Things We’re Loving in January 2024

(Note: This is not an ad. We are not compensated for mentioning this product in any way. We just think it’s fun to share info about things we’re loving with other moms who might love it, too. Some of our favorite, most useful things were recommended by our fellow mamas.)

There’s something about packing away the holiday decorations that makes me want to declutter and freshen things up around the house. This year, I decided the stuff on the kitchen counters needed a re-do.

I’m a big believer in only keeping stuff out on the kitchen counter that you touch and use every day. Everything else needs to go into a cabinet or drawer or (in my case) might not be needed at all. For some of the things we do use every day, it’s nice to have them easily accessible without seeing not-so-cute stuff cluttering the space.

Navaris Bread Box found on Amazon website. (Options for mint green or white.)

So I found this adorable little bread box on Amazon (by a manufacturer called Navaris) that happened to be the same mint green color as the teapot I already own. So I ordered it for my counter to conceal our everyday stuff in a cute, retro way. I especially love the little wooden feet and handle on it. It also comes in white.

In our house, we don’t use it for bread. (We already had a box for that.) But it’s the perfect size to stash my daughter’s medications that need to be taken daily, and sometimes I put a package of hamburger buns in there to get them out of sight. When clutter disappears inside something cute, everybody wins.

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