No more switching loads of laundry! Meet the GE All In One at Metro Appliances

Mamas, we are thrilled to see this HUGE leap forward in technology for laundry rooms. New on the market — and now on the sales floor of Metro Appliances & More in Lowell — is a combination 2-in-1 washer and dryer! GE has launched an appliance that may transform the way our laundry rooms look and, most importantly, how much time we have to spend in there to wash and dry a load.

Troy Thompson, the manager of our local Metro Appliances & More in Lowell, told us that this type of multi-functional machine that combines a washer and dryer into one unit is becoming a hot trend in the appliance industry. People who are looking to upgrade their machines are often choosing appliances that handle more of the workload while saving time and space.

We’ve lost track of how many times we’ve started a load in the washer and then completely forgotten about it. A few days later, you realize it’s still sitting in there and you have to start the load all over again because, by then, it smells like wet, forgotten clothes. The GE Profile Ultrafast Combo gives us ONE machine to wash and dry a large load of laundry in about two hours — WITHOUT NEEDING TO TRANSFER THE LOAD!

Where has this invention been all my life?

It’s small enough to fit in a closet, kitchen, or anywhere you have a 120-volt outlet and a water hookup. Because it’s an all-in-one unit, it takes up less space (which means you can maximize space in your laundry room).

But our favorite aspect of this new technology is how it will eliminate the extra chore of transferring loads, which is one of the many interruptions busy moms and dads manage almost every day.

Here’s a quick video that will show you how it works:

Here are some of our favorite features of this appliance:

Large wash capacity: Just because it’s a combination unit doesn’t mean it won’t work for big families. It will. This all-in-one machine boasts 4.8 cubic feet of wash capacity, which means it’s big enough to wash and dry large loads like a king-size comforter!

Gentler drying: This all-in-one machine uses high-speed, recirculated air to gently dry even large loads (including heavy jeans) without high heat. So this means we can now wash and dry everything (including the delicate stuff) without needing to find space to hang dry. Just remove the clothes and shake them out and they’ll feel dry in seconds.

Saves time: Save some time and hassle by loading the dispenser with enough detergent and fabric softener for up to 32 loads of laundry! Then just scan the barcode on the detergent bottle with the SmartHQ app, and the machine will automatically dispense the right amount based on the type of detergent and load. (This is GENIUS!)

Energy savings: The ventless heat pump technology on this appliance gives 50 percent more energy-efficient drying than with a regular dryer. It also has a special cold-water wash and dry cycle that has a similar cleaning performance to a warm-water cycle.

Saved settings: You can store your preferred wash and dry settings so they’re easy to reuse (which also makes it easier for the kids to start loads, too)!

Less bending and reaching: This appliance has the lint filter in an easy access spot, closer to the settings panel.

Antimicrobial protection: The gasket, dispenser, and draining system give you antimicrobial technology that helps prevent odors and helps ensure that this all-in-one appliance stays clean and fresh, load after load.

For more info on the GE Profile Ultrafast Combo, call Metro Appliances & More in Lowell at 479-750-2200, or go by the showroom to see it in person! Happy shopping, mamas!