Spa Girl Giveaway!


Moms, we know you’re guilty. You’re all things to everyone — except yourself. You don’t sit down and really savor a meal or take sanity-saving mental health days. You just keep giving and giving. Now, it’s time to gear up for the holidays. And we all know how simultaneously exciting and stressful that is.

Well, how’s about we pre-empt the stress? Give you an opportunity to eat lunch in peaceful  surroundings and take a mental health day before the holiday rush?

imindex_18.jpgToday we’re giving away a pampering package from I.M. Spa that will knock your socks off. No, really. This giveaway package starts in the Barefoot Spa Room where your tired feet will be rejuvenated with a hot stone foot massage. Then you’ll be whisked away for a full body brushing and body wrap, ending with your choice of 50-minute facial, Cinderella. Sounds like a fairytale to me. The lucky winner will also receive a wax treatment of her choosing (even a princess can use a little eyebrow shaping every now and then).

Since we’re mamas and we like to feed people, we’ll also provide lunch from The Little Bread Co., a quaint little restaurant just a few steps down from I.M. Spa on Block Street in downtown Fayetteville. And for dessert? A decadent Crème Puff, freshly-baked at The Little Bread Co., filled with sinfully delicious cream and covered with chocolate. You can lunch right at the spa!

Ready to sign up?

Here’s how to throw your name in the hat: Just click on the word “comment” below and tell us why you need a massage right now. We’ll choose a winner AT RANDOM on Monday, Nov. 16. As always, you’ll improve your chances of winning by e-mailing friends about the giveaway (but don’t forget to CC when you do!). For each friend you e-mail, you get an extra chance to win.

We can personally attest to Wendy’s skills when it comes to spa treatments. And I.M. Spa has it all. From waxing to massage (they even do chair massage for when you’re pressed for time) to acupuncture facials, they have a huge menu to choose from and great pricing. CLICK HERE to read a story we wrote about I.M. Spa a few weeks ago when they became a new sponsor on the site.

GIFT-GIVING ALERT! Spa gift certificates are always a welcome gift. Click HERE to see all of I.M. Spa’s great packages and HERE to buy a gift certificate now.

If you’re downtown in Fayetteville, stop by and see Wendy and the girls on Block Street (just above Hugo’s) or give her a call at 479-251-7422. You deserve a little “me time”.


  1. This would be the greatest thing before I leave to head back to Honduras! 🙂 I would love this!

  2. I don’t think I would know what to do with a spa treatment. You mean mom’s get breaks, too. Maybe its been to long since my last break! Pick me!

  3. Aching shoulders from carrying kids, aching feet from chasing kids – really, really fast kids!

  4. I am a personal trainer, small business owner, mother of 2 and pregnant. Enough said!!!

  5. Do I need to say why this sounds wonderful and like a fairy tale to me? Umm…38 weeks pregnant, a 22 month old, c-section pending, holidays looming, family coming to visit, etc..

    I could go on and on, but I will just hope to be randomly chosen for this dream come true! 🙂

  6. I love that I M Spa is down on the square, can’t wait to go. WOuld love to win and get to go! 🙂

  7. I would LOVE to have a spa treatment. We are in the midst of big change in our lives–a pending move, change in career for my hubby, etc. So, something like this would be a wonderful blessing.

  8. I think I am like all mothers, I tend to forget about taking care of myself and just focus on my family.

  9. I would love to win this! I turned 30 on Monday. I was already stressing about “getting old” and then I threw my back out on my birthday!! Now I’m stuck at home and my 15 month old doesn’t seem to understand that mommy needs a break.

  10. I would love to win this! I have a 9 month that is learning to walk and is all over the place! A day away relaxing sounds wonderful!

  11. I have never been to a spa! The closest I’ve been is using a thermal facewash in the shower. I rarely get a break with a 5-year-old and an 11-month-old. I’ve not been away from my baby for more than a few hours a few times since his birth.

  12. I work full time and attend college full time. after work and school I take my son to practices and games then home to cook dinner. I don’t remember the last time I had time to myself so I am in need of this!

  13. That sounds blissful. After a long day of teaching children I could really use some quiet moments.

  14. I can’t think of one reason why I don’t need this right now!!! Pregnant, working, chasing a toddler = back pain! This wonderful giveaway sounds awesome!

