Giveaway: Win tickets to see “A Christmas Story, The Musical” at Walton Arts Center

What a yucky day! How about a giveaway to brighten things up?!

We’ve got FREE TICKETS for one lucky mama to take her family to see the A Christmas Story: The Musical at Walton Arts Center on Dec. 10. The show runs Dec. 10-15, but these tickets are for opening night! By commenting on this post, you’ll have a chance to win 4 tickets to see this hilarious show.


From the songwriting team behind the smash hit Tony Award®-winning musical Dear Evan Hansen and the Academy Award®-winning film La La Land, A CHRISTMAS STORY: THE MUSICAL brings the classic 1983 movie to hilarious life on stage.

Set in 1940s Indiana, a young and bespectacled Ralphie Parker schemes his way toward the holiday gift of his dreams, an official Red Ryder® Carbine-Action 200-Shot Range Model Air Rifle. An infamous leg lamp, outrageous pink bunny pajamas, a maniacal department store Santa and a triple-dog-dare to lick a freezing flagpole are just a few of the distractions that stand between Ralphie and his Christmas wish.

Nominated for three 2013 Tony Awards including Best Musical, the Associated Press calls A CHRISTMAS STORY: THE MUSICAL “a joyous Christmas miracle,” while The New York Times writes “I was dazzled. You’d have to have a Grinch-sized heart not to feel a smile spreading across your face.”

Great for all ages.

Watch a sneak peek here:


If you’d love to win these 4 tickets to see A Christmas Story: The Musical, scroll down to the bottom of the post and past the comments posted by other local moms. Then write a quick comment telling us about something you wanted sooooooo badly for Christmas when you were a kid (like Ralphie’s overwhelming desire for the Red Ryder). Or tell us about a holiday gift one of your kids was just obsessed with receiving!

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  1. I remember very much wanting this certain baby doll where you didn’t know if it was a boy or girl when you bought it. You had to open it and place the diaper in water to reveal the gender. I cannot recall the name or line of these dolls, but I did end up receiving one from Santa!

  2. I wanted an American Girl doll. When my sisters got one I think my parents assumed I was too old 😔

    My daughter has a small collection since I never got mine.

  3. I wanted an Easy Bake Oven when I was a kid, and was thrilled to find it under the tree Christmas morning!

  4. I remember begging for Care Bears. I didn’t get one for Christmas, but did finally get one as a sympathy gift when I broke my big toe. Lol!

  5. I wanted one of those toy pottery wheels so bad, I circled it every year in the Sears catalog but never got one.

  6. Puppy surprise!! I remember getting one for Christmas after a short obsession over said present. I bought my daughter one a few years ago. She liked it but it sure didn’t spark the joy in her that it did in me!

  7. Oh I can’t even remember what it was called now, but it was a doll that moved her little scooter as she “walked” and if she bumped into something she would giggle. I wrote Santa several letters and remember asking at LEAST 2 Santa’s for the doll. And lucky me, someone heard! 🤣

  8. My son just left for boot camp today and will be for one year since he follows boot camp with deployment. I would love this Christmas to take my daughter to the show to try and keep her positive while her brother is gone.

  9. I wanted a Teddy Ruxpin for Christmas one year, but I didn’t get it. After playing with a friend’s though, I was kind of ok with not getting one. 🙂

  10. I remember one of the best presents I received when I was young was a huge Crayola Art Set. I was so proud of it. And as it turns out I went on to become an Art teacher!! <3 <3 <3

  11. Samantha (American Girl doll) for me. I did get her and I cried. It was the first time I remember crying happy tears.

    My daughter was obsessed with getting a baby sister last year….Santa delivered…eight months later.

  12. The Fuzzy Pumper Play Doh Barber Shop! My mom didn’t want me to have one because the play doh would get stuck in the shag carpet. HA!

