Common reasons why things don’t stay organized

We’ve all been there — spent several hours organizing the kitchen (or bathroom, garage, playroom, closets, etc.), but then six months later, it’s a mess all over again. It’s so disheartening because all that time spent straightening, de-cluttering, and buying cute bins suddenly feels wasted. Why won’t all those organization efforts last for longer than it takes for a kid to outgrow his shoes? WHY?!

We’ve been asking this question for years. That’s why this article on the RealSimple magazine website jumped out at us. In this article titled “Here’s Why Your Home Doesn’t Stay Organized,” professional organizers dive into the 5 most common reasons why an organized space goes off the rails and falls back into its messy ways. If we’re being honest with ourselves, these experts nailed it. This article really does capture the cold hard truth about what we need to do to keep an organized space functioning the way we want it to.

If you want a more organized household (or office workspace), click HERE to read the RealSimple article about organization. Knowledge is power, mamas! We hope these 5 tips will make our next organizing project last for years to come.


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