The Anti-Gravity Giveaway: Three Free Bras!


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You guys are going to LOVE this week’s giveaway. We all know that pregnancy, breastfeeding, and aging take a toll on “the girls.” But there’s absolutely no reason to get all droopy about it. The easiest, fastest way to look a LOT better in your clothes does not involve losing weight or getting cosmetic surgery. bra-pink.jpgHere’s what you do: “GET A NEW BRA THAT FITS!”

So we’re excited to announce that our favorite lingerie shop, All About Her in Rogers, has agreed to help a mama out. They’re giving away THREE NEW BRAS PLUS A PROFESSIONAL FITTING TO MAKE SUREΒ  YOU GET THE RIGHT ONES!Β  The winner of this giveaway will get to pick her favorite styles and colors, and then she’ll have enough new bras to have her “girls” looking perky for an entire year.

Speaking of time, you do realize that bras have an expiration date, right? No matter how comfy your old bra is, it WILL get stretched out and worn out over time. You must let go of it when this happens.bra-purple.jpg

Oprah has been preaching the gospel of the great-fitting bra for several years now. An article in her magazine states that about 85 percent of women are wearing the wrong size bra. And here’s another interesting fact: Most of us will change bra sizes about six times over the course of our lives. So just because you got professionally measured one time about 10 years ago does not mean you should still be in that same size bra. Time passes. Things change.

So perhaps the best part of this giveaway is that you’ll get allabouther.jpgprofessionally fitted by Phyllis Charette, the owner of All About Her. She knows the details about all the various brands of bras, and she can help you find three new bras that you’ll love. You won’t have to worry about running back and forth to fetch different sizes or styles because she’ll be there to help and answer questions. (We love, love, love personal service!) You can also shop online by clicking on the logo above.

bra-tshirt2.jpgAll About Her carries high-quality brands including Le Mystere, Natori, Wacoal, Calvin Klein, Chantelle, Spanx and much more. They also carry the t-shirt bra made famous when Oprah called it her favorite — the Le Mystere Tisha t-shirt bra. (I own one myself, and it is the BEST. It’s pictured at right.) Each bra averages in cost between $60 and $70, so this giveaway will save you nearly $200! That’s enough to perk anybody up.

BRAS PLUS A BONUS: As you know, we like to package our giveaway with a nice meal on the town because, well, mamas deserve a nice treat. So we’re pairing the new bras with dinner at nearby Bonefish Grill, courtesy of our friends abonefish.jpgt If you like, you can take a friend with you to shop with and then walk to Bonefish Grill and enjoy dinner. Click on the logo at right to see the menu.

HOW TO ENTER: Since this is an “anti-gravity” giveaway, we’d like you to enter the drawing by clicking on the word “comment” below and tell us about something you find to be “uplifting.” πŸ™‚ It might be a song, a favorite book, a moment with your kids or sweetie, a friend, an event, a movie, etc. The possibilities are endless. You can also e-mail your uplifting ideas to us at Remember this is a RANDOM drawing, and the winner is chosen by a number generator. Anyone can win.Β 

INCREASE YOUR ODDS: As always, you can increase your odds of winning the giveaway by telling your friends/family about it via e-mail. Just be sure to put on the CC line of your note so we can give you proper credit. You’ll earn one extra chance to win for every friend you tell. (Tell 10 friends, and get 10 extra chances.)

Thanks to All About Her, and Bonefish Grill for the very cool giveaway! If you shop or eat at either of these places, be sure to mention you saw them here on!



  1. Family. I have a wonderful husband and great kids and we now have the perfect granddaughter. Just imagining her little chubber cheeks can perk me right up! πŸ™‚ Oh, and clouds… I am fascinated with clouds, they are such a miraculous thing!
    Thank you for such a fabulous giveaway!

  2. I need this giveaway!!! The song “Your Life Is Now” by John Mellancamp always uplifts me and puts a smile on my face!

  3. Hugs from my daughter always put a smile on my face! I also love the way she lights up when daddy comes home from work.

  4. I treasure each time my almost nine year old son initiates a big hug. It doesn’t happen often so I a cherish them.

  5. Tucking my children into bed at night always uplifts me. We love cuddling and reading bed time stories!

  6. I am always uplifted to see my kids playing together–balances out the sibling rivalry and makes me feel like I’ve done something right after all!! (after 3 pregnancies and b-feeding 3 babes, I would love to win this giveaway!!)

  7. Little Boy LOVE — nothing better than the love for and from my beautiful boys.

  8. I am uplifted by my 3 wonderful children every day. After the loss of a child, I am so blessed to have them. I treasure every moment. God is good!