  13. I remember wanting a Kerry doll whose hair would grow longer by dialing the knob on her back!

  14. I wanted a Barbie dream house!! My daughter got one from Santa a few years ago and I was just excited as she was!

  15. I wanted a pair of white roller skates with big pom poms…mid 80’s!! My friends and I were The Breakfast Club! Lol

  16. I wanted a cabbage patch doll so bad one year for Christmas. It was the year they first came out and everyone was going crazy. My mom ended up winning one from a local store in a give away, but knew with having two daughters she was one short. She ended up standing in line at the local Walmart for several hours so she could have one to give to me and my sister. I Didn’t learn this story till many years later. Was so blessed to have amazing parents.

  17. I wanted a barbie dream house (and got it)
    My son wanted the polar express train set (and got it)

  18. One year I asked Santa for one of baby Cabbage Patch dolls. I got one too. I always loved the Cabbage Patch dolls and still do. They smell so good and are so squishy. I started a tradition of buying them for my daughter and nieces.

  19. For myself was an easy bake oven when I was like 7. My son when he was 12 wanted some kind of PlayStation video setup because all he had had previously was my 1980 Something Nintendo. The look on his face when he got a PS4 was absolutely priceless

  20. I wanted a Barbie Townhouse! It was so tall and had the elevator you pulled. I remember wondering how in the world Santa was going to get it down the chimney—somehow he managed!!

  21. I wanted a baby brother sooooo badly. I begged for one since I was a year old. I wrote Santa letters, I prayed, I told strangers I wanted one, lol. I’m 33 and I’ve got 2 younger sisters 🤷🏻‍♀️. Love them to death and wouldn’t trade them for the world, but never got that baby brother.

  22. I wanted a Cabbage Patch Doll so bad. They were in high demand and my family could not find one, so my grandma crocheted the body and put a “cabbage patch-like doll head” on the body… It was not the same…

  23. I always wanted a Teddy Ruxpin…a teddy bear that could talk? C’mon! I never did get one. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  24. All I wanted was an American Girl Doll ❤️ I still remember the Christmas when I finally got one!

  25. When I was about 6 years old (1962) I remember wanting Santa to bring me a baby doll crib! It’s all I wanted! And Santa came through with a crib and a the cutest doll to go in it!

  26. When my daughter was like 8 she so wanted a Hatchamal. This is when they were super popular and you could find them anywhere. I search and searched and finally found one (along with 20 other people auguring over them lol). I was blessed to get one and give it to my daughter for Christmas. She was so super excited! It was worth seeing her happiness.
    It is a tradition at our house to watch The Christmas Story at least 3-4 times. This would be so much fun to go see. Thank you for the chance!!

  27. I always wanted a Hot Wheels barbie car! We lived in El Salvador and Christmas gifting was not a real thing nor was it within my parents financial reach.
    I was very excited to be able to purchase a Hot Wheels vehicle for our kids now that I’m a mom and come to find out, they’re not as cool as they once seemed😂. At least not to my kids.

  28. One of my most wanted and most favorite gifts was a Cabbage Patch Doll!! And i still have her !!

  29. Wanted a Cabbage Patch Doll when I was a kid, but never got one. I got a cheaper knock off version and was fine with it.

  30. I wanted a Barbie Car soo bad and these days my kids want anything Apple.

  31. I wanted a pair of beautiful leather riding boots…instead Christmas morning in what I thought was my boot box, was an electric typewriter. Major disappointment!

  32. I wanted a red 10 speed for Christmas when I was 10. I got it and loved that thing so much!

  33. I wanted a life-sized Barbie. 💝 And, I would love to surprise my kids with tickets!

  34. When I was 12 all I wanted was a pair of Guess Jeans. Had to have that triangle on my rear end😂

  35. I remember wanting a Cabbage Patch doll one year and I got one! Her name was Angelina Gerbertina and I loved her soooooo much. When I was sixteen, I wanted a car for Christmas. Didn’t happen! Lol

  36. I was such a tomboy and I wanted a puffy Dallas Cowboys jacket soooooo badly!

  37. I wanted a Teddy Rupskin Sooooo bad! I got one too. Then fed him pennies and water and his speech was a bit slurred after that.

