Safe4School soy butter gets two thumbs up!

A friend whose youngest daughter is highly allergic to peanuts recently found a great peanut butter replacement and wanted other mamas to know about it: Safe4School WOW butter.

She’s tried other products before, but tells us that this particular soy butter was taste-tested and approved by her picky 8-year-old. The 8-year-old LOVES regular peanut butter, but hasn’t been able to eat it for several years since her sister was found to be allergic. Now she’s excited that faux PB cookies are on the menu for Christmas!

The high points of WOW, according to our Fayetteville mom:

  • It has the same consistency, color as regular PB
  • It’s not runny/oily looking
  • It’s made of all-natural ingredients

Just wanted to share!