Things We’re Loving Right Now: March 2023

Happy Wednesday, Northwest Arkansas mamas! Here’s our latest installment of things we’re LOVING right now.

Just a note: We’re not paid to say we love ’em. We just use them and think they’re awesome. Plus, we like it when other mamas tell us about cool things that they’re loving, too. That’s how we find the best stuff!

This week, we’re heading into the kitchen to talk about two small things that have a special “edge” or hook that makes all the difference.

First up, the Joseph Joseph Edge Dish Brush with Integrated Sink Rest. I spotted this one day in a friend’s kitchen while I was dogsitting her fur baby. As soon as I saw the way this little dish brush sits up tall and proud on the edge of the sink, I knew I had to have one of my own. I’m a big believer in the wisdom of letting things drip dry and air out. I hate it when a rag or scrub brush lingers at the bottom of the sink under dirty dishes. So gross.

I ordered this particular dish brush from Amazon, but I’ve seen the Joseph Joseph brand around Northwest Arkansas, too. Hope you love it as much as I do!

Speaking of things that can drip dry, meet my new favorite reusable paper towel. When the concept of reusable paper towels first got popular, I tried different brands but didn’t like having to drape one over the side of my sink after I used it. It just stuck to the sink and stayed wet.

Then I found the Papaya brand at a gift shop in Fayetteville and realized it had a hole punched in one corner and came with its own little hook. GENIUS! This was the little accessory I’d been missing without even knowing it. I hung the hook on the backsplash behind my sink. The designs are so cute that I like seeing it there and it reminds me to use that one instead of a paper towel.

Keep in mind, these Papaya reusable paper towels can be rinsed and hung to dry or can be deep cleaned on the top rack of your dishwasher or in your washing machine. (Just don’t put it in the dryer.) They’re also 100 percent compostable so they won’t end up in a landfill.

Click HERE to read more about them or to see reviews from other users.