  38. I always wanted a Barbie Dreamhouse! I never got one, but I still stop and look at it when in the toy aisle with my kids. 🙂

  39. A baby sister! I asked for her every Christmas. I finally got one a month before I turned 7.

  40. A BB gun and my mom said no you’ll shoot your eye out with that thing! But my dad got it for me anyway! My mom bought me a Teddy Ruxpin! Which was super awesome!

  41. Barbie camper! I pretended I was sick at school to come home early and get my Hanukkah gift!

  42. I wanted the Operation game or Snoopy’s sno cone machine and asked every Christmas but never got either one. I always liked the presents I got but just wanted those. Lol

  43. My middle daughter asks every Christmas – and birthday – for a pet monkey. She has done this since she was tiny tiny and has amassed a collection of Ashton Drake monkey dolls as well as stuffed animals. What she DOESN’T know is I always wanted a pet monkey too.

  44. I remember wanting a 10 speed bike so badly. Christmas morning Mother wrote notes that we opened sort of like a scavenger hunt. My blue bike was outside which I immediately rode off on. I think they had a hard time getting me back inside to finish opening gifts and breakfast.

  45. I wanted Guess jeans sooooooooo bad, and I remember the year I got them. I thought I was so cool!

  46. My girls love all things makeup, costumes, dress up, and always ask for more.

  47. I soooooo wanted an easy bake oven for Christmas when I was a kid but my mom was a very smart woman and told me the cookies would taste better in a regular oven. I didnt believe her, but now that I’m a mom, I totally get not wanting the hassle.

  48. My sister and I both got a Nintendo, tv, and VCR one year for Christmas! We were so excited and happy!

  49. I loved playing with Barbies as a young girl and one of my favorite movies was My Fair Lady. When I was 16, I was shopping with my parents and saw a Liza Doolittle Barbie doll and wanted it sooo bad! They said they wouldn’t get it but…Santa found it and brought it to me. 😉

  50. My daughter wanted an easy bake oven. She’s 21 years old now and still wants one !

  51. My daughter was obsessed with easy bake oven. I think that started her love of baking and decorating cakes.

  52. I so desperately wanted a red headed cabbage patch kid. My parents led me to believe it wouldn’t happen and I cried and cried but Christmas Morning, there she was! Thea Naomi was her name.

  53. When I was small there was a machine you could get that made runner bugs of all kind. You could create any colors and shapes that you wanted I wanted so badly. I can’t remember the name of it but it had metal molds and You would mix this liquid and pour it into the molds and then bake it in something like an easy bake oven that came with the machine. I think it was called creepy crawlers. And on Christmas morning I was unwrapping my gifts and there it was I was so happy !!

  54. I really wanted an Easy Bake Oven, but my parents were against them ad being a safety hazard.

  55. I wanted a tv and I was in 5th grade (1982) and I got one!!! My grandparents gave me a tiny 14 inch black and white tv with rabbit ears. I was so excited! I even took that thing to college to put in my dorm!

  56. A Garfield phone with my own phone line! I was lucky enough to get the Garfield phone, but had to wait a few years for the phone line. HA!

  57. This is absolutely my favorite Christmas movie of all time!!! I really wanted a computer one year for Christmas and instead I got new tires for my car 🙁
    My oldest son wanted a red rider and I told him he would shoot his eye out. We brought it out last and he was the happiest kid! Ever since then for the last 10 yrs I get him something related to a Christmas story every year for Christmas. ❤

  58. I wanted a Cabbage Patch doll!! I didn’t know it at the time, but my mom and grandmother looked everywhere trying to find my sister and I some for Christmas when they first became available. They were sold out everywhere. I have no idea how much they ended up paying to get ahold of two dolls, but on Christmas morning there were two very happy girls holding those dolls!

  59. I remember my mom calling WalMart asking when a shipment of cabbage patch dolls arrived and then she rushed down to buy me one for Christmas. Had the preemie doll and the baby doll. 😍

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