Want something different for your next haircut?

Hi, mamas! Let’s talk hair.

Every now and then we get the STRONG urge to just do something completely different at our next haircut appointment. We’re always on the lookout for a good celebrity photo that we can use to show our stylist which hairstyles we’re loving so we can get her opinion on if it could work for us, too.

We also like to watch the hair trends, too. This year, from the research we’ve done online, it sounds like retro hairstyles are coming back in a big way. It pains me to write this but a few of the articles linked to below even mention… (gulp) the mullet! (Please don’t. We beg you. All these years later, we’re still haven’t seen anyone who makes that cut look like a great idea.)

But other less controversial retro styles (like curtain bangs and shag haircuts) are also popular now as well as natural color, like this shot of Ellen Pompeo (of Grey’s Anatomy fame).

Thankfully, the low-maintenance styles are also staying popular as we (hopefully) head into a post-pandemic phase. There’s a little bit of everything out there.

If you’re shopping for your next haircut inspiration, we’ve rounded up four articles that list this year’s most popular styles, along with several celebrity photos so you can see the look.

Happy hair days, mamas!  Enjoy!

Links to hair trend research

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