  15. Who doesn’t need this?? I would love to have this because I have never gotten a spa treatment done before! With chasing around a 21 month old, holidays approaching and a husband that is not home a lot…this would be special!

  16. hmmm….this sounds so great! I’m a homeschooling mom of 5 who spent 2 months sleeping on waiting room fold-out chairs at Arkansas Children’s Hospital in LR this summer after our youngest was born with some serious health problems – and actually, my husband could probably make use of this too after single-parenting the other 4 during those months! lol! What a wonderful and thoughtful prize!

  17. So many reasons I need some relaxation:

    1. Crazy toddler
    2. Mom-obsessed baby
    3. Just bought a duplex, which was a foreclosure and needs ALL the work
    4. Crazy dog ran away this morning and I had to chase her around the block
    5. Husband had a wreck two days ago, causing us to be a one car household for who knows how long
    6. Did I mention the duplex and the work?

  18. This would be the absolute perfect ending to the most heartbreaking, challenging year of my life…pick me! It will melt my troubles away at least for a little while…:)

  19. I would love to be pampered for a day!! I have 3 kids & I babysit several other kids. A day away would be AWESOME!!!!

  20. This would be great. We all need this. Maybe Pres. Obama could include this in his health care plan!(Andrea if you don’t win, Maybe I will =-))

  21. all I have to say is Oi Vay, do I need some pampering. And I love love love IM SPA

  22. My days are filled with taking care of everyone–husband and two kids! I chase around a crawling baby all day and it is like calf roping him just to change his diaper. By the end of the day, my back is killing me! I would love a day of pampering!!! Thanks Motherlode!

  23. I’d love a visit to the spa and would love it even more if I win it so I can give it to my mom who just got her job back after being lay-off for several months. She’s a very busy mom taking care of our autistic brother. She deserves a special treatment.

  24. I have a very stubborn and independent 2 1/2 year old, things are VERY crazy. I am a single mother, full time student and work part time, and I have never been to a spa.

  25. I have never been to a spa. My best friend & I fantasize about a mommy’s day out to one all the time. I am a stay at home mom to a beautiful 8 year old daughter who is a severe asthmatic and has some learning disabilities. She takes up a lot of my time. And, the remainder of my time seems to be spent trying to make her sister who will be 6 next month feel like she’s getting enough attention. I love my daughters. They are my life! So, I wouldn’t spend my life any other way. I will be going back to school Aug. 2010 so that I can show them that it’s never to late to finish what you started.

  26. MY husband is out of town all week and on my birthday. Today he asked me, Did I miss you’re Birthday? I don’t even know what day it is. I guess I’m not getting Flowers at work tomorrow. I won’t get starting on work but I’ve only been back to work 83 days and it feels like 83 years. Oh and my Toddler doesn’t want to go to day care, kicking and screaming. I really hope the deadline was not Nov 16. I need a good birthday present.

  27. this sounds wonderful, who doesn’t like a little pampering? I hope I win but even if I don’t I know some well deserving momma will.

  28. we had lightning striking our home so we were out of the house for over a week. i was recovering from a csection w/ bronchitis, taking care of a 2 wk old and a 3 yr old with croup. i hope i win.

  29. I could really use some alone time right now and what better way then to be alone and be pampered!!! I have 2 kids (2 year old and 7 month old), 2 old dogs (one that pees on the floor 7 times a day), and a husband out of town for a month. Oh, did I mention we (or should I say I) am moving this weekend? I’ve been dealing with customer service people all day which equals being on hold 30+ minutes, asked the same ?s a million time and my list goes on and on. I.M. in need of a Spa day!!!! : )

  30. what a great gift this would be! i’m stressed from work, my husband is always traveling for work so i get to watch our beautiful, ENERGETIC daughter by myself a lot… this would be a fantastic time for myself!! hope my luck changes with this one!! 🙂

  31. I’m overworked and underpaid. Good thing I go home to lots of hugs and kisses from my baby boy!

  32. I think this would be a great stress reliever from the all the illnesses that have been going around our house.

  33. I would love a day of pampering. I am so used to taking care of everyone else, it would be nice for a change to have that reversed! thank you to the Mamas,to IM Spa and the Little Bread Company for such an amazing giveaway!

    Good Luck to everyone! 🙂

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