  9. Being away from my Daughter each day is hard. But knowing that I get to come home to her smiles and new found love of hugging her Mama makes everything I do worthwhile.

    We’re going on a year of nursing! I would love to win this to celebrate our milestone!

  10. HUGS! No matter how bad my day has been I can always count on my little guy, Tyler, coming over and giving me a big bear hug (attempting to lift me off the ground!) How much more uplifting can you get!!!

  11. I am uplifted by my two sweet little boys every day, just seeing their smiling faces and hearing “I love you” (or something like “I nuh ya”) is all it takes! I am also uplifted every time I get in a good run – you can’t beat that runner’s high!

  12. I find listening to Third Day and Mercy Me to be very uplifting while I’m hard at work behind the sewing machine.

  13. “I love you and thanks for all you do for me” text messages from my college student!!

  14. wow, what a GREAT giveaway!!

    i find that when my Addie says “i yov you”, that is the most uplifting thing i could ever hear on my most terrible or best of days!!

  15. Just being around my daughter is uplifting she is such a blessing in my life.

  16. I have to say that the most uplifting thing in my life right now is our church. After worship and being in the Word, I feel refreshed and ready for the week.

  17. When my kids crawl up beside me just because they want to sit by me. I know this will not always happen so I cherish the moments now.

  18. spending time with my grandchildren is always uplifting and brings many a smile to my face.

  19. When my little boy flashes his big sweet smile at me and tells me that he loves me and then gives me a hug. Precious!

  20. Watching one of Elvis Presley’s movies or listening to his music makes me feel lighter than air. When my daughter watches with me, it is even better.

  21. I am uplifted when I get a call or email from friends and family I don’t get to see very often.

  22. There are so many things I could say for this…. Especially when it has to do with my children.
    Everyday is something new with them. To think that I have a part in guiding them and seeing how each day they become closer to God, just Blesses my heart so much. This is very uplifting!
    Elizabeth Willis

  23. I love watching one of my favorite movies with my daughters. They always seem to love them as much as I do.

  24. I find children very uplifting. I teach kindergarten and have 2 children of my own… with them is rewarding! πŸ™‚

  25. The moment that most uplifted me recently was watching my children play in the snow. Not only was it really fun to see them enjoy the snow, it also brought back very fond memories of my childhood.

  26. Uplifting…. My job. I work everyday with special needs kids that bring a whole new perspective to my life.

  27. A sunny day with just a touch of wind. I love to sit and listen to the wind in the trees with the sun on my face. It gives you the perfect chance to delve into memories of family times past and imagine the future. Even when i am feeling down, this never fails to perk me up. Would love to win, but we could all probably use a treat, so good luck to all.

  28. Right now, the most uplifting parts of my day are the 80’s station on the radio – necessary for toddler dance parties – and my daily Dr. Pepper fix!

  29. my grand daughters always lift me up. Grand children are such a blessing and i love mine sooooooooooooo much

  30. As tired as I am with a 4 yo, 2 yo and 33 weeks pregnant, there is nothing that raises my spirits more than hearing my daughter say, “I sit in lap?” and my son say, “I want to be with you!”

  31. Every time I talk to my Dad I always get that motivation I need. Something about how he forms his sentences, or the sage advice he gives me. It’s always uplifting and I’m so glad here’s around to do that. I need it!

  32. When I find myself laughing about some amusing situation, comment, etc. with my husband and five children and I have that feeling of being completely present in the moment. I look around at my surroundings and my dear family and I realize that I am truly blessed. Very uplifting!

  33. Hearing the nice things people have to say about my children. There is no better compliment that I could receive.

  34. After a long day of running around like a crazy momma I love sitting in my comfy chair and nursing my 3 mo old baby girl. It gives us a chance to unwind and have some real snuggle time!

  35. Hearing my daughter sing all of her favorite songs in the house and the car. There is no need for the radio or TV with sweet music like that! It is so uplifting to hear her energy and enthusiasm when she is singing!

  36. Finding me time where I get to refresh and focus on me without feeling guilty for taking a break from mommy and wife moments. This can be easier said than done!

  37. A trip to Sonic Happy Hour is a GREAT pick-me-up. Good, cheap drinks! πŸ™‚

  38. Honestly! As cute as my son is and how lovely it sounds to hear him tell me he loves me, I cannot think of anything more uplifting than a new bra! it can feel like I lost 10 lbs and gained a new wardrobe. Bring it on ladies!!!

  39. Seeds Family Worship music is always uplifting, and a great snuggle from my fabulous hubby or my wonderful girls always makes my heart smile!

  40. The most uplifting thing for me is to hear Praise song when I am down.

  41. I am uplifted by all the mommy friends who love me, celebrate and empathize with the joys and trials of the parenting journey!

