Top Toy Trends: Squishies are taking toy aisles and YouTube by storm!

toytrendsbannerHave you heard of Squishies yet? If not, we bet your kids are about to tell you plenty about this little toy that’s sweeping the nation (and YouTube, too)!

Our friend and sponsor, Lindsay Ramsey of Kindness & Joy Toys, said Squishies are extremely hot for the back-to-school season and they’re quickly becoming the go-to stocking stuffer for Christmas.

What is a Squishy? It’s a little like those “stress balls” that used to be so popular with adults several years ago. Almost every cubicle worker in America used to have one. But today’s Squishies are often scented and they’re made of a memory foam-like material. Once you squish them down flat, they’ll automatically bounce back to their original shape.

Many kids like the Squishies that are on a keychain because they’re easy to attach to a backpack.