Five Minutes with a Mom: Emily Garrett


Name: Emily Garrett

Where do you live in NWA?  East Fayetteville

Child(ren)’s names and ages: Maddisen 10, Phoebe 5, Cooper 2

Where did you grow up?  Northern Arizona

How would you describe a typical day in your busy mama life? Everyday is different, but I try to start each day by spending some time in God’s word and in prayer. When I make time for those things, everything else seems to go smoothly for the rest of the day.

Favorite all-time movie?  Les Miserables

Last book you read?  Respectable Sins

What’s some great parenting advice you used and then passed along to others? Pick your battles. Some things just aren’t worth the fight.

Something you’d love to learn in the future? I am working on learning to control my temper and hope that I can continue to get better in the future.

Favorite phrase: “I’ll send you to the moon” My Grandma would say this, jokingly with a fist when I could misbehave.

Guilty pleasure? Hot cookies fresh out of the oven.

Best thing about being a mother? When my kids tell me they love me, and mean it.

And the hardest thing? Not knowing their future, and trying to trust God to take care of them.

Are the kids excited about Spring Break? Yes, especially my oldest!

What’s your favorite way to relax? Take a hot bath, put on comfy clothes, and put my feet up.

One word to sum me up … Perceptive