  42. What do I find uplifting? My job! I give 100% every day and it pays off in so many ways. I have formed bonds with my children and families that I serve that I know will last for a long time. It is such a pleasure to watch the kiddos grow and become great communicators in their individual ways!

  43. A simple thank you for all that you do. We all need recognition to keep us uplifted as mothers.

  44. When I’ve been out of the house for any amount of time my son runs up to me upon my return and says ” Mommy I MISSED you!!” and gives me the biggest hug ever.Being missed is one of the best feelings in the world!!

  45. To see my daughter giggle and run through the house with her daddy chasing her. Her laugh is contagious and it lifts my spirts. Life is good!

  46. I am always uplifted when I watch my kiddos play together. I am an only child, and deciding to have a sibling for our girl was the best decision we have ever made. Their love was instantaneous and so sweet!

  47. This nursing mama would love this! Watching my grandparents who have been married 65 years and are 89 and 85, hold hands as they walk together is what I find uplifting. True love doesn’t have an expiration date!

  48. Having my toddler say “Hug!” and wrap his little arms around me is uplifting!

  49. After everyone has been put down for the night. I LOVE to crawl into my bed with the portable DVD player, headphones & a good chick flick. For a couple of hours nothing exists.

  50. I think it is uplifting when I take a drive down I540 and view the wonderful creation that God has made. And just think, it was even more beautiful in the Garden of Eden!

  51. My 5 year old came to me the other day and said “Mommy, I’m glad you’re my mommy and I don’t ever want to live without you!”

  52. The beach uplifts me….it reminds me of my childhood and brings joy knowing that I will be able to share that joy with my daughter as she grows.

  53. I am blessed to live in Eureka Springs and every time I walk downtown, grab coffee with a friend, or visit the local library I am uplifted to be part of this beautiful community.

  54. Being grateful is uplifting to me, and I am very grateful for my husband and kids. Smiles and laughter make my day!

  55. Uplifting to me is…opening up God’s Word and reading exactly what I needed to read/hearing exactly what I needed to hear for what I’m balancing on that specific day. That’s uplifting to me.
    After nursing 2 precious babies…what a wonderful giveaway!

  56. I have 4 wonderful grandkids and when I see them they lite up my life by sayng NANA when they see me and run to me for hugs…

  57. I am very greatful for a wonderful loving, kind, generous husband. I also am greatful for my wonderful family. They make my days good.

  58. What a great giveaway!!! Seeing my husband and my 2 yo daughter dancing together (which makes her light up) is very uplifting to me!

  59. Starting out the morning by spending time with Jesus….that definitely uplifts me and gets me ready for my busy day!

  60. When my little one year old smiles so big that his eyes close! That makes my heart happy.

  61. Watching my 4 year old “take care” of his 19 month old brother by helping find a toy or give him hugs and kisses, help him reach things. So cute!

  62. I find a quick phone call with a friend can lift my spirits all day! There’s nothing like sharing motherhood experiences with another mother.

  63. I find being a wife, and a homeschooling Mom to be uplifting. Just having the opportunity to see my child learn and grow every day inspires me!
    And since I had WLS a little over a year ago, I definitely need a few new bras… I’ve got 2 (total!) now that fit though, thankfully. We’ve never eaten at Bonefish- hubs and I were just discussing where to eat “Valentine dinner” next Friday night…. maybe we can get the Bonefish deal and try it out!?
    Thanks again for all the fun giveaways- y’all sure seem to stay busy!!

  64. The sweet smell of a baby’s head, cute puppies and sunshine on my face make my heart leap with joy.

  65. My 6 year old’s artwork, my 3 year old’s cute baby voice and my 1 year old’s pacifier kisses! Could really use some lifting up right now…:-)

  66. Seeing my son get excitd when he does something that he didnt think he could do and my family.

  67. When I am feeling down the 1st thing I do is pray and ask God for his word and to listen.
    But the other thing that is good is to thank God for the dirty dishes I clean and have the health to clean. Things like this remind me how BLESSED I am.

  68. Probably too late for this one. But when my daughter says oooo! yuck to having a boyfriend when she gets older. And when my son last week couldn’t say EAT EAT EAT, your MEAT, MEAT,MEAT three times in a row and let out the biggest genuine belly laugh you’ve ever heard a five year old let out.

  69. my son yelling, “Mommy!”, with a huge smile on his face, running up to give me a hug when I pick him up from childcare

  70. My kids racing to be the first to hug me when they get home from school!!!

  71. I find it uplifting to go shopping. On those days when I feel blue and just don’t want to be around. I go shopping and it seems to put me in a good mood. Especially when I find good deals.

