say, “Dumb and Dumber.”

Last book you read? “The Hidden Diary of Marie Antoinette”, which was my Book Club’s choice. I read all the time, and prefer good fiction, but I read a wide range of books.

Parenting advice you used and then passed along? One of the best things I use is setting a timer to keep everyone on schedule. I read it in a book when Alex was about 2 yrs. old. He would fight me about getting dressed, eating, taking a bath, going to bed and it was very exhausting.  Now, I tell the boys that I’m setting the timer for 3 minutes and when it goes off, we have to do ………… It seems to work really well and I’ve convinced them that it’s not me, but the timer who says it’s time to get moving. So far, they believe that. I have passed it along to my friends when they have struggled with the same battles. Also, if the boys are fighting, I make them each stop and say something nice to the other. It seems to diffuse the anger a little.

Something you’d love to learn in the future? I would love to learn about writing and publishing a book. I have always wanted to be a published author, but haven’t really set my mind to it yet. I know it is hard work and getting published is a tough business and a long process. Still, that is a long term goal that I have and would love to learn more about it.

Favorite phrase: “Say something nice or be quiet.”

Guilty pleasure? Staying in my PJ’s and watching movies or reading in my bed sounds great to me. I also love a good Spa Day, and throw in some cake and cookies. Do I have to pick just one?

Best thing about being a mother? Watching my boys grow and learn.  Seeing their expressions the first time they discover something is priceless. I love the fact that they look so similar, but each one of them is an original. Their personalities are just fascinating to me. They keep me laughing, crying, worrying, and it’s certainly never boring. It’s a special kind of love that is impossible to explain.

And the hardest thing? Figuring out what to do in every situation is very difficult.  I want to do the “right” thing every time. I don’t like having to figure out by trial and error. I’m a planner, but there is no planning for a lot of situations with kids. It’s a huge responsibility to raise the kids right and I want to do the best I can possibly do.

What do you like most about Fall? I LOVE the beauty of the trees! It’s especially beautiful in NWA because we have so many trees that change every different color.

Are the kids excited about dressing up for Halloween? We’ve only been discussing it since September!! They love Halloween. I have to decorate their bedrooms and everything! Alex is a Clone Trooper, Easton is an astronaut, and Landon is a spider this year. I love to see what they decide to be each year. My husband is a Harlem Globetrotter. It’s a lot of fun!

What’s your favorite way to relax? Sadly, I relax by shopping. It is my special kind of “retail therapy.” I can shop ‘til I drop. I also love to read and even do different projects like paint, draw, refinish furniture, or decorate for relaxation. Spending time with my family can be relaxing too.

One word to sum me up … blessed.