Try these games on Family Game Night

Mamas, one of the Christmas break traditions at our house has always been binging on board games. I try to find two or three new games for us to play in the week leading up to Christmas and the week before New Year’s Day. Now that my kids are 22, 19, and 17 years old, board games are serious (but hilarious) business in our house.

Sometimes I find new games that are an instant hit with the family, and sometimes the games are just “meh” and don’t get played as much. So here’s a list of some of our favorite games from the most recent holiday break and years past.

Hope these recommendations help you find a new favorite for your next family game night.

UNO Attack: It’s just like the Uno you grew up with except now the deck is held in a machine that will shoot cards out at you with funny sound effects. It’s awesome. It adds a whole new level of tension to what might happen next during this classic card game. Click here to read more reviews of this game on the Amazon website.

Poetry for Neanderthals: We didn’t know how much we were going to LOVE this game. We laugh SO hard when we play it. The basic idea is that you have to get your game partner to guess a phrase that you describe using only one-syllable words. For example, you might say “light brown bread you eat” if you’re trying to get your partner to say “toast.” But you only have a minute or so to get your teammate to guess several words or phrases, so you have to think fast. And if someone accidentally says a two-syllable word, the opposing team gets to bop them on top of the head (gently) with an air-filled “No! Stick” that looks like a neanderthal’s club. Prepare to laugh, mamas. It’s so much fun with older kids, teens, and adults, too. It has more than 8,000 reviews on Amazon and a 5-star rating. It’s recommended for ages 7 and up.

Ransom Notes: This game is perfect when you want something that doesn’t have a rush-rush-rush pace. It’s the kind of game that rewards you for creativity, not just speed. If you have some “word people” in the family, they’ll love this game. And if you have funny teenagers or college students, they’ll love it, too. It’s a more laid-back game than something like Uno Attack, but it’s really fun when everyone reads their ransom notes to each other. We laughed a LOT during this game, too. This one is best for teenagers, parents, and adult friends and family. It has more than 4,000 reviews on Amazon with a 4.5-star rating.

Have a great time on your next family game night!