  72. What do I find uplifting? Wow, there are so many things I could say. But I would have to narrow it down to my kids. Between us, my husband and I have 8 kids in our home (2 of his, 2 of mine, 2 of my brothers, and 2 grandbabies). These are the most amazing kids! They are always willing to help around the house, help each other out, and help with the little ones. To have these children in our lives, it’s like getting to see a little slice of heaven every day.

  73. The number of times that “Mama” gets said by any one of my three children in a single day is very uplifting! To be that important to three little lives in incredible.

  74. My little girl is what keeps me going! She is always so happy and full of life! I love being with her as much as possible!

  75. I find it uplifting when my son snuggles with me during a bedtime story. I also am lifted when hearing a favorite song on the radio from high school or college – that brings back fun memories.

  76. Today, February 8, is my birthday, so I am already uplifted! But I am uplifted even more by the number of friends, young and old, from near and far, who wished me happy birthday on facebook, and by the 3 friends who sent real cards in the mail today! What a great way to spend a snowy day!

  77. Friends that can make you laugh. Even if we have only a few minutes on the phone or get to visit face to face, I love laughing with my friends!!

  78. It’s always uplifting to sit and read outloud with my kids…love it. We end the day cozy and close.

  79. Ok….so I’m not sure if my comment is quite “uplifting”, but it should get a laugh. A few years ago at a book club I was involved in one of the ladies asked me…ARE THOSE REAL? I was taken back by her comment, but I don’t think she really though that a somewhat skinny girl like me could be a D cup without any help. Didn’t take offence, but I do wonder if others have thought the same thoughts. And the answer…THEY ARE REAL.

  80. Right now, whenever the days get long, just getting a cheesy grin from my one year old uplifts me. He scrunches up his face and has a twinkle in his eyes and it is just the most precious thing! I can’t help but smile or even laugh, even when I am at the end of my rope just moments before!

  81. I love to cook, so being in my kitchen creating something wonderful for my family with either my favorite music or a good book on tape playing is my idea of being uplifted.


  82. Listening to my 2 year old sing Jesus Loves Me through the monitor before she falls asleep.

  83. Hugs from my oldest son, my daughter’s smile that brightens her whole face and my 21 month old saying “Tank you” and the pitter patter of his feet when he runs as fast as he can.

  84. Something uplifting for me is the opportunity to get to the gym and get my heart rate up. It’s a good feeling!

  85. Out of the blue comments….like when my husband of over 16 years, sends me a spicy text expressing to me how much he loves me. Or when any of my 5 (FIVE) kids say “Thank you for all you do Mommy”, for no immediate reason. I am blessed!

  86. Nothing is better right now than when my almost 2 year old grabs my face, holds me tight and gives me a kiss!

  87. No matter how my day went I am uplifted everyday when I pull up to pick my son up from school and he smiles at me through the window before he even gets in the car. It is the absolute best time of the day!

  88. A call from my granddaughters Lilly and Maddy, always lifts my spirits, or a call from my children who are spread out over Texas and in Kentucky always lifts my spirits since I know then they are thinking about their Mom!

  89. I am uplifted by snuggling with my girls, and when my 3 month old smiles at me and also when my 5 year old laughs. These are great times! I am also uplifted when singing the praise song ‘Healer’.

  90. When my husband or a great friend brings me a lg cherry dr peper from Sonic. I am a teacher and it is still great at the end of the day!

  91. Having my kids tell me thank you for something so small — like cooking dinner, helping them with their shoes, etc. That makes my day!

  92. My uplifting moment is whenever my husband or I leave the kids, whether its to run an errand, go to work, ect. It’s not leaving the kids that’s special. It’s the little ritual they must do: A hug and a kiss, or kiss and a hug. Whenever anyone enters our home to visit, it is the same when they have to leave too. Our three year old son and two year old daughter must give them a kiss and a hug or a hug and a kiss and sometimes it’s lots of hugs/kisses/hugs/kisses. The amount varies depending how much they will miss you. At times it’s one kiss and one hug, but there are those rare times when they don’t want you to leave that they will INSIST on giving you “another kiss and hug!”

    That is my upplifting moment.

  93. Just this morning when I went to hug my 2 year old, she patted me on the back just like I do to her. I loved it!

  94. I find lots of different things uplifting. My husband and kids uplift me when we spend time together. My bathtub is uplifting when I need a little quiet time to myself.

  95. Something ‘uplifting’ happened this week when I had the worst day at work, but when I went home and picked up my 14 month old son,I told him ‘I love you’ and he gave me a kiss. He knew what it meant! It was the best feeling and perked my mood immediately!

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