Giveaway: Win ticket to see Blue Man Group at Walton Arts Center!

Blue Man Group, WAC, 2019

We are positively speechless about this new show from Blue Man Group!

We’ve seen them at Walton Arts Center before and can attest that these blue guys are AMAZING. If you’d love to experience a Blue Man Group show for free, we’ve got you — and a few friends — covered.

In partnership with Walton Arts Center, we’re giving away SIX FREE TICKETS to see Blue Man Group’s brand new Speechless Tour on September 10, 2019. Oh wait, we found our voice. SCREECH.

Speechless will feature new and original compositions, acts and instruments alongside iconic Blue Man Group moments based in joy, art, music, comedy, social commentary and profound absurdity. We see fun in your future. If you like normal, think again — ‘cause Blue Man Group is a rollicking rave of a good time.


If you’d love to win 6 tickets to see Blue Man Group’s Speechless Tour at Walton Arts Center, scroll down to the bottom of this post and then past the comments posted by other moms.

Then write a quick comment telling us what you love about Blue Man Group — or, if you’ve never seen a show, why you’d love to see them at Walton Arts Center.

Here’s a little video to give you a sneak peek into what a show is like:

You can also email your answer to us at


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CLICK HERE for more info about Blue Man Group at Walton Arts Center.


  1. I’ve never seen them before but I think my kids LOVE to go! This would be a great family outing!

  2. I got to see them years ago in Boston and ended up on stage doing a skit with them! They are hilarious! Would Love for my boys to get to experience the fun and joy they bring. Fingers crossed!

  3. Ive never seen them before and actually went to look at tickets the other day and realized I couldn’t afford them. I have two amazing little boys who I want to gift a fun night out to! They have had their life turned upside down these past two months with a divorce/move and Im constantly looking for ways to help bring them little bits of happiness! Tickets to this show would be a dream come true. They would be absolutely thrilled to see the Blue Man Group!!

  4. We’ve never seen The Blue Man Group and would love the opportunity! My kiddos love music! Sounds like a magical and exciting memory in the making. Thank you all for giving folks the opportunity to win tickets!! Woot woot!!!

  5. My kiddos heard about Blue Man Group in their music class last year at school. They came home wanting to watch more videos of them on YouTube. They laugh and giggle all through them. I’d love to take them to see them live!

  6. We have never had the chance to see them and we always wanted to see them. It’s so hard to afford these opportunities with a family of 5.

  7. Never seen the Blue Man Group–always wanted to when we visited Vegas. I know our kids would LOVE it!!!!!

  8. We have never seen them but others have told us it’s an amazing show. We would love to take the family and watch them!

  9. Best show! Saw them in Vegas and NOLA and would love to see what’s new in the show in Fayetteville.

  10. My oldest and I saw them when they were here many years ago! I would love to take my whole family. 🙂

  11. Oh my would so love to see them !!!!
    Would love to get my 11 yr old out to experience something so exciting and fun!!! I try to tell him there is so much out there in the world to see, hear , and experience!!! ♥️♥️😉. Thanks for the opportunity!!! 😉🙂

  12. While I’ve had the opportunity to see them, my family hasn’t and I know they would love it especially my four year old who is obsessed with music.

  13. I’ve never seen them and would love the opportunity to see them and go to the WAC…. it’s been ages!

  14. My husband & I saw them when we were dating & the show was amazing! We would love to take our kids to see them! So much fun!

  15. I’ve never seen them but have watched the video and my family would love to see them. We always love the WAC shows!

  16. While I have never had an opportunity to see the Blue Man Group, I know how much fun their show is and what a treat it would be to take my 7 and 9 year old boys to see such an event! We are radical and schoolers and spend a lot of our time learning in the artistic realm and I believe this would be a once in a lifetime opportunity and experience for my kiddos. We love art in all its mediums!! Thanks, motherlode! ♡♡♡♡♡

  17. We haven’t seen them in years and my kids are much older now. They barely remember the show before! We need a family night!

