Last Chance to Enter: $1,000 Home Makeover!

Editor’s Note: The winner has been chosen and will be announced on Friday! 

Mamas, we’ll choose a winner at random on Wednesday (23rd) so make sure to sign up for this awesome Fall Overhaul giveaway from Modoa Interiors if you haven’t already! If you’ve been gone on vacation or somehow missed the announcement, it’s $1,000 smackeroos to update a room ifall-leaf2.gifn your house — $500 for goods, $500 for services.

HOW TO ENTER: To throw your name in the hat for the Fall Overhaul giveaway, click the word “comment” below and tell us which room in your house you’d like to change and a little about what you wish it looked like. (More organized? Brighter? More fun? More relaxing?) You can also send your entry to us via e-mail at

The comments have been coming in fast since we opened this giveaway up last week and judging from what we’ve read, it’s so important for us to have a space at home where we can unwind and make the world go away. For the majority of our mamas, that place appears to be the master bedroom. Second place: the living room.

Since the bedroom is top of mind, here are a few of the boudoir comments Northwest Arkansas moms have written:

We have been married for 11 years (next month) and our bedroom still looks like a college dorm. We just ordered a bedroom suit but I could use help picking out paint and decor. HELP!Manda

why-color.jpgI would love to have my bedroom re-done. It’s so neutral right now and needs a big punch of color with art and new bedding. I want to make it a place that is relaxing but also rejuvenating that excites me to take on a new day with enthusiasm.Jennifer

I would love to have my bedroom redone. I am a single mother working one full time and 3 part time jobs. It would be great to get home from the end of a long day and have a nice calming place for some me time.Waynette

My bedroom for sure! I have one picture of my son on the wall and an OLD hand-me-down dresser that the drawers fall out of when we open them and then a bed with no frame. No decor at all! it’s very bland and doesn’t look or feel like a bedroom other then the fact there are clothes everywhere because we have nowhere else to put them. I work full time, go to school full time, and take care of my family so I don’t have the time or money to spend on doing the room myself. I would love a relaxing room that I get a relaxed happy feeling when I walk into.Heather

My master bedroom needs a makeover. I can live with the furniture although all of it was free…hand me downs…and I mean ALL of it. My walls are white. They need color but I am scared of what to do in this room. I want blue, but haven’t done a thing. It just needs help so BADLY. I would like our room to have color but still ooze “relaxation”.Holly

bedt11552010.jpgI would love to have a makeover for my master bedroom. It has turned into a catch all room for all the “extras” in the house. The kids bring their toys in and they never seem to leave. It would be nice for my husband and I to once again reclaim this space for ourselves. Thank you!Brooke

A relaxing master bedroom would certainly be the ticket in my household. After running my three kids all over town and then feeding the whole crew, I would love a peaceful getaway to read, sip some tea, and catch some zzz’s. Right now it is just a stopping point for unfolded laundry!Kristy

My master bedroom needs some serious TLC! It’s the one room in the house that we always overlook when we’re updating. It’s full of mis-matched furniture and toys! I’d love for it to be a real retreat at the end of the day.Sara

Our poor master bedroom should be an escape for my husband and me, but it’s the absolute last thing our “to do” list…and you can certainly tell!Catherine

bedt10129825.jpgOur Master Bedroom is always the most un-relaxing room in the house. Being military, we move quite a bit and the whole house is always unpacked before our room. I would love for our Master Bedroom to be more than just a room to sleep and keep all the stuff that I don’t have a place for!Kerum

I am so tired of my bedroom. I have repainted my kids’ rooms twice since we moved in, but our bedroom is still the same tan color it was when we moved in. It needs professional help in the design department. I want it to feel clean and uncluttered. I want better storage solutions. I am open to color options but lean toward black and white with splashes of other colors like green or red or blue.Lesha

And Carol summed up what so many of you are feeling:  There are so many rooms in my house that need help, I wouldn’t know what to choose. It would be nice to have at least one room that is well decorated and looks like an adult lives here.

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  1. Are you still taking entries? If so, please throw my name in the hat. Add me to the list of moms wanting a master bedroom makeover. We’ve lived in this house for 3.5 years and I still don’t have anything on the walls of my bedroom.

  2. I’m not asking for a room makeover for myself, but for my daughter. She’s a great Mom and I’m so proud of her. Her master bedroom has not be redecorated since she and husband built their home. I’d love for them to have a haven to retreat to when they need time alone (if that’s possible with two children and a dog). 🙂

  3. Corey,

    Yes, we’re still taking entries through Wednesday. Your name is in the hat!

    I feel your pain about bare bedroom walls. I’ve been inspired by this giveaway to re-do my own bedroom. Modoa Interiors will be here tomorrow and I can’t wait!

    -Shannon M.

  4. I would love our living room redone. It has so many doors leading into it that it feels like a walk through. We have a nice view so I’d love some better seating and maybe a better computer desk since that is where our computer is. Also, this is an old house with a serious lack of storage, so adding some creative storage would be nice. One other thing would possibly be a place for the kids to do their homework. A lot for one living room. Definitely a challenge!

  5. We just moved into a new house and would LOVE to have a room done! Our living room needs help (it is odd shaped and drives me crazy)! hehe OR the playroom..its a mess and disorganized! AHHH the decisions 🙂

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