Northwest Arkansas Holiday Shopping Guide: Stocking Stuffers

stocking-stuffers-headerKindness and Joy Toys

No matter how old your kids are, they still love digging into their stockings on Christmas morning to see what small but special gifts might be hidden in there. For some new ideas for stocking stuffers, we asked Lindsay Ramsey, owner of one of the hottest new toy stores in Northwest Arkansas — Kindness & Joy Toys.


Tenzi: Everyone gets ten dice. Someone says “Go.” Then everyone rolls and rolls as fast as they can until someone gets all their dice on the same number. Tenzi is recommended for ages 7 to 97 but can be adapted for players younger than 7 under supervision with the dice. This quick, entertaining game is a great after-dinner activity. Cost is $15. Click here for more info.

Watchitude: Watchitude watches have comfortable silicon slap bands that are printed in full photographic color images. Watchitude watches come in a wide range of colors and patterns, making it the perfect gift for a variety of ages. (Gwen bought one for her daughter and liked it so much she wanted to wear it herself!) Cost is $20. Check out the shop’s Instagram page to see a video of the Watchitude slap watch in action.

Where to shop: Kindness and Joy Toys doesn’t have a store front, so you can ship the toys to your house or to the person receiving the gift. (She gift wraps! Hurray!) Also, Kindness and Joy will have a Pop-Up Shop at Sara Kathryn’s in Fayetteville on December 10th from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. (if you want to order now and pick up at that event.) They’ll also be at Shop For Mankind/3 Monkeys in Rogers on Thursday, December 15th from 10-2, if you’d like to order and pick up there.

How to contact: Visit website by clicking here; Message via Facebook; Find it on Instagram; Email owner by clicking here.



stocking-stuffers-bubble-fizz-collage2Bubble and Fizz Shop

Left: We fell in LOVE with these Duckie Bath Cupcakes when we saw them at the NWA Boutique Show. We bought several of them for the kids and tweens/teens on our Christmas list. The bottom part of this bath cupcake is a fizzy bath bomb, and the frosting is a solid bubble bath. (Use both for one bath or use one part at a time for two separate baths.) The rubber duckie separates easily from the frosting, and the ducks are available in green, blue, yellow or orange. (During the holidays, you can even get duckies that are wearing scarves and winter hats!) The scent smells like tropical fruits, sugared oranges, lemons, limes and mountain greens. Cost is $6 per cupcake.

Right: What if your kids’ bubble bath soap was squishable and squeezable — something they could shape, mold and play with in the tub? That’s exactly what Bubble Dough can do! It’s a lot like that other famous “dough” kids play with, only this one will help them look forward to bath time and get them clean even when they think they’re just playing. This handmade soap is gentle, light-lathering and available in scents including tutti fruitti, grape, lemon, orange, cherry and even fresh cut grass! It comes in a resealable container so you can save any leftover dough for the next bath. Cost is $2.75 for a 2 oz. ball of dough.

Where to shop: Bubble and Fizz Shop is a new local business doing pop-up shops at regional craft fairs, but you can always shop online at the Bubble and Fizz Shop (on Etsy) or message the owner via Facebook with questions and/or info about your order. NOTE: Bubble and Fizz Shop will be at the Wampus Wonderland Holiday Arts and Crafts Show on December 10th (10 a.m. to 6 p.m.) at the Washington County Fairgrounds. Free admission. There will be arts, crafts, food, music, and bubble and fizz!

How to contact: Visit the website; Follow on Instagram; See more on Facebook.