  18. My husband and I saw them during our honeymoon and loved the show in September it will be our 8th Anniversary and would love to see them again as we have not seen them since our honeymoon

  19. My husband and I saw them years ago in Tulsa. I’d love to take my son! They are such a fun group!

  20. I have never seen them, but this would be a great 20th anniversary date for me with our friends.

  21. I would love to take my husband and kids. My teenager and tweens love music. The concert would be a great time for all to make family memories!

  22. I have always wanted to see the Blue Man Group but have never had the opportunity. It would be great to be able to experience this with my granddaughters.:)

  23. My kids (family) would LOVE to see this group!!! They dressed as them for a costume party but have never seen the show!

  24. I’ve never seen them live but would LOVE too! I have 3 kids that would love their show! I’ve seen them on TV and thought they were the coolest!

  25. I have never seen them but I have heard how great they are by family members that have seen them. It would be amazing to be able to go! I just had a baby and haven’t gotten out of the house much since!

  26. I have never seen the Blue Man group, but I have heard it was so amazing and I think my kids would LOVE it!!

  27. My husband and I saw the Blue Man Group in Vegas about 14 yrs ago b4 we had any kids! I have always wanted to see them again every since then! I think our girls now would really enjoy seeing their humor and creativity as well! Due to limited work hours and getting behind on bills, we have not been able to purchase tickets on our own. It would be such a blessing for us to go as a family now together 💙

  28. My twin boys are turning 15 on September 1st and this would be an awesome birthday gift for them. One of them has already mentioned wanting to go. Their big brother, who is now 21, saw The Blue Man Group when he was about their age at WAC with a friend and he was telling them how cool it was. This would be a fun night of celebration for our whole family

  29. Pick m! Pick me! You know you want to! I mean I love pink but I promise to wear some blue to go check out this amazing group!

  30. My oldest son and I attended our first BMG event in 2008 while in Las Vegas. Now I have 2 more sons, ages 10 and 12, I would love to share this experience with them.

  31. I would love to see them!! They have been on my list but it’s just never worked out! I heard it was an amazing show! I’d live to go with my husband and treat some friends as well!

  32. We’ve never seen the Blue Man Group but we’ve always wanted to. I know my kids WOULD LOVE to go!

  33. I would love to take friends to see the show!! I first saw this group on the Jay Leno show, they fairly new way back then. My cousin saw them perform in Vegas, he raved about them. What a great night out this would be!!!!

  34. My husband & I saw them in NYC several years ago and loved it! It would be awesome to take our kids to see the show!! What a fun family date!

  35. I’d love to take my daughter and friends to see them! She’s a senior this year so it would be a fun memory!

  36. We’ve never seen them, and when I asked our kid why he wants to go see them, he replied, “Cuz they’re blue.”

  37. The atmosphere is so much fun! I could really use a night out to de-stress after the past few week I’ve had!

  38. My family would love to go see the Blue Man Group. I have a special needs boy with autism and he loves music. We haven’t been to any of the shows at the Walton Arts Center yet so this would be the first time and I can’t think of a better family outing.

  39. I would love to take my son! He has watched lots of videos of BMG online and seeing them in person would be awesome! I’ve always wanted to see a show but timing just never worked out!

  40. It is my grandchildren’s 13th birthday,
    They are triplets . I know they would love to see the show and I can’t think of a better way for them to celebrate.

  41. I have never seen them, but have always been very intrigued by their unusual performance style and color. I would love to take my girls for a night out!

  42. I have never seen then. This has always been on my list of people to see at the walton art center since I was younger and then made my bucket list after beating cancer. I would love the opportunity to take my son to see them as well. He would love it!

  43. My boys love the Walton Arts Center but we hardly get to go. Most are too expensive like the Blue Man Group but i know they would think it was awesome. They love seeing live shows and that makes this momma’s heart happy.

  44. I have never seen this show nor do I know much about it. However it sounds like a great time for me and the kids.

  45. I would love to see The Blue Man Group! There is an episode of “The Moth” podcast where a Blue Man spoke about his experience with a one-armed participant. It’s THE Best!

  46. I’ve never seen them but I’ve heard they are amazing. We have a family of six so that is the perfect number of tickets.

  47. Oh man! We would love to see these guys! We are a family of 6 so I think it must be meant to be😉

  48. I love the Blue Man Group! They are so creative and such good storytellers without saying a word.

  49. I have never had the opportunity to see the Blue Man Group but have heard wonderful things and would love to have the chance to see them

  50. Never seen them but have heard they put on a great show! My daughter would love it as well!

  51. I love this groups interaction with the audience! 6 tickets would allow me to take all 5 of my kids to the show!! Definitely would be an experience I know they would never forget 💙

  52. I’ve never seen them before, but I’ve heard they are amazing! Such a creative and fun looking show! I’ve had a lot of family and friends that have been to see them just couldn’t quite convince myself due to the ticket prices.

  53. Though I’ve wanted to see them for some time now, I’ve yet to have the chance. I would love the opportunity to share this experience with my family.

  54. This show sounds like something my grandsons would love to see. I love that there are more live theater opportunities for the kids in our area.

  55. I’ve never seen BMG. But I have heard great things!! I think my boys would absolutely love this!! My older son has been begging to see a show at the Walton Art Center. I think this would be perfect.

  56. We saw the Blue Man Group when my daughter’s were very young! I think we would all enjoy them even more now! They were amazing!!

  57. Our family has never seen them but love watching them on YouTube!! How fun would it be to see them live!! Our family of 6 would lovr this giveaway!! Yay!!

  58. Oh my gosh. My family loves the blue man group. It is so much fun to see their crazy antics. Would love to go again.

  59. Took my 20 and 17 year old many years ago. I have a six year old to take now and would love to take the whole family.

  60. My husband and I saw them on our honeymoon in Las Vegas. We LOVED them. We would love to share this experience with our 3 children now.

  61. My husband and I saw them on our honeymoon in Las Vegas. We LOVED them. We would love to share this experience with our 3 children now. We can’t wait to see them again!!!

  62. I would love to take my kids since they have never been before. My husband recently lost his job and this would be a nice surprise for us all.

  63. My husband dreams of going someday, but it’s always been out of reach financially. My kids enjoy watching snippets of them on YouTube, too. I know our whole family would love it!

  64. I’ve never seen Blue Man group, but I would love to. It seems as though it’s a high energy, creative show!

  65. We are a diverse family with a 70 year old, a disabled adult, a teenager and a preteen. We haven’t seen the Blue Man Group but it looks like an amazing experience that would be perfect for all ages. They look innovative, imaginative and very entertaining. The ticket give away would allow us to go and each child could take a friend. What a wonderful opportunity!!!!

  66. My daughter loves music and dance, and we love all things silly! We would love to take her to see the blue man group. 😊

  67. Have never seen them. Would love to take my grandkids. Looks amazing! I’ll be so Blue if I don’t win! 😀

  68. I’ve always wanted to see them, but thought I would have to go to Vegas. Being here would enhance the experience as the kids could go too!

  69. My family and I have never been, but has always wanted to see them!! And with 6 tickets I’ll also be able to treat a couple that could really use a moment of enjoyment!

  70. I have never seen them but I have been wanting to since I was a teenager. I grew up in NJ and they were real big there at the time.

  71. I would love to take my daughter and her friends to see their show. I saw them once when I was in college. She loves art and theater!

  72. We have never seen them but we would love to! Did get a summer vacation. What a great way to end the summer!

  73. Nope, I haven’t had the pleasure (and laughs) of seeing one of their shows yet, but I’ve heard they are phenomenal. I would love the chance to have a fun night out with the family and experience it! Looks pretty dang cool!

  74. I’ve never seen them before but I have never been to a bad show at the WAC. It’s such a great venue.

  75. I’ve seen them once at WAC and just loved the humor and beautiful visuals. Hope to get to go again

  76. I have never seen them before, but I would love to bring my daughter. This would be such a